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Thanks – worked fine :)

Problem with IE10 when previewed locally (seems to work when uploaded to server). Each time I change the slider images they don’t work, but the original ones still do if reverted back. This even happens if I just make a minor change to the original slider images i.e. add text on top. They appear to work to start with and then stop after a few page views!

I know this is not listed as IE10 compatible but I would have thought this should be a simple correction somewhere, but I’m STUCK :(

Would really appreciate any tips on how to resolve this – I obviously need to change the images. Thanks.

PS. Works fine in Chrome and FF

Hello, I wanted to know if the left menu can be set to three levels.

Thank you.

Correct the categories drop-down menu does not work, but how the theme Hello, we know we have

Super theme :)

Before I edit all the psd’s to replace the yellow with maroon / burgundy can i just check a red version of this theme doesn’t already exist – no point me reinventing the wheel as it were :)

Hi, the left menus doesn’t work, but the sample here is working well! please help me on that. Thanks

Wow! happy with sales;


eboxik Purchased

Please make this responsive. It;s really good template but outdated :(