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Very nice and great work :)

Awesome job!

Thanks for the great comments!

This is a brilliant template. I was ready to pay three times as much for a template but this one is perfect.

great the theme, but the problem is with the ads space, no space for 300px in sidebar or 768 in header :(

Nice work, I love the minimalism.

Whoaa, this is even better then I first thought. Well done and success with the sales!

Nice work! I so wish there was this one included one with 2 sidebars to the right! Would that be possible…please? :-)

I will add that to my list of updates for this file – thanks!

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks! Any idea when a three column update might come?

Just collecting suggestions for now!

How do I change this to the 2 column version?

If i use the 1 column layout, will the width be fixed automatically or can a choose a specific with, say 800px?.

Please view the live demo for page layout demos – thanks!

Beautiful work! I am going to buy this but wanted to let you know that I would love more ad sponsor size options for sidebar and possibly top banner. Also would LOVE three column option in your future updates.

Many thanks!

Do you mean column + two columns of ads/right-side areas?

nice theme .. one question before purchasing will this be easy to fit a right to left language like Hebrew ?

i mean to mirror the design .. thanks

Hey ColorX, although I don’t have any experience with RTL reading layouts, it’s possible but will require editing the templates by hand, no RTL option in the settings page…

I really like this, wonder though how hard it is to make the sidebar wider and the main post area not as wide?

one thing i would suggest

Have it so when someone clicks on the comments link that they get taken Down to the comments area, right now if i click comments it takes me to that post and appears as though nothings happened.

If you view the site without the ThemeForest added banner up top it works: Ex:

Hi Cudazi, Yes it works on that individual post

But go to the homepage

and then click on any of the


links and all it does it take the person to the post but doesnt scroll down to the comments

I’ll look into it…thanks!

Lovely, clean template – thanks

But help! I’m not sure what I have to do to activate the author bios – in particular I want to display user gravatars next to posts; what do I have to do to activate the author biogs?

It’s in the custom theme settings page once the theme is activated – thanks!