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Blimey – quick reply; I may be missing something… or having a brain erosion. I can see the option to Hide Author Bio – is there something I should do to activate the Author Bio?

Ah… I see – it appears at the bottom of the single post view, rather than alongside partial posts displayed on the index page. And that will do nicely.

hi I can’t figure out how to get the 2-column format at No options are shown in ‘theme options’. Also I added the custom field ‘categories’ and tried various values. great work, thanks!

The 2-column format should be chosen on a per-page basis not the theme options. When adding/editing a page, look along the side for “page template”.

I’d like to add a picture to my profile on my ProBlog blog … am I missing something or is that not possible?

Please sign up for a account with the same email as your author account – thanks!

Thank you!!

I did not understand your reply. “The 2-column format should be chosen on a per-page basis not the theme options. When adding/editing a page, look along the side for “page template”.”

The home page is an example. As I said even home page does not have the 2-column format, this isn’t tied to the page creation.

Help! 2 days and I still can’t use it. No one replied to my support email.

Also there is nothing along the edge that says “page template”.

I looked at your blog link again bidslammer, please add widgets to the sidebars for your second column to appear. Any additional support, please contact me via my profile page – thanks!

Ah – found the problem: I’m a dope. Sorry, I had never used any fancy themes before.

I see others had this question elsewhere, so for those reading I simply had not gone to Admin > Appearance > Widgets and dragged the stuff over to the right.

Ok will do, thank you !

it’s really cool!

i will use it!


Nice job but i got an error while installing this theme :

” Warning: file(/nfs/c03/h05/mnt/81310/domains/ [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /nfs/c03/h05/mnt/81310/domains/ on line 180

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. in /nfs/c03/h05/mnt/81310/domains/ on line 180 “

Now i can’t see or enable this theme !? I am using the WordPress 2.8.4. Is there something wrong ?

A file was probably not uploaded properly, please delete the theme and re-upload.

Hi, and thanks for a great theme. I´m using it on a blog I am developing, but one question about the heading: there is a line between the heading and the main content, it is possible to delete that? I would like the design in the heading to stretch down below that line and “blend” into the main content, but that line kind of defines the border of the heading. The line goes right below the logo pic.

If you could give me some hints about what to delete in the script in order to achieve this it would be great!



Sure thing, you can remove this in the theme stylesheet:
#header .contentwidth {
border-bottom:1px solid #EEEEEE;
OR Add this to the “add on” css area in the custom theme settings:
#header .contentwidth {

Fantastic! Thanks for a quick and very good solution. Nice to be able to edit this from within the panel. :-)

I’m having a problem with the dropdown menu system. It seems to stick and disappear sometimes in IE 7 & 8

this theme is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for quite a while = works great :)

Thank you!

Hi there,

How do I change the size of the logo please?

The logo is just an image, you should be able to upload a larger one, you may need to adjust the menu UL/LI margins if the alignment is not what you like.

Could you please help me with the question regarding the stick in the menu system? Dropdowns disappear on hover in I.E. 7.


Hey arborcreatives, I tried in IE7 and IE7 inside IE Tester but can’t seem to cause this, shoot me an email with any other details you have and I’ll keep looking. Thanks!

Love this theme – thanks! I would like to add one of my categories to the top navigation and have the category kids dropdown. I’ve found the navigation code in the header.php file, but how do I add cat_ID=9 to it?


hey nergzing, the header menu uses wp_list_pages – you can add a wp_list_categories at the end or beginning, something like this: – hope that helps!


Thanks for the great theme. Outstanding work.

I’m having trouble with some normal links not showing their hover color. They stay the same as an a:link color. What’s strange is about half the links on the site are affected.

I have changed the colors using the Theme Settings inside of the WP admin.

The current state of the site can be seen here:



Have you considered adding a drop-down nav from main menu bar so that categories could be more visible?

Also—any updates planned for wp 2.9?

Many thanks!


Love this well-crafted theme!

Can you help with nav issues?

1. Sometimes one of the nav items always stays highlighted.

2. Whichever item is highlighted, when I hover over the adjacent nav item, for example: “home” and “blog” – the gray highlighting encompasses both items.

3. On “janky” nav item, the only drop-down item so far, I can’t click on the drop-down items.

4. I can no longer link to the “blog” and “inspire” pages. Also, the page title disappears and 3 big X’s appear instead.

I use IE8 .

Here is the site:

The home page is in Dreamweaver and that’s the way I wish to keep it for now.

Thank you in advance for any guidance!

Update: I resolved all issues except for #2 above and a new one:

This appears on my parent page “janky” (the only currently where I put child-pages under)

$children = wp_list_pages(‘title_li=&child_of=’.$post->ID.’659?); if ($children) { ?>

Thank you much!

2 – this is just due to the fact that the hover is the same color as the “current” page indication

As for that code appearing, can you email me a temporary admin login to see what’s going on with the ‘janky’ page?