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Can you please answer my two questions above? Would so appreciate it.

Thanks, Curt!


I need help all my blog in only text I can’t get any image to show on my homepage is there anything i’m not doing ? I checked in the instruction file and I don’t see any mention of custom field or to set it up like img or image Please help! thanks


I just purchased and tried to install this beautiful theme, but I’m getting an error message saying that the theme is broken and missing the style sheet. I checked to see if it is in there, and I see the ie6.css file. I use firefox or safari; does this mean i can only use ie6?

Thanks so much in advance!

Stylesheet missing error usually means the wrong files may have been uploaded, be sure you’re only uploading the theme folder/files not the entire download from ThemeForest – thanks!

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I’m totally new at this, I appreciate it!

Any known issues with installing lightbox-2 with this theme? I am running into problems…

I really am unable to test with all plugins – that’s one I haven’t tried, sorry!

Lightbox is a pretty common plugin – I am sure now it is your theme causing the problem because I have tried various other themes and lightbox works fine. Do you have any suggestions to work around this? I will have to change themes if not and I really, really do not want to do that…

I know just enough to get myself in trouble… So I tried eliminating your JS files from my server one at a time and when I deleted the jquery file then the lightbox began working…. removing the jquery file so far has not disrupted anything else I can see but I imagine I am going to need to put that file back in….thanks for any info/help you can provide.

I am not getting the theme options to enable after I set the theme in the wordpress backend, any ideas?



It would typically appear at the very bottom left of the wordpress admin area, try de-activating / re-activating the theme.

I see it now, it tripped me up because it wasn’t under themes were I can usually find it, thanks


I can`t find any custom values to add photo to the posts? I want the posts to show like yours (demo)

Thanks :)

Hi Again,

I have done exactly what you have written here, and the PDF says. But still the image doesn’t show in the home page or any of the other menu options.

It only show the heading, neither do I get that “read more” button.

Have a look if you can,

Thanks alot.

Ignore the image / picture thing – looks like I`ve managed to fix it.

Still got the “continue reading” problem though?

Sorry for being an ass asking that much questions! :)

Ignore them all, found it out! Thanks Cudazi, brilliant theme!

beautiful theme but i’m having a problem with xhtml validation… there’s just one error…

Line 294, Column 52: document type does not allow element “div” here

template: '<div class="column column220 tweet"><p>%text%</p></div>'

obviously a problem with the twitter footer, but one i can’t seem to wrap my head around!

You are correct, it’s the twitter plugin – it’s set up as suggested but you are free to use your own as well.

Thanks for the great theme. It’s working quite well for me. However, I upgraded to Wordpress 2.9.2, and now my layout is messed up. Should I go back to Wordpress 2.8, or is there something I can change in the CSS that will fix the problem, and let me use the latest version of Wordpress?

My site is:

Thank you!!

Hello – do you have any additional plugins/widgets that you could temporarily disable and see if that may be the issue? Thanks!

I have one plugin and I disabled it, but it didn’t fix the problem. Do you have any other suggestions? With the CSS maybe? Thanks!

There is a bug with ie8. The left-side margin is not working.

See in IE Version 8

I only see that issue on your site, not the live demo – your site seems to have favicon code outside the HTML / HEAD area of the site, please move that into the < head > area – thanks!

Hi, I was trying to use the media gallery to include thumbnails on a page. I was hoping to link the thumbnails to blog posts, but even if I put the link, it reverts to linking to the photo. Is there any way I can address this in the theme?

Thanks in advance!

BTW , I have gotten so many compliments on this beautiful design! I love how easy you have made it to customize!

For some reason I can’t get comments to be enabled on new pages I create. How do I fix this?

Pages are generally used for static content (no discussions) where posts are geared towards commenting, discussions and so on. I will add comments on pages on my upgrade list though – thanks!

Outstanding theme! I’ve been looking for a clean, minimalist theme that works out of the box for weeks.

One question, I have is if we turn on the bio profiles, how do we add in the author pictures?


It’s using the wordpress get_avatar() function which is looking for your Gravatar – Thanks!


Just want to know if you can have video instead of pictures in the posts – like embedding a video from YouTube or vimeo?


Yes, inside the posts/pages of any wordpress theme you should be able to insert video using the “embed” code typically seen in the share/link area of the videos. Thanks!

Hello. I have 7 Posts on the main page. How can I set it so that I only do 2-3 posts and have an option to click to page 2 or older posts. Thanks.

Dear Cudazi. Great work with this theme, it’s probably the best one in terms of simplicity and clarity of design that I’ve seen around (and believe me I spent like a week just looking at the demos all over the net). That’s why I bought it.

There was one problem that I figured out: in the Style / Colors / Logo section of the setting admin area, you included this really cool option of adding additional html (you called it: Additional HTML for Header). Unfortunately this cool feature does not show diacritics (in my case for the Polish language). The only way to do this is to use the HTML codes. For Polish you can find them here:


Great theme, exactly what i am looking for.

Thanks Cudazi, brilliant theme!

Thanks Allot!


Hey Cudazi, I got a problem: The footer disappeared, just like that. The widgets are loaded into the footer, everything worked fine, and then suddenly it disappears one day. What could the issue be?

Please make sure any code you have inserted into the template, widget, has all the proper closed tags and that any plugins used are working. Start by disabling any third party plugins and also checking the code…

<div class="testing">something</div>

Send a link – thanks!