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Been running this for about three days on WordPress 3.0 and have had no compatibility issues so far – I probably don’t use it to its maximum but for what I do it hasn’t had a problem.

Just thought I share that in case anyone was wondering.

this by no way means that you mightn’t have problems!!!! So back up, backup, back up!!!!

Thank you, I appreciate your comment!

Note: This theme demo is now running on WordPress 3.0 – Thanks!


First of all, I love the theme. You can see it in action at .

The one problem I have is spacing. In the editor, often I’ll but a few line spaces between different ideas. However, when I publish, these line spaces often go away.

Any idea what’s going on here? I installed in on WP 2 .9, and then upgraded to 3.0. Was there an update? Should I reinstall a latest version? Would appreciate any help.

Thanks again! Jesse

Hey Jesse,

At first glance I notice a lot of these tags in your main content:

<div id="mcePaste" />

Are you pasting from Word or similar into WordPress? Try pasting your text into a plain text editor (notepad or equivalent) and then into the WordPress editor, it will strip out all the odd tags that may be causing your problems.

Hope that helps!


Great theme, thanks.

Do you know how I adjust the widths of the 2 columns? I’ve tried changing things in the templates but all that happens is the right column disappears underneath.

On all pages I want to make the post column narrower and the right sidebar wider…



If you adjust the size of the columns in the CSS , be sure not to exceed the max size of the container, that will drop the second column underneath. I would suggest installing firebug to play on your site without having to harm any code until you’re ready. Thanks!

Ok thanks.

Regarding the “2 column custom categories” feature….

I can get it working so that my sub-page only shows posts from a single category.

But how do exclude the posts from this category from the HOME page? I don’t want them appearing on my main blog.

(I want to have a mini blog on a separate subject on another page, which will have lots of daily posts and would fill up the home page…)

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks, Kevin

Hey Kevin,

You can create as many of those page templates as needed, one pulling in category 1,2 – the next page pulling in category 3,4 and so on. Use a minus sign to pull all except a specific one such as -33 would show all EXCEPT 33 .

Hope that helps!

Thanks for getting back to me.

How do I use the minus sign for the home page (index page)?

I don’t want the posts from a certain category showing up on my main blog page where new visitors will arrive… I just want them showing up on another page that will act as a sub-blog… is this possible?

I see where to change the “categories” field so it includes or excludes categories from THAT page (when you are creating a new page), but there isn’t an option for excluding a category from the HOME page itself..

I can’t see an option to do this… is there a piece of code I need to add somewhere?

Thanks, Kevin

Hi, Curt, thanks so much for the comparison tool tip.

If I could trouble you with 2 more questions , would really appreciate.

1. I’ve researched this but I can’t seem to find the option in Media to insert a medium- or large-size image in my posts? just thumbnails? sorry, must be basic?

2. I have done some customization on your beautiful, clean theme, however, I don’t know if I ever saw the “search” box. Any guidance to get it to appear?

Thanks much and have a happy holiday weekend!


Hey Sheri,

For a search, simply drop in the built in wordpress search widget into a sidebar, for images, you should see a size options when adding an image, you should see a pop-up from wordpress with size and alignment options.


TY, Curt!

Can’t wait to see your next lovely theme taking full advantage of WordPress 3.0 features, especially custom posts.

Enjoy the holiday. ;))

Hi Curt, I am noticing in IE 6 the widgetized bar on the right side appears at the bottom of the page. Is there a quick fix for this?

Thanks. Julie Superfly Web Designs

Please make sure any elements in the sidebar are not wider than the sidebar or it will push to under the main column, maybe it’s the newsletter signup?

One of my widgets was too wide and that was pushing it down. Thanks for the solution. You rock Curt!

Thanks for the update, glad to help!

3.0.1 debug report: With debug enabled, the following message appears after activating this theme:

Notice: automatic_feed_links is deprecated since version 3.0! Use add_theme_support( ‘automatic-feed-links’ ) instead. in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237

Thanks for addressing it.


Hi there,

Firstly – awesome theme – I searched long and hard for a clean, minimal design that would look great with my 3D artwork and your theme certainly ticks all the boxes.

I am totally new to WP but have got up to speed fairly quickly and only really have one issue which isn’t that big a deal but wondered if it was easily fixed?

Basically – its the behaviour of the main menu – when I mouse-down on a menu button to one of my pages the background colour stays “on” so that you have a situation where you have clicked a menu button and then navigate to another menu button only to have the two menu items highlighted. In the default scheme it’s not that obvious but I wanted to have the background colour of the buttons black on mouse-over to match the page title image.

Is there a way of setting it up so that on mouse-down the menu background colour returns to its default state?

Here’s my blog anyway for your info – still lots of place-holder stuff but functioning pretty much as I wanted it to.

Thanks again for a great design and rock-solid performance and configuration.


Hey there,

You could add an :active and set the color/background such as this:

#menu ul li a:active

It would go in the .css file.


Hey thanks for the reply – appreciate it.

I’ve had a play and tried inserting the little code above into the style.css but I’m not seeing any changes – even messing with the colors of other attributes to see if I’m using the right file or not.

Am I editing the correct file – via the WP editor? Do I have to enable or put this file anywhere for it to take effect… sorry if this is basic WP stuff.

BTW – all my edits so far have been via the Theme settings page which does override default settings. I even tried adding this bit of code to the css box which you suggest to use if you don’t want to mess with the .css file itself.

I may have mis-interpreted your question, are you referring to the “click” or just when you’re on the actual page and the item stays highlighted to indicate where you are?

If the latter, this selector in the css will be what you’re looking for: #menu ul li.current_page_item

The list item in the menu gets a class of “current_page_item” to help you indicate what page you are on.

Sorry for confusion…

Yes I am trying to stop the menu items from being highlighted to show where you are – is this possible? I want it to behave like the HOME button which has the hover effect highlight but when clicked does not retain the highlight.

Here is what I want the menu to do:

on default state = black text

on mouseover = text changes to white and highlight is black

on mouseclick = text returns to black and no highlight

I can do all this in the css except the functionality to not show highlight on current page.

Many thanks for your time in answering this – your support is as great as your theme.

Anywhere you see in the .css files referring to .current_page_item you can pull all that out or replace with your own background color/image.

Test out example formatting and see where CSS is being applied by installing FireBug, here is some more info on it:


I really like the theme. I just installed it and have a few questions.

How do I make it where the posts display the “read more”

I sorta got it working on the index.php but it doesnt display the thumbnail if i do enable the “read more”

I want them both to appear.

Thanks! Davisson

Please add this to your content area where you want it cut off:

<!--more Continue Reading!-->

Oh I was just reading that,

really appreciate your fast repsonse Cudazi!

But where do I put that code?? in the excerpts of the post? or in the index?

Within your main content box/editor – thanks!

like right after the content correct?

It is used to “cut off” your content, leaving an intro on pages with multiple posts.

Hi Ducazi

Please could you let me know if there any reasons you know of why the categories are not showing on the right hand side. I have added a number but can see them in the page.


I can’t think of any other than you’re in the wrong widget area…? Does the category have posts associated with it? I can’t remember if they show if empty.


obh Purchased

thanks for that Cudazi

may i query one more things, in your live demo there are some categories indented as children of the cat above them. i have created some but they are not indented below there parents.

is this a feature i need to activate somewhere?

many thanks

I think WP has a checkbox in the category widget for “show hierarchy” – that should take care of it – thanks!