Discussion on ProBusiness | Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Discussion on ProBusiness | Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

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Please Update. Last Update is July 2018. Thanks

Its been long time since the Author has updated the template and plugins, i request you to kindly update the theme and the plugin to the latest version

Hi, why the template comes with an analytic number? who is controlling my web and why? Please give me back it to have the info you have about my web.


Analytic number, you mean GoogleAnalytics? Maybe it display because you install kickstart package. You can go to administrator page —> Extensions --> Templates —> Your template --> Custom code tab -> Before: delete all GoogleAnalytics code here or change it by your code. Again apologize for the inconvenience.

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

SP Page Builder (V3.2.4) and Unite Slider (V5.0.14) updates are not getting installed. I am getting below error while updating

Warning Error connecting to the server: 403 Update path does not exist.

Error Failed to download package. Download it and install manually from https://www.joomshaper.com/index.php?option=com_product&task=download.download&product=extension&id=37&sub=1.


Sorry about delay in weekend. Can you send me a message via https://themeforest.net/user/jlvextension#message

We will send you a new package of SP PageBuilder Pro and License key to get update anytime when have new version.


Sp page builder save, save and close is not working

Sp page builder save is not working joomla

Hi, i can’t find the theme only installer on the download. I have a website running and i only wan to apply you template.



IPN Purchased

Your site is not loading and the new version of Joomla requires YOUR extensions to be UPDATED. What’s the status? The site is broken now.


I think documentation link still working fine: https://jlvextension.com/documentation/probusiness/ please try check. Yesterday after your comment we have submit a new version with latest version of Joomla and all request extension on themeforest, It was approved a few minutes later.


IPN Purchased

Hi, thanks. The documentation link is now working. I appreciate that. Now, how do I go about updating those extensions, namely:

SP Page Builder Administrator Component 3.0.3 3.2.4 N/A Update http://www.joomshaper.com/updates/com-sp-page-builder-pro.xml

Unite Slider Administrator Component 5.0.8 5.0.14 N/A Update http://unitecms.net/update/unite-slider.xml

I tried uploading those packages via the installer, however, it failed.


In download package we have include latest version of SP PageBuilder Pro and Unite Slider.

About Auto Update for SP PageBuilder Pro, I have send a message for you via email omar@.......ans.com with key license and how to do this. Please check your inbox.

With Unite Slider, you cannot auto update via administrator, because this extension is not support this. You can download it in download package from themeforest.


Is there any Updates to themes and plugins in recent months?


We are trying to publish a new version this month, it built on Helix Ultimate frame work. With a lot of outstanding features, it brings a good experience for the user.

About SP PageBuilder Pro and Unite Revolution Slider of current, please contact me via support@jlvextension.com. We will provider for you Key to Auto update it via administrator page.

Thank you!

is this support still have person to handle ? i already send message twice to support, but still no one answer almost 2 weeks.

Hi there, 

thanks a lot for your very nice template. I bought it last year, so I think, that I am not using the newest version. Nonetheless, I like to know whether the template is compatible with Wordpress 4.9.5.

And – even more important – I would like to know whether your template and all plugins / functions etc. it uses are compliant to EU data protection laws (GDPR).  I installed the version with the demo content.

How can I renew support?

Thanks a lot and best regards, 


Hi there, I send you an email a few days ago, but did no receive any answer. Best, Sarah


Sorry about delay, I have checked inbox, but don’t get it. About your problem, I do not understand very well about it. However you can read this article to understand more about this case: https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/joomshaper-s-approach-to-gdpr-compliance

Our template use Helix framework and SP PageBuilder, Both products come from this supplier.

If you want find an extension about this problem, you can find here: https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/eu-e-privacy-directive/


Hi Author, Kindly check the theme script as i theme is affected by malicious scripts. this is with the reference to the last incident happen on my server. I had installed the theme on my server last time the server antivirus deleted all the files since it is affected by malicious scripts, kindly check the script once again.


Can you send me detail about this problem via email: support@jlvextension.com ? Our support team will help you check it.

Thank you!


Hi Author,

I had a scan on your ProBusiness Multi-Purpose Joomla theme to check the code quality and reliability, some of your libraries resulted in high threat score. Kindly review your code.

here are some of the questions I have for the author, 1) Are there any trace and track scripts in your theme or code? 2) The scripts or the code in your theme safe enough to handle secure and trusted ? 3) what measures you have taken to improve your code quality and security, so the website or blog shouldn’t get hacked.

I am having problems with clients sending an e-mail through the Contact page when using mobile devices. Do you have any documentation on that or has anybody else had an issue with that?

I have still not had this problem resolved. Can someone please help me with this?

We only have one more issue with the search for RTL on mobile. The search does not work on the mobile on our RTL website. It works on the demo on mobiles but not on our RTL website. It works on the website when opened on regular computers but not on mobiles. Can you please look into this issue?

yes, i see the search area in mobile menu. but how can I remove the search icon beside the menu lines on mobile?

Go to module manager > top search > Module Class Suffix. Please add this class sppb-hidden-xs

Yay! that did it. Thank you for your great support.

How can I add featured image with JCE editor from the frontend? The tab “Images and Links” is not available on frontend nor is “Helix Blog Options”?

Thank you. I now can see the Helix Blog Options tab but I still can not see the “Image and Links” tab so I can add the Intro Image and Full Article= Image. Can you please add this tab as well?


Sorry about delay. Currently, this function is not available in the front-end. Even with the default template of Joomla!



OK. Thanks for checking.

I sent this to the support email address but have not gotten any response. We are waiting for these issues to be resolved in order to go live with our site. Here are the things that are not working (RTL wesbite): – the disappearing “search” icon on the header area – on mobile phone: the social media icons and contact info in the “top” section hide under the logo and offcanvas menu – the submenus do not appear under the last menu option and the menu option itself appears dimmed. That menu page is set to “Text Separator”. I tried to set it to “URL” with # as its value and it appeared fine but I could not click on it to make the submenus appear.

Kindly waiting for your reply.

I have checked the video twice and I am still having the top section hidden under the sticky header on my phone. Please check this on an actual mobile device and not on a browser simulation. I sent you an email with screenshots from my phone to show you that I am not making this issue up!

Also, we still have the problem of having a menu page as URL when we have submenus. I can not open these submenus on the phone as well.

Thank you and check your inbox.

I just tried the header menu and top section on my phone and it is working now. Thank you for fixing it.

Now, we only have this one last problem with having a menu page as URL when we have submenus. I can not open these submenus on the phone as well.

I already sent you an email with a screenshot to see what we are getting on my phone.

Thank you and waiting to hear from you.

Thanks for feedback. I will check this problem with my demo first. There will be results soon.

How to add custom fields in the form on contact us page or any other?


Sorry about delay, If you know about code, it is quite easy. The code structure is pretty clear and fully annotated, you just copy and rename it accordingly.

Ajax contact just a fixed addons. To better suit your needs, customization is a must.

Let us know if you need customization for it (support@jlvextension.com)

Thank you!

i Had tried that on my Local server replacing files but i get error’s, also custom fields data doesn’t appear in the email if you have documentation of adding custom fields to form then please share along


Please send us a mail via support@jlvextension.com (don’t forget include your purchase code) I will send you a custom form addon

Thank you!

Does this theme work on RTL websites (right to left)? Do you have a demo to see?


Currently, no demo for RTL with ProBussiness template. But it work ok with RTL language.

You can see some our template with RTL demo: https://themeforest.net/item/go/19854608 https://themeforest.net/item/go/18796961


Just purchased the template. The kickstart package with this download dated Oct 10th is not working. can you please send me a working kickstart package?


We have tried test kickstart package some time on localhost and live hosting, it still working ok. Please send us a message via support@jlvextension.com our support team will help you install it.

Thank you!

I cant seem to update SP Page Builder from 2.4.7 to the latest version. I get this message “Oops! One of your commercial extensions couldn’t be updated. JoomShaper refused to provide you with an update file. Usually, this means that your subscription is either expired or your update request hasn’t been authenticated. You can either go to JoomShaper website and investigate the issue or use Perfect Dashboard to automatically retrieve your subscription & update your website.”


Please send me a message via https://themeforest.net/user/jlvextension#message I will send you a new license.

Thank you!

Hi there, I would like to buy this template but before I would like to know whether there is going to be a template version for Joomla 3.7.. As far as I know, PageBuilder currently does not work for Joomla 3.7., so this template would not work for Joomla 3.7. at the moment, true? Thanks and best regards, Sarah


Yes, this is a template for Joomla 3.7.x. About problem with SP PageBuilder, don’t worry about that it work well with Joomla 3.7.


Thanks a lot for your reply. :) what is the best way to update the template and the extensions to Joomla 3.8., now? Is there anything I have to keep in mind? Thanks and best regards, Sarah


You can follow step by step below:

1. Backup your site

2. Go to Extensions —> Update -—> Update all extensions list here

3. Clear your browser and Joomla cache.

4. Click to update Joomla to latest version.



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