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I had never used CSS and needed help to edit a few parameters flashmcintosh was more than happy to help and my CV is now up and looks great. Thanks

Your very welcome bud :)

Hi, I have just bourght your template and I have problems installing it into my Wordpress 3.41 (German) environmet. The error is style.css Stylesheet missing. I have checked the zip file but it is not containing a theme foulder nor a style.css file?? Could you please help? Thanks

Hi reima01,

The theme you bought was not for wordpress, which explains why your having trouble. A few people have bought this theme expecting it to be for wordpress, maybe something is wrong in the TF search?

Sorry i cant help more, I wish I could.

Hi flashmcintosh,

I just purchased your theme and would like to install it onto my wordpress environment. I read your previous answer to this question but did not really understand what I should do. Could you please explain a bit further ?

Thank you


The theme you bought was not for wordpress, (see comment above) which explains why your having trouble. A few people have bought this theme expecting it to be for wordpress, maybe something is wrong in the TF search?

Sorry i cant help more, I wish I could.

Lame. I bought this blindly for WP because it was within the top search results on Google for WordPress CV Themes. Now I can’t use it, and am out of money. Congratulations on your successful deception of unknown web surfers! I will never buy from this site again. And you can keep the $10 credit that I still have with my new account!

Hi there, this seems to happen now and again, its a great shame because like you, I’m not intestersted in stand alone sites if Im searching for WP themes. TF should definately address this issue.

I’m sorry that they provided my theme in the search results. There really is nothing I can do about this. :(


This template looks really cool, but I’m checking it and seems like it cannot be referenced in “specific sections”, im talking about tha anchors (#), for example, if you right-click in any section or subsection with “open in a new tab”, it always point to the first page, not the specific page that someone could want to address

I’m very interested your template – in fact, I’ll probably have purchased it by the time you read this! But I’m curious about making it more responsive …is there a way to display the resume contents in a more mobile-friendly fashion by adjusting CSS values?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, sorry about the delyed response. There is a CSS style shet attached which is for mobile versions. Feel free to edit this if you wish to customise it. :)

Could you make this for wordpress?

Hi, I get this request alot so one day I would love to, but I worry that WP updates to often and I would have to offer alot of support which I dont have time for. Sorry bud.

I would like to add an additional question into the contact form. The question relates to what type of enquiry the user is submitting, which I would like to be check boxes.

While I have updated the contact.js file to force the user to select at least one of these fields, how can I pass the value of these fields into the process.php file as one variable so that the line in the email reads: “Enquiry Type: Option 1, Option 2”

Below is a copy of the html that I have added into the contact form.

Any assistance would be great.


<label for=”enquiry_type”>Enquiry Type:</label> What type of enquiry are you sending? <input type=”checkbox” id=”enquiry_type_moreinfo” name=”enquiry_type” value=”More Information” /> More Information <input type=”checkbox” id=”enquiry_type_course_app” name=”enquiry_type” value=”Course Application” />Course Application <input type=”checkbox” id=”enquiry_type_corporate” name=”enquiry_type” value=”Corporate” /> Corporate

Hi mageguild, Sorry about the delayed response. I dont get notifications about messages and so I just check back now and again. Is this still an issue? :-\

Seems as it can be used for WP, but not the case as I read the blog. I simply have to give the worst rating.

I assume you meant canT be used for wordpress and you’d be right. This isnt a wordpress theme, it’s not listed as one. Im not sure why you thuoght it would be? Sorry though. The theme is a great theme, its sold hundreds of time and with little problems or feedback, its unfair to give it low rating because you bought the wrong theme.

the preview does not work :(

Why the demo is not working?

Project alive? Your demo is not working and based on the comments, no reply.. hello?


I think your URL of demo site is not properly, please fix it!