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Good work. Nice and clean. Bookmarked.

Thanks for the comment, glad you like it. Hope you buy it :)

Great! but there is DD_belatePNG.js Error on IE.

able to repair it?

Hi Hyungjay,

I checked this out and your right.

I was nothing really, just linked the js.file twice. – updated! If you’ve already downloaded, just remove the first link to the DD_belated script on line 27 :) – thats all you need to do.


Great work! Thx!

Thanks for buying Cafeine! Glad you like it :)

may I add, it is very easily customizable….I completed a whole CV site yesterday in about 4 hours!

you may!! It’s a shame there is no ‘featured comment’ function, as thats great feedback for other onlookers.

Glad it all worked out for you. Thanks again for buying

Hi flashmcintosh,

Running the demo site via the w3cvalidator gives a number of errors. Also, viewing that same demo site through IE6 * and there’s no PNG fix.

Does the site make heavy use of frames?

- Thanks!

*Note: I’m using a program called IETester to view how the site should look like through IE6 .

Hi Conorcan

1) The theme is coded in HTML5 and the w3c validator doesnt validate HTML5 yet, which is why you get errors. I use Total Validator as this validates all HTML versions. Check it out: http://www.totalvalidator.com

2) IE tester is pretty accurate but its not 100%, the PNG fix doesnt seem to show in IEtester, but it does work on IE6 .

3) There are no frames used.

Thanks for looking

This is a great template! I added sections and integrated a few other scripts. Very well layed out and very easy to use!


Cheers Mike :P


I am a well educated man, but a dummie with computers.

How do I have to open this Professional Online Resume?

I have choosen a hosting provider and installed wordpress on

the surfer. I thought I could install the prof. onl. res as a theme

in wordpress, with the consequence that I could edit it.

Maybe you are laughing now, sorry I am a digibetist.

Can you give me a little advise, what I have to do in order to

get the theme working, so that I can work on things?

Or do I have to install dreamweaver or something?

I think I need an HTLM reader? I thought wordpress was right, but

maybe I have to do other things first?

When I installed it in wordpress I received a note that there was

no stylesheet. Your package was only 1,5 mb…...


Please help, I think I have to study a little, but I don’t know where

to start.

Greetz from the Netherlands

Hi Kukeleku,

First of all, thanks for purchasing.

Secondly, your asking alot of questions and it seems like you need quite a bit of help but there would be too much to comment here, so please drop me an email via my contact form (on my profile) and leave your email address. I’ll see what I can do to help.

Thirdly, just so you know, its not a wordpress theme. It’s a stand alone one-page website set up to be an online resume.

Dont worry, we’ll get you hooked up ;)


First of all I waned to thank you for such a cool theme. I am enjoying building my resume with this theme.

Quick question regarding the icons—> I added a new section called Research and Development and named an image icon_research.png and then I added the following code:


The image would not load up. What am I doing wrong?


iconfinder is a great place or free icons


This is very weird, but when I added the proper code to the CSS in order to display the category images, some images appeared fine, some sections took the picture of the previous section and not of its own and some just don’t have any picture appearing next to them. I do have all the pictures properly named and the following is my CSS code:

.title_education { background:url(”../images/icon_education.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_skills { background:url(”../images/icon_skills.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_research { background:url(”../images/icon_research.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_projects { background:url(”../images/icon_projects.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_courses { background:url(”../images/icon_courses.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_experience1 { background:url(”../images/icon_experience1.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_activities { background:url(”../images/icon_activities.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_awards { background:url(”../images/icon_awards.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;} .title_contact { background:url(”../images/icon_contact.png”) no-repeat scroll right center;}

Any clue why this could be happening?


If you post the URL (or email it via the contact form on my profile) I can take a look for you.

I am using it here: http://www.alastairmcdermott.me/ – there are issues with Safari latest on MacOSX – the page opens at the bottom of the Skills section, not the top. Any ideas?

(Edit: another user reports Chrome also: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056034984 )

Version info:

appVersion: 5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10 _5_8; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Safari/531.21.10 userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10 _5_8; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Safari/531.21.10

Hi Alistair,

Around line 455 you’ll see this code:

$('html, body').animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');

copy and past this line so that its the first line after the opening jquery (approx line 413), so it looks like this:

$(document).ready(function() {
$('html, body').animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');

That will fix it.

Hi, I just purchased it but first question, how do I change the width for ? not in css and what is the header role?

Second question, am I able to change the height also?

the banner is in only index.php.

Please advise,


Hi Hyungjay,

1.You can adjust all styles in styles.css. The width is set by #wrapper (approx line 102). 2.The header file holds the pic and your personal info (website, telephone etc..) 3. The banner is just a HTML5 reference.


Thanks for the tip.

one more thing, the sidebar ie6 css is not working on IE7 well as IE6 .

It works only on IE8 ,

How do I fixed the position for sidebar?

Could you please check it for me? preview does not work on IE7 neither.

Please advise,


The position is right, it looks working, but the sidebar has to be fixed position, not scrolling with contents, the sidebar is not moving at all on IE8 but IE7 , it is scrolling with contents.

not fixed position.

Hi Hyungjay,

I like to help you where I can, but I have tested this on two IE7 machines and the sidebar is not moving. The preview works for me fine. I cant be sure if it makes any difference, but maybe you are using an old service pack on IE7 ? Can you try it on a different IE7 browser to test whether it is just your machine?

I tested on different PC on IE7 and sorry the preview has same problem. Sidebar is moving together.

This IE7 is 7.0.5730.13

If I knew the CSS , #sidebar {position:absolute; left:0;top:302px;}, that position is not working with IE7 . I have tried fixed but it is not for IE7 .

any idea?

Hi there – firstly great theme, amazingly cool and hope it lands me a job!

secondly, when the pge loads it appears to load just below the picture so you just see text which has less impact than the image at the top etc.

any ideas?

Hi GreggyD,

Its a small bug in safari/chrome.

See my reply to Alistair McDermott about 7 days ago for the 1 line fix. I WILL update the download tonight.

Hope that helps buddy and thanks for the nice words :)

Thanks flash – meant to also ask how the contact form works? I am testing and no emails are coming through…

Hey Greggy,

It uses the built-in php mail() function. You just need to swap out the ‘youremail@yourdomain.com’

for your email address in the process.php file.

cool, thanks for letting me know! I feel a little retarded now haha,.

Apologies for another question – I just loaded it on a different machine using firefox and the site does not work at all, the sidebar nav does not load anything and the root site loads skills and experience on the same page…

Something must have went wrong with the upload as the download is fine. Best thing to do is delete all the uploaded files and re-upload them.

If it still fails and you have a live URL that I could look at, I might be able to help.

Hope that helps

Hi there

Does the theme come with any more color schemes?

Hi Aam1r,

There are no colour schemes other than the one provided (all colours are editable in the CSS file though), but since the theme is becoming quite popular, im thinking about creating a feature list – I’ll add this one to it.

Thanks for looking

Love this functionality, just wondering how hard it would be to make it a wordpress theme….I’ve seen a few slider types out there.


Hi JanJan,

A few people have asked if I’d make this into a WP theme. The truth is that is does require quite alot of work, mainly due to the differences in how a static and how a WP theme function (blog, comments, widgets etc.. ).

Still, Im thinking of making it, so if you’ve an aidea or request, please leave it here.

If you buy the theme, then are also welcome to try and convert it yourself.

Just wanted to post to tell everyone who has questions about this theme how brilliantly helpful Steve is with any question large or small you may have, he really takes the time to solve the issue (often due to me not paying attention and not being too code-literate) and even sends follow-up communications to check everything is ok – a great theme seller, best I have come across.

Cheers Steve, truly appreciated!


You are very welcome!

Thanks for the great feedback Greg. Also much appreciated. Glad I could help.

There is a post from kukeleku76. I am experiencing the same problems. could you send me the same, or similar email to help me get started?

Thanks for the theme.

Hi Kbakery,

Thanks for purchasing.

kukeleku76 seemed to figure it out so in the end I didnt send an email in the end, but its really simple, once you have downloaded you will have a folder called ‘procv’. You just need to place this in your web root directory and then go to it in a url eg. http://www.kbakery.com/procv/

You should automatically see the theme. You just then need to customise it and change some general settings, such as your emial address etc.. these details are all listed inside the readme.html.

If you find this doesnt help and your still stuck, send me a direct email via my contact form with the exact stage your at and I’ll see what I can do to get you up and running.

First off, awesome theme!

In my experience, as an ASP .NET developer my first task (easy) was to convert the PHP blocks to something a little more .NET friendly. It was fairly straightforward. The only thing I would say is that I notcied the formatting of the contact form was off for me but I’m not sure if that was due to my conversion efforts by commenting out php blocks (but that shouldn’t alter the formatting right?)

Anyway, minor nitpick but I thought it should be mentioned so that other ASP .NET developers out there can know this theme works with minor adjustments.

Thanks for the ‘awesome’ theme comments, glad your happy with it.

I’m not much of an ASP guy so I couldn’t possibly add to your comments, but they are certainly most welcome.

Thanks for buying.

Hi! I just realized that in the iPhone the menu disappears when scrolling.

Please check nachodelafuente dot com.

Can it scroll down along with the page? Thanks in advance.

Hi nachogfa,

I can see that there are several HTML errors in the code that you have added (unclosed HTML tags), this is breaking the site navigation in some browsers (not only iphone). You need to close the HTML tags to fix the problem.

I can help you do this, but as the mistakes are from your inputted code, it means I would have to FTP onto your website and take a look… if your happy to give me your FTP details, I can take a look and try to help.

Hope this helps, thanks for buying