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Thanks for your reply, flashmcintosh.

I reviewed tags and everything seems fine according to totalvalidator.

But still found 2 issues with iPhone and iPad:

1. The sidebar menu is not kept centered when scrolling the page (it even disappears in long sections)

See pic: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/624198/PRO%20CV/Sidebar%20menu%20does%20not%20keep%20centered%20when%20scrolling%20in%20Safari%20Mobiel.PNG

2. A strange white line is shown just under “BRIEF INTRO ABOUT MY SKILL SET ”.

See pic: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/624198/PRO%20CV/Strange%20white%20line%20under%20%20SKILL%20SET%20title%20in%20Safari%20mobile.PNG

Thanks in advance for your invaluable help! Kind regards,


Hi Nacho,

Sadly I dont have an iPad (maybe when the theme sells 1000 more times), so I cant see the problems you give me except on the screenshot (thaks for this), but I’d still like to help where I can.

Since I cant see it live, I had to google the problems you experience and from what I gather, the iPad (and some versions of iPhone) dont support the ‘fixed’ attribute which is what makes the sidebar stay on the screen. I found this link which offers a work around: http://www.lazycoder.com/weblog/2010/05/27/quick-jquery-hack-to-fix-positionfixed-toolbars-in-iphoneipadipod-touch/

You can copy the code from the above link, just replace the text ”#footer” with ”#sidebar” and place this inside the handheld.css.

I will update the theme when I can after much more testing. I hope this at least helps a little.. boy I wish I had an iPad :)

Ooooops, I got mixed up.. dont stick that code in the handheld.css file, it wont work in there as its jQuery/javascript.

I’ve done the code for you, you just need to stick this in the index.php above the sidebar div
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
if(navigator.platform == 'iPad' || navigator.platform == 'iPhone' || navigator.platform == 'iPod')
     $("#sidebar").css("position", "static");

Thanks flashmcintosh’s.

I inserted the code but the only change is that now sidebar is shown on top of the page, near to the profile pic.

As we scroll down the page the sidebar disappears, instead of moving within the active screen.

Hi Nacho,

Because I dont have an iPad I cant test. To be honest the theme doesnt support iPad browser but I hope you can see that Ive tried to help with the sidebar position. You can try to add this line to the code I gave you earlier, the theme is on my hard drive and I jsut moved house so I can modify it, but try to edit the code something like:
$("#sidebar").css("position", "static").css('top','200px');
$("#sidebar").css("position", "static").css('margin-top','200px');

Good luck

Hello Flashmcintosh,

I would like to thank you for your technical support during my theme installation. Just for the reference, flashmcintosh was very kind to respond immediately to my e-mail. He provided screenshots, detailed explanation ( the theory that I should know) and the exact solution to my problem. I would happily recommend him and his services !

Keep up the good work !

Thanks Taralis, very much appreciated :)

Happy to help.

Hi! I want to buy this and make my cv on it! I have a few questions tho – can i change the colors? I dont like it being so dark!

Hi Suzanka, sorry about the delay, ive no idea how I didnt see this message?!

The theme does not come with a different colour themes (Im always thinking of upgrading it though) but you can easily change the colour of anything, background, text, borders etc.. via the CSS stylesheet.

The stylesheet is very tidy, so it shouldn’t be hard atall.


I’m getting crazy spam from the contact form on my site. Is there a way to integrate a Captcha form?

Hi cacurtis, Sorry to hear that. Ive not heard anyone else with that trouble, but its part and parcel of having a contact form.

The contact form is pretty standard and so you can add/edit the for in any way you wish. You can add a captcha no problem.. as long as you know how.

There are plenty of tuts out there although if thats too challenging (I know not everyone is a developer) I could add one for you, but of course that would be more than the free support.

Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Can anyone point me to a Tut that explains how to add a simple Captcha form to JavaScript? I’m getting at least 4 spam emails a day from this contact form.

Hi cacurtis.

There are many ways to prevent spam. If your not feeling too confident about adding a spam captcha filter, you can easily reduce spam by adding another form field and call it something like ‘spam_email’ and make this form field hidden via your css file. Then add some simple validation to check if the form field has a value when submitted… if it has a value, then you know its a robot pre-filling all the fields with junk. If it is submitted without a value, then its likely to be a human (since it was a hidden field). If its spam/robot, dont send the email :)

If you really want to go down the captcha route, then type in ‘add captcha php tutorial’ into google and take your pick.

Hope this helps

hi, I have only 1 question: is there an option to password protect the cv before viewing it? I want to have this cv online, not accessible by spammers and robots. I want it only to be accessible to the employers to whom I will send the password, thanks in advance for an answer.

i like your template and would like to buy it.



Hi Leeoleeo, Sorry for the delayed reply.. I didn’t get notified about this msg. There is no password protection function but you have many options: -You can easily prevent robots using a robots.txt file. -If you put the CV at a special link, then only people who know the link will see it. -If you really want to password protect it then you can use .htpasswd file which is very easy and secure (jsut google it)

Thanks for looking

Thank you for the template, it is very nice and easy to manage. I would like to know if you have any logo for Linkdin to add in the socail media part.

Ok in the readme section there is a link to find icon, I just have to put it in gray now

Just wanted to say that Steve is AMAZING – be rest assured that we will provide you with excellent support should you need it post sale…

I had 2 big questions / issues (nothing wrong with theme, just that im a bit green) and he responded within an hour and went above and beyond what was needed.

Needed to give him some public kudos….well deserved! (make more themes! :)

Thanks Zstopa. Glad I could help :D

Hello I do not understand why the sections “Formation”, “References,” “Contact,” “A porpos” does not work. http://www.lobwick.fr/CV I can also not to include the diagram in Compétence.

Hi There, again apologies for the delayed response. I dont know why, but I have not received any emails about comments and missed a few. I always reply to any support questions right away – so Im sorry I missed this.

I took alook at your site and its running fine, I checked on Firfox, Opera and Safari, so I guess you fixed it?

The site works perfectly out of the box, but I found another user with the same problem and it turns out they accidently deleted a ‘div’. whooops! :S

Hi flashmcintosh,

My name is not particularly long – four characters and seven characters – but it disappears behind the photograph.

Is there a fix for this? Not many people have names as short as John Doe. It seems like a major flaw in the design.

Kind regards,


Hi Mark, apologies for the delay, I seem to have stopped receiving notification of some comments.

Your right, but because the name is on one line, your name then becomes 12 charachters in total, which is alot if the font size remains at 40px (prehaps a design flaw).

Using your name, I changed the font size to 32px and it looks awesome! Or if you really want to keep the font size at 40px, you can add a line break between your first and last names and alter the line height to your preference. Althought the first solution looks good.

If your stuck on how to do this, reply and I’ll help you out.



I changed the font sizes of the H1 and H2 tags to 33px and 19px respectively and now it looks okay.

Hopefully, other people will see this thread and work out that they may have to modify the main CSS file to work around the design having had JOHN DOE as the default name.

The design is a cracker apart from that.

Thanks Mark :D

Hi Flashmcintosh

I installed Qaund ProCV I needed advice for the setting.

Thank you for your support on my mail faster.

Congratulations !

Glad I was able to help. :)

Big Boy, Great Job….

Just a question though… I get this problem on safari browser: Your message has been sent!. Thank you – I will be in touch soon. ”; } } ?> that shows on top of the page… any idea on what can fix this..

Awesome CV .. Thanks

Hi. Sorry about delay, being Christmas n all. Without looking at it, it looks like there must be a piece of code unclosed. It’s definately something that has changed since the file was downloaded as this is the first time its been reported. As its PHP code, I cant see it, but if you can email me with more info (when it happens etc), I can help fix it.


never mind… thanks I fixed it.!

Hi I ‘ve bought your theme, and there is a problem: the WP software tells that misses the CSS file…?! What do youthink about. I’m not professionnal, and I need your help.

Thanks a lot


Still online… Miss files: - editor-style-rtl.css - editor-style.css - style.css - rtl.css

Hi there,

Im really sorry for the late response, I dont seem to receive notifications about new comments anymore. I will look into this right now.

The theme is not a wordpress theme (I might make that one day) but sadly, its not designed as a wordpress theme. Its a stand alone website, thats works on its own (no need for wordpress).

If you already have a wordpress theme and want to keep it, then you can use both, you jsut ned to put the CV files in a different folder than your current wordpress and then you can link between the two. Hope this helps.

I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients… can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks –

Hey there, thanks for asking and yeah thats totally fine!

Thanks also for recommending my template! Much appreciated. Hope it works out! :)

Steven is the best – seriously. Had some issues with the theme (my lack of coding expertise, not out of the box issues with ProCV) and he patiently helped me out and even dialed into my FTP acct to take a look, investigate and fix. Haven’t found better support in all my time of TF.

Thanks Steven!

Hey Zach, stop flirting with me ;)

Thanks for the nice words man. Glad I could help!

Hey! Is it possible to make access to cv/website via username or password? I would not be interested that everyone can get access to my personal data.

I have another ideas as well what would be interesting to add?


apologies for the delayed reply, I usd to recieve emails to nitify me of comments, but I dont seem to anymore :-S

You could use .htaccess passwd to secure the CV and only people who know the password can access the directory. Good luck.

Any ideas are very welcome! :D


I just bought this theme and I am unable to install it. When I try to set it up, it fails saying that styles.css was not found. I looked inside the archive and the stylesheet is indeed missing. I’m using the latest version of WordPress.

Please advise,


Sorry for the delayed reply. The theme you bought was not for wordpress, which explains why your having trouble. A few people have bought this theme expecting it to be for wordpress, maybe something is wrong in the TF search?

Sorry i cant help more, I wish I could.