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Nice theme creation. Appreciate creativity and wish you all the best for exclusive sale.

Thanks mate, that was nice from you!

It looks very cool! GLWS =)

I appreciate your feedback!

great :) if you are a wepdeveloper visit this item


.fancybox-overlay { z-index: 99999; } theme.css:615

You need to adjust that down to below 9000 for it to display properly

Using Chrome/Win8

It looks fine in Chrome/Win7. Is it possible that new Windows screw it up? That sounds impossible tho, how come OS could affect Browser’s page rendering?
No matter what, I gotta find someone with Win8 and check it out. Thanks a bunch!

Nice work GLWS

Thanks mate, hopefully things have settled down in Egypt!

Very nice theme! ;)

Thanks once again! I’m glad to read you like it!

Cool theme! Can I adjust the colors with hexadecimal codes, or can I just use the colors from the preview theme?

There’s 8 ready-made color schemes each of which can be included in template’s header individually. What you can do is to open one of these 8 files, save under new name (like “dark_green.css”) and change main color to whatever you find suitable. These 8 CSS files contain only elements that use highlighted color.
OR… you can simply edit existing color scheme CSS that is already included in template’s header.

Looks great.. GLWS ;)

Thank you buddy!

Nice theme !! But I got a problem. Please help. I integrate the theme with PHP codeigniter framework. Everything is fine, except the mobile menu doesn’t appear when I decrease the width of the browser. I checked the console of Google Chrome but no error message shown. I don’t know how to debug.

I found out the solution. I put the Javascript library inside <head> tag and it cause the mobile menu fail to display properly. After I place the Javascript libraries back to the bottom of tag, it resumed normal. Why ?

That’s not a solution :) Why would you like to move javascripts in document header? I think my method is kinda better. If you put a piece of javascript in the head of HTML page, the browser will start to download that and proceed down the lines of HTML and download other resources too as it encounters them such as the CSS files.
Then, when all javascript and CSS has been downloaded it will start rendering the page and when it does that it will download any images referenced in the HTML. At roughly the same time it will start to display things on the screen. But it won’t do this until the CSS and Javascript has been downloaded. Hopefully it makes sense.
So, at the end, I have to admit that I didn’t even try to place all the scripts in the HEAD and not sure what gets broken by doing so :)

is this a wordpress theme

No, it is HTML template – as it states in the title, however, WP theme is coming soon, I’m working on it.

Hi, I just bought your template, thanks for this great work. It is very well documented.

I would like to integrate a combobox, having consistent style with your design. Which library should I use?

How about Bootstrap Combobox jQ plugin? Check it out here https://github.com/danielfarrell/bootstrap-combobox

How can I make a work-portfolio slider including the text next to it? The “prev” and “next” doesn’t take you anywhere.

Please help.

Uhmmm…my friend, I don’t think I’ve got the point.
Basically, you don’t need to “make” the slider of a single portfolio/work page, it gets “assembled” automatically, out of images uploaded to its library. So I’m thinking that you did something wrong. What exactly? Not sure until I take a look.
And, of course, if you really did a mistake at some point then Previous and Next links won’t work any more.
My friendly advice: create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address. I will take a look and let you know what’s wrong.
It’s always good idea to provide at least URL of your website so I can check for any eventual javascript error without even signing in Admin section.

I’m trying to upload the producr_widget.wie via widget setting import, but I’m getting an error saying: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. How do I fix this?

Not sure why – if the plugin is installed and active. Maybe you could try to address the problem to the plugin’s support forum : http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/widget-importer-exporter
You are the very first person unable to import ”.wie” and Google doesn’t say a word about as well. So, I’m kinda helpless, sorry!

Hi, Very nice theme thank you. I’m trying to center the social media icons in the footer, but I’m not having much luck. Although the title text ‘SOCIALIZE’ centers, the icons keep to the left – could you please tell me how I could resolve this?

OK, one more shot…
Open “theme.css”, line #333 …

ul.k-socials li { float: left; line-height: 1; margin: 0 10px 10px 0; position: relative; }
...remove/delete “float: left;”. I think this one is a real troublemaker. It should be:
ul.k-socials li { line-height: 1; margin: 0 10px 10px 0; position: relative; }

Still has not worked, the icons have lined up on top of each other :(

I also have another issue in that, when you launch the gallery in mobile or tablet devices, clicking on an image would launch main popup box (sorry not sure what its called), but you cannot scroll through the gallery items using the left and right arrows as expected? This is possible when using the PC, but does not work on tablet and mobile devices? Any idea?

If you enable an access to a template files for me – either via FTP or any other way that lets me edit the code, I’ll handle that for you. I mean, I really don’t know why it doesn’t work at your end, it looks fine when changes applied on template’s demo: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f82k17zae

As for the “problem” with next and previous arrows, just click on either left or right side of the current image in order to slide another photo in or out.

Hi. Nice theme, it’s quite fun working with it, respect :) I would like to change something, but I could not figure out how… The owl carousel on the “work” page… the autoplay is set to true, but it does not start. Only after i manually click the next picture does it kick in and the slides are changing normally after that. It is the same with your demo. Is that on purpose? How can I change the owl carousel setting so it starts autoplaying the pictures? Thanks and keep up the good work :)

Uhmm, I think that you are talking about Bootstrap slider, Owl Carousel is used on home page. And yes, I’ve noticed that auto-sliding starts immediately after the first image slides out but I kinda thought it should be working like that. So far.
Now I realized that I was wrong and feel stupid because didn’t check it out before :(
OK, a temp solution is here: http://goo.gl/IT87bf
...it should help until the official patch goes out with the next theme update. Thanks for “waking me up” and a big thanks for your opinion regarding my theme, I appreciate that!

Thanks a lot, it worked :) For others with the same problem, the solution in the link is working, with one condition: You need to put the JavaScript at the end of the page, the calling of the function must be put after that, when i tried it the other way round, it did not work.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that it’s good idea to put the code at the very bottom of “Producr/js/theme.js” file. Thanks anyway!

nice one,good luck;

Thanks, I wish that for myself too :)

Hello, i have purchased your template and working on it. Its very good. I have two questions if you can help me. 1) Where do i find the 320 icons ? i want to see them so i can use them. 2) In “Our Team” page i have removed the 3 boxes and left only one because i want it will be only one person. But i want that box to be full width to fit the screen and Responsive like everything else. I have tried messing with the box width making it 200% or 1200px but thats not responsive when i resize the browser. What shall i do ?

Well, the slider code is not that big (around 500kb, including assets), unless, of course, your internet connection is around 56k :) In that case it’ll take a bigger chunk of time.
I guess it’s about images used by slider. At this point I’m not sure what else might cause the loading stretch, it doesn’t make much sense to blame delayed server response.

56k ? where are we the stone age? :D maybe its my second slider of images that is making it slower. i will try removing that and clear my cache and try again. Thanks for your support tho!

I was just kidding, don’t get it seriously :)