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Thanks for this theme—terrific design!

We’re having a problem with a conflict between the theme and the Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/).

Specifically, the Tiled Galleries feature of Jetpack doesn’t work when the Producr theme is enabled. When I disable the theme, the Tiled Galleries work fine. But when the theme is enabled, when inserting or editing a gallery, the Tiled Galleries fields and settings that would appear in the Media Uploader plugin aren’t available.

Have you seen this before? Is it possible to allow Jetpack galleries to work?

Thanks for your help.

Here’s what I see when creating new gallery : http://awesomescreenshot.com/05b3tsp58d
Jetpack is on, Twenty Twelve theme activated. Is there anything else I need?

This is what I see with Jetpack installed and activated, Tile Slides activated within Jetpack settings (maybe you missed this step?), in Twenty Twelve theme: http://www.screencast.com/t/U1aX36ENK

It looks like my hoster doesn’t allow to connect to Jetpack, take a look: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0fc3tza5d5
...and the most probably that’s the reason I can’t see that drop-down menu in gallery settings screen. Sorry mate!

I just installed this great theme, but it appears I’m not able to change the Permalink Settings for the url structure. Every time I change it to use “Custom Structure” it goes back to “Default”. Can you please advise on how to fix this issue?


Hi feeleep, I do have another issue though with the viewing of the site for mobile and tablet devices. There is a huge scroll to the right of the content for the entire html area. Have you had this issue come up before or have a fix for it via the css? It appears to be happening on your demo site as well when viewing it on mobile/tablet.

After looking closer with inspect element, it appears it’s an issue with the menu-nav and k-pre-footer areas.

Thanks in advance!

Feeleep, another item is the image pop up for the projects on mobile/tablet devices. They do not enlarge correctly for proper viewing.

It looks like something is changed with how Browsers render the content and since this theme wasn’t updated for a long time, at this point I have no clue where exactly things take the wrong turn. It works fine on desktops when viewport resized but on tablet/mobile is all screwed up. Will have to find some time to figure it out, sorry for any inconvenience!

Feeleep, I know you posted the following info a while back on disabling the projects display at the top of the projects page, but when doing it, it disables it all together. Is there a way to only disable the initial project from displaying on page load, but display the project info at the top after a project is clicked?

(1) open “Producr/taxonomy-portfolio.php” for edit, line #18. It reads:

<section id=”k-work-ajax” data-latest-post-id=”<?php the_ID(); ?>”><!- starts AJAX content ->

(2) remove entire “data” attribute, like so: <section id=”k-work-ajax”><!- starts AJAX content -> That should prevent jQuery to load the latest project automatically. Don’t forget to save “taxonomy-portfolio.php” and re-upload to the server if edited on local machine.

Are you sure it disables it all together? I mean the section ID remains intact so AJAX knows where to load the project on request. That’s strange coz it worked properly and I have no other solution to offer.

Good morning.

I have a problem, can you help me?
I need to change the folder of my wordpress from www.dominio.com.br/site to www.dominio.com.br. I need put the files directly on public_html folder.
I do all the process, but the theme Producr and Revslider don't work fine. When i changed the name of folders (Producr_ , Revslider_), the wodpress worked.
I need to know if the theme has any lock to this situation of folder change?

Thanks Felipi

There’s no “lock” or whatsoever. What you need to do is to export entire WP database (use phpMyAdmin) to “some_db_name.sql” file first. Next, open “some_db_name.sql” in some code editor and perform find-replace action; find “dominio.com.br/site” and replace with “dominio.com.br”. At the end clean up all the tables from the WP database you exported and import/dump “some_db_name.sql” to the same one. Of course, don’t forget to move all the WP files and folders from “dominio.com.br/site” to “dominio.com.br”. I guess that’s the simplest method that works.

Hello there, we are wondering if there is a way to add the portfolio style filter (with ajax) to the team member shortcode or if there is a way to duplicate the custom post type for the portfolio with filter and have it use the team member styling?

OK, I was evaluating your request a little bit. You need to know that I always try to find the quickest and easiest way to work out something but this time I’m kinda stuck. Lemme briefly try to explain why…
You asked me to create Team Members section that will look/work like portfolio (having that AJAX touch). Technically, I could copycat Project files and say here it is, that’s what you’ve been asking for. It means that you (your client) will have Team Members section that is identical to Projects. The only difference will be page title (+ breadcrumbs) and image thumbnails replaced by team members. Hopefully you are getting the point so far :)
No matter what, it will take at least a couple of days to replicate the files. But still, the question is whether you agree with something like that? Will something like that be useful? I mean, everyone will notice similarity so why not to use existing Projects structure, create category named “Team Members”, publish a couple of team members instead of projects and you are done. As easy as that.
We actually never spoke about how Team Members page is supposed to look like.
Anything else beside what’s seen on Projects page needs to be coded out additionally. For example, right now projects page has an AJAXed preview of a certain project on top and a grid of other projects underneath. Other projects are represented by a thumbnail. No title, any kind of meta-data or whatsoever.
Single Team Member block consists of thumbnail, name, surname, position, brief description and social network links.
Team Member is inserted via shortcode and does not have its own Page. Essentially, it’s nothing but a block of text with image.
Obviously, there’s a difference in data presentation. Team Member needs to become a custom post type.
So, at the end, I could replicate Projects and create Team Members. These two will be identical by design and functionality. Page title (+ breadcrumbs) and photos will make the only difference.
I will not be able to create brand new Team Members section, code out new templates (including custom post type views, javascript, Admin interface, shortcodes, etc.) and everything else needed to make new portion of the theme function properly.
Hopefully it makes sense what I wrote above. Take my apologies for any inconvenience!

Hey Feeleep, sorry about the late reply I did not get a notice that your comment was posted! Basically what the client wants is an ajax filter (like the one on the project page) added to the Team Members. In other words they want the team member section to look exactly the way it looks now but to have the ajax filtering added. I had the idea to code in another variable to the team members short code for example “department=accounting” then I could load ajax/JS on that page template and use the new shortcode variable as the filter.

I’m just not sure this is the best way to achieve this, also I would prefer to not modify your template files in such a way that the client could not update in the future.

Another idea I had was to like you mention, use the project page template and make a team member category. I could then over ride the CSS on that page only and style to match the current Team Member styling. Again I am not sure this is the best way to achieve…

What are you thoughts?

My thoughts … OK …
I can fully understand what you are up to but 2 major things to keep on mind:
1) Default Theme Members section has been made out of shortcodes and these are nothing but pieces of text and photo. Otherwise, such shortcodes don’t have ability to trigger javascript nor there’s javascript (AJAX) code ready to “listen to” that very shortcode. So, in order to do something like that coding is needed.
2) If you decide to duplicate portfolio section you can’t just make things happen by the means of CSS. Team Member post type will need more Custom Fields, for instance: name, surname, position, (maybe) social profiles, etc. I suppose it should be some sort of a shortcode replica. However, you don’t have these custom fields nor the code capable to save / read to or from the database. And once again coding work is needed.
No matter which way you go – it won’t be a piece of cake. So you can try to hire developer, spend some bux and be sure it’s done right. Or you can improvise, spend undefined amount of time and eventually figure out it’s not right.
If you decide for option one, definitely try at http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress . My schedule is so tight that I can’t even offer a reasonable time span.

Just a thought … did you try to find a plugin?!? There’s really a vast amount of plugins out there, I kinda think that you might find something pretty much close to what you need.

Hi there, I’ve installed Producr on my website and am setting up the individual pages and structure.

However, I can’t seem to get my blog appear in the way I wish it is shown to my visitors. Preferably the blog items are in a grid or list with the title, intro text and a link to the full blogpost. Blog page is here: http://www.libermedia.nl/blog

Can you help me fix this layout?

It looks like the layout is broken. Badly. It happens due to unclosed or improperly nested HTML elements and if you go to https://validator.w3.org you’ll see there are two (see the bottom of the report). You may disregard all the warnings and all the element attribute errors coz they don’t affect the layout, however, unclosed tags do. I’m not 100% sure but I think you should check that newsletter form.

Hello Feeleep, great theme… I need to change the “Q” on FAQ to “P”, but I cannot find where I have to go to translate that. Help!!! Thank.

Open “style.css”, line #500. That very line should read
.k-faq-wrap .panel-title:before {
    content: "Q:   ";
    float: left;
    font-weight: 800;
..spot the “Q” in “content” property, just change to “P”, save styles and it should be fine.

Thank you very much! :)

No problem! Glad to read it helped!

I’m struggling with settings and lay out and stuff. Where can I find a more elaborate documentation on this theme?

Ie. on http://producr.sofarider.com/blox/home-page-2 (the four items with icons & read more option) and on http://producr.sofarider.com/components-page (tabber & 1/2 page width caroussel) and on http://producr.sofarider.com/elements-page (pricing table & team members & user feedback) I see some awesome compontents and elements that I would like to incorporate in my website, but I can’t find how to use these items.

Did you install the demo? It would be great if you can do that because you will be able to find the answers to all of your questions. Theme manuals can not cover each and every detail, that’s why the demo is used for. So, make a clean WP install on your localhost and fill it up with demo data.

Hey there,

I just installed the producr theme. I would like to be able to use the font awesome Wordpress and Drupal Icons for the Homepage 2 version of this site. I’ve created a new page blox and copied the code over from the homepage 2 blox

[page_blox_container textalign=”text-center” primeblock=”true”]

[row equal_height=”true”]

[column col=”3”]

[fancy_paragraph paragraph_icon=”fa fa-drupal” icon_size=”32”]

[gap height=”30”]

How we can help?

Phasellus scelerisque lacu vel tellus laoreet, vitae comodo metus tempor. Duis accumsan, nibh sed malesuada element, quam mauris tristique ipsum. [gap height=”10”]

[button style=”btn-default” size=”btn-xs” icon=”fa fa-check” icon_size=”16” link=”http://producr.sofarider.com/work/projects/” link_opens=”_self”]



I’ve tried replacing the “fa fa-cloud-upload” with “fa fa-wordpress” (which i got from font awesome. This does not seem to work am I missing something?

I guess you will have to update your FontAwesome library. How?
1) Download the latest FontAwesome package and unzip to a local drive.
2) Use FTP to transfer/upload ALL THE CONTENTS of the FontAwesome package into your theme’s folder on the server ( should be something like “your_site.com/wp-content/themes/Producr/font-awesome/” )
3) Confirm overwrite of existing files on the server when asked

There is a 32 px white space above the rev slider home page image that I can’t figure out how to get rid of, any ideas. I’d like the image to go flush up against the navigation container

Will you be able to provide your website URL? That’s how I can check both HTML/CSS in Firebug and see what’s going on.

So on the live demo site homepage 2 http://producr.sofarider.com/blox/home-page-2/ there is no space between the header and the rev slide image. The class=”k-section-common fixed-head-marger” has a element.style top margin of 109px. On the site that I am working on the element.style has a margin-top of 152px which is resulting in 43 px of white space. I would like to change my top-margin to 109px. Please advise

Also the space is happening only above 978 px

You can send your site URL via PM. Just click on my avatar and use that mini contact form in sidebar of my profile page.


When I added a fifth project to the site, the carousel shortcode seems to have broken and it is now presenting all the featured images as full size and stacked. If there are just 4 projects it works fine

Not sure but I think that the number of items must be even coz we are dealing with 12 columns grid.

that is the solution, I guess I’ll have to wait until I finish a 6th project

Ok, hopefully it’s gonna be fine!

I was wondering if there is a way to remove the revolution slider at 600 px? I’d tried doing it through CSS using an @media (min-width:600px) { div#rev_slider_1_1_wrapper { display:none; }

but then page loads without the image, but as soon as you do any resizing of the screen the slider comes back. This leads me to believe that the CSS is set somewhere in jQuery. Any ideas

I figured it out. I love Google


Hi Feeleep, Can the “projects” category be renamed without breaking anything?

You can rename it in “Producr/inc/ct_and_cpt.php” but leave the following two lines (#69 and #92) intact:

#69      register_post_type( 'project', $args_projects ); // register CPT

#92      register_taxonomy( 'portfolio', array( 'project' ), $args_portfolio ); // register CT
For a case something goes wrong leave lines #62 and #90 intact as well.

Thanks friend, I see now where you explained this elsewhere too. I may work around it without changing code, but still may.

OK… good luck!

Hi, love the theme ;-) I appreciate all the work you did on it. Quick question though, is there a limit on how many projects you can add? The image slider stopped working after 15 project pages and I was just wondering if I can change that. As an example this page: http://www.sdweblayout.com/project/newsletter-projects/ It says no images found in current project but there should be… I appreciate your help! Thank you!

Similar problem on the homepage. At the bottom the FooGallery stopped working and I seem not to be able to have a carousel showing. I’ve deactivated all the plugins but that didn’t help./( Not sure if they are related but I’m hoping you might have an idea. Thank you

This is an old theme and I believe many things changed in the past couple of years in regards to WP and jQuery. I’m not quite sure what might be wrong, development of this theme stopped. Currently, I’m having vacation and don’t have an access to theme files on my iPad so any thing I say could be misleading for you. Sorry for any inconvenience, “two weeks money back guarantee” is still valid!

Hi, bummer I really like the theme ;/( Ok.. I’ll ask for a refund and find hopefully something close to your design. Thank you

Hi, We have problem with Masonry listing project in tablet and mobile. Its showing right at first time when you view the home page but then if you click on Projects its listed wrong and if click on Home page again its wrong.

https://i.imgsafe.org/f0b6a7aba9.jpg https://i.imgsafe.org/f0b5dbb2f8.jpg

fix one of two problems, I already updated the images size as you told me to be in the same measure then be fine to one problem , But the other problem is when you back to press in home page of website throw the tablet you will see exactly this problem https://i.imgsafe.org/0abcdb2179.jpg is not sorting well .

It looks like the problem persists in Safari browser only, Chrome, Firefox and IE looks right. Safari says that there’s something wrong with Slider Revolution. Will you be able to send me a Private Message (click on my avatar and use contact form in sidebar of my profile page)? That’s how I can find out your email address and send you the latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
You can try to re-install the plugin and see whether it helps.

i sent you email please check ..