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Nice Template! Welcome to Themeforest. :D

Fantastic template, I need $1.15 to buy it, come on people. I really need this :D. Cannot wait for it :D!

Andy :D!

Yay, finally got it :D!

apearce and jimmyme,

Thanks for the great responses, I’m glad you guys like the template!

Right, I’ve just got to say, that you’ve made some magnificent updates to the theme, and it’s defiantly not selling in the amounts that it should, this is a fantastic template everybody faultless in my option – 10 out of 10! :D

Andy :)

Thanks for your great comments apearce!

I just purchased this and am unable to find the layout.psd file. Can you please tell me where that file is located? I need to make updates in Photoshop before loading it into dreamweaver.


boardgamegallery0: The layout file is called mockup.psd and it is in the psd folder.

Thanks for your purchase and let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

It looks like mockup.psd isn’t the index page. It’s a comments page. I was under the impression that it was the index page. Do you happen to have the index page in psd so I can update the template that way? Unfortunately I don’t know dreamweaver well enough to update it using dreamweaver.

Thanks again,

Why aren’t the slices includes? It’s complicated to substitute some design parts in that way!


I checked the lasted version of the Blueprint Framework and it is now at Blueprint CSS Framework 1.0.1 and your Blueprint styles sheets are at 0.8

Do you have any recommendation on where it would be worth while to try to update this template with the new Blueprint framework ?



do you have wordpress vesrion for this? let me know jds74@hotmail.com