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Can you tell me logo font name?


Hi, if youare talking about george hanson typography, it’s using Open Sans.

What are the CMS working with your template ?

It’s the HTML version of our template, you can find the WordPress version here: http://themeforest.net/item/profession-one-page-cv-resume-theme/5773519


Good work. I bought it because it suite smart phone and tablet layouts but on my Nexus 7 it is broken on Firefox and Chrome. “Skills Achievement” button does not work at all and the charts are wrongly positioned. Also the bottom of each page is truncated so content is missing. The submit button on the contact form is not even visible. The map on the last page displays a high level world map indefinitely

It is kind of unusable on a mobile device as it is. Do you have any fix?


Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Hi bro,

It’s not work on my iphone. Pls check it. it’s just have waiting icon

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can help you :)


After updating to iOS 8, It’s not work on my iphone. How to Fix jquery start loader in mobile iOS 8.1.3? please advise :))

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can help you.

Great theme, compliments for the good job. One question though, for the html version, I want to use the blog, but I do not see any php scripts for it. Also can’t seem to find anything on the documentation. Can you provide some assistance, or is the blog functional only on the wp version?

Thanks, Erjon

Hello Erjon, like you said, blog functionality is only available on WP version. Unless you copy/paste blog posts and create new posts in HTML. :)

Hi! Love this! Want to use it for my portfolio. One question – image slider within portfolio, can I easily make the slides larger?


Thank you for buying our template. Guess the transparent background and arrows are in the same image, to edit that image go to “assets/img/prettyPhoto/default/”. :)

Great, thanks! : )

You’re welcome. :)

For some reason I cannot register on your support forum with my purchase code, so I have to ask the question here. Why does your theme not lazy load the images in the gallery? I have a bigger gallery and now my site take 2min to load and 300+ requests on page load. I already tried third party jquery lazy loaders, and they work on the site, but not in the gallery, as I think there must be some Javascript conflict. I think this is a pretty vital feature for a one-page theme.

Dear Sha77ered

Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the registration issue , you can contact us on ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

about the lazy image loading because portfolio images load from external images some conflict happens as you said , we will work on this issue and it will be fixed on next updates for sure

for now you can send your ftp information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com with your request so we can help you there :)

Hi PixFlow, I just bought your template and I like it a lot. I do have question though for customization: I want to delete the portfolio section and instead have a 2nd resume section which shows education instead of work experience. I copy pasted the whole container at the place of the portfolio and it works kinda except that the java script is messed up then.. like the back/next button on the left resume works only and if slides on the second resume instead of the first.. really weird. Any solution?

Dear Manulito221

Thanks for your kind words :)

about the customization you mentioned , its better to apply this tyoe of customization by theme developers , so please roll back all changes to default and then send your request with ftp information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

I am considering this template for my resume. Do you think that it will be easy to implement a multi-language version? Maybe using the template one time for each one?

Dear Manuel

Please open custom.js file located in assets folder and find following code


now you can change the barcolor to any color value you like

Thanks! It worked perfectly! it seems that video portfolio items are not working for me (it gives me a loading error in the video popup). Can I use a link to a video file, i.e. mp4 or webm file?

Dear Manuel

You’re very welcome

about the video , sorry but you should use embed code of youtube , vimeo or other video hosting site :)

Hi PixFlow,

I had a question already but I solved it myself. This time, I am stuck. I changed a little in the custom.js and style.css to have the easypiecharts in my own color and size. However, now all my percentages are randomly displayed, changing everytime after refreshing (F5) and without any clear logic. I tried everything I could possibly think of without success. Please help me out!!

Awesome how fast you are! I will do so in few minutes!!

Awesome how fast you are! I will do so in few minutes!!

Dear Manulito

Thanks mate :)

we will contacting you via emails from now :)

A very big thank you to Joseph! Helped me out when my website crashed after an update of WordPress. I responded to an earlier post on the forum and Joseph solved the problem for me. Very happy with that!

Thank you very much mate, we are glad we could help you :)

hi, pre purchase, can i add more blocks?

Hi, since this is a HTML template, you can add any HTML code you like :)