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Vraiment bien! / Really great!

Beautiful, Clean, Unique and Cool style so when are this template coming as Wordpress full site template? i hope really soon, i need it.

Best regards Robbie

Hello, woocommerce usually works fine with our themes (although sometimes you need to configure some stuff). We will check it out on our WP version. :)

Thank you so much :) so when are WP coming and can you please add some more template pages like pricing and so on kinda like biz freelance type of template.

Best Regards Robbie

You’re welcome Robbie :)
WP version will be released in 1-2 weeks, we will definitely consider those features, if we get enough requests on that.

Nice job! All the best

Thanks mate :)

realy nice theme! :P

Thank you very much :)

nice theme, wish lot,s of sale

Thank you buddy :)

Long time no see, totally nailed it, I’m looking forward to it’s WordPress… Any hopes?

Hey man, thanks a bunch. Yep! we are planning to release the WordPress version in next 2 weeks. ;)

Hi PixFlow, Nice to see you again : )

Good theme, would you check this layout on 25-27” monitor? or bigger res monitor ? Contents layer show weird position. : ) Looks like not fully responsive layout.

If you fix this it will be better and nice ! good luck : )

Hello seueunchoi, nice to see you too mate :)
We have checked our theme on macbook 27” and it looks fine. Thank you for mentioning this, but we have to choose the best layout for all screen sizes, still we will improve our themes based on people feedback. :)

Nice template, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you JFthemes :)

That is what world needed..very nice..GoodLuck ;-)

Thanks a lot mate ;)

Awesome template :)

Thanks mate :)

Error in Chrome Browser / Mac: [cycle2] -c2 init- jquery.cycle.lite.js:6 [cycle2] timeout: 0 (number) jquery.cycle.lite.js:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: $top is not defined custom.js:25

I have 2 logs, but i don’t see any error, can you send me a screenshot to pxflow@gmail.com please?

Now its working fine. Nice cv!

Thanks mate.

very nice!!! is responsive too!!! Congratulation GLWS!

Thank you very much mate :)

Hi, great theme, just 2 presale questions:

Can there be more lines of text on the first section? Can there be more than 6 portfolio items? (the show more button does not seem to work in the demo)

Hi, thank you very much :)
1) Yes, if you put more text in first section a scroll will be added to show the rest of the text.
2) Yes, you can add more portfolio items and a scroll will be added to show the rest of portfolio items, the load more button is a feature that will have functionality in WordPress version, but you if you are good at JavaScript, you can add the functionality using isotope plugin documentation.

Thanks, bought it ;)

You’re welcome, thank you very much :)

Really great template. There is a big market for CV templates out there. Good luck

Thank you very much mate :)

Looks wonderfull ;)

Thank you :)

Great work GLWS

Thank you buddy :)

Nice template, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you mate :)

Hi ! Very nice template ! Do think it is possible to add some button “Scroll to top” ? Any ideas ? Thanks a lot for this good theme !

Hi, thank you mate. :)
The navigation uses scroll functionality. Which section are you referring to?

hii dear..it was really avery cool template…i have bought this..can you pls assist me how can i customize the favicon of the website?

Hi mate, thank you very much :)
You can upload an icon in images folder and use this code in head section of profession:
<link rel="icon" href="images/iconname.png" type="image/png" sizes="16x16">