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great template :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

Thank you mate :)
Great work on graphicriver, GLWS ;)

Excellent work. I wish you continued success and even greater sales;)

Thank you friend, I appreciate your kind words :)

Great template! Just having some trouble with the colour of the pie charts, should it change with the css or can I find it somewhere else?

Kind regards,


Hello Eva, thank you :)
You should go to “assets > js” and open “custom.js”. Find “init_chart” and change the related color in lines 337 and 339. here is the preview of the code:

Hello, love your template, great job!

But before I purchase it I have a question:

I’m a director and would like to use it for my portfolio.

Can you tell me if it would be possible to have a video background play on the first page with some control buttons at the bottom?

Also is it possible to change the horizontal scroll to vertical for the regular version (not just the tablet and iphone). I find it a bit too disruptive to people for easy navigation.



Hello mate, thank you :)
The answer to your first question is negative at the moment, but in WordPress version which will be available in next week, you can put a video widget inside a section called “Custom Part” and put the custom part at the beginning of your website sections. You can even use Layer Slider in WordPress version for slideshows.
And the answer to your second question is Yes, you will have the option of choosing between Horizontal and Vertical layout in WordPress version.

Nice, can’t wait to put my hands on that wordpress version!

Thank you ;)

Simply gorgeous!!! can’t wait for the wordpress version, will it be high res????? :)

Thank you mate, It’s not retina ready on initial release, but we might add that feature if we have enough requests :)

Another person really looking forward to the Wordpress version. Any update on release date?

Thank you for your interest in profession WordPress version, yes it will be available today, or tomorrow.

Yes Retina ready would be great. +1 on this

We will consider it for future updates if we get more requests on Retina Ready. :)

The design is nice, the horizontal scrolling is original and visiting this website gives an impression of efficacy and perfection. I like it and I’ve bought it ! One small question, probably stupid: the blog cannot be used like it is (add comments, etc.), how could I implement it in a simple way (which plugin, etc.)? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello owenders, thank you very much for your awesome comment. :)
The blog section is not that functional on HTML version, You can wait for WordPress version if you want to use blog completely, it will be available in themeforest next week.

HI, thanks for that great template..I am about to get my old page into that slick design of yours…i m only wondering why the bar color changing on the pie charts does not work for me like you already explained in another question here :S could you help? i already changes the initchart in custom.js..but did not work

Thank you for your kind words
Please send us custom.js through our profile page so i can change pie chart colors and sensitivity of the horizontal scroll for you :)

sorry for not replying ..but i fixed it myself – however..now i struggle to center the images in my slideshows when they aren’t the suggested or optimized size of 655×362..where do i align them into the center of the (popup)screen? :S

You’re welcome. Can you send us your website URL via our profile page so i can check the align problem?

Hi there! Awesome design! Absolutely love it. I see in previous comments that there would be a WordPress version this week, is it already up? Really looking foward to it!

Thank you
Yes wordpress version is ready but it’s now in queue for review, i hope it will be accepted till tomorrow.

Great theme! Quick question, my portfolio items are coming up in rows of two instead of three. Any ideas why that is occurring? http://cv.briangilbank.com/

Thanks Brian

sorry, I will try and explain better. I just want the items to appear in three columns instead of two – like your demo does. see this link for reference: http://briangilbank.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/demo.png Thanks.

crap – I just realized this is probably just a screen size issue.

Yep, your website works fine for me. ;)

I noticed all the wordpress comments. Any news on when it will be on the store?

Yes, we have uploaded the theme to themeforest and we are waiting for the WordPress version to be accepted by reviewers.

Hi there, still happy with the template. Just have some issues with it running on Android tablet or phone (responsive is scrolling slow and pie charts won’t load correctly). Will this be solved with the WordPress version?

Grtz Eva

Hello mate, thank you. We are aware of slow scrolling which is a google Chrome bug, you can check it on other browsers like android default browser which is called “Internet” or any other browser and see that it has no problem, but pie charts work fine on my android devices. Also WP version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/profession-one-page-cv-responsive-theme/5773519

Hi, thanks for the great looking theme!! I just can’t get the Contact Form to work. I get the same error message as in the Demo, “An error has been occurred while sending message.” Are there any settings I need to configure besides setting up the email address where the messages should be sent to?

Hello, have you entered your email in “config.xml” file?

Yep, I did. Just to be sure I haven’t messed with the other parts of the code, I also went back to the original template as downloaded, only configured the email address in “config.xml,” uploaded that and checked the message form, and got the same error message. I’m not sure if the “Live Preview” of the template here is supposed to be functioning, but I also get the same error here.

So, wondering if it could be my browser’s fault, I tried the message forms from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (I’m on a mac) and a different computer (also a mac) and still get the same results. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

One solution could be using gmail. If you use gmail, you will get a warning when you log into your gmail account. Then you can click on that warning and make your website trusted. Send me an email through our profile page if you could not fix it.

Hi PixFlow, Great template, but doesn’t work on Lumia devices.(neither wp version on Nokia 800). You should try also the demo version!?

We have tested it on IE 10 for windows phone 8 and it works fine. Unfortunately making our theme compatible with IE 9 on windows phone is out of option.

Hello mate, didn-t work. You said in your description that is compatible with IE8 IE9 etc. ... but it isn’t.

Hello, it’s compatible with IE8 and 9 on desktop, browsers mobile version is a little different.

The toggle menu plus sign is not showing up on mobile devices. Is there a way to fix this? It shows up fine on my destop but not my ipad.

Thanks www.cv.briangilbank.com

Please send me your FTP login information via our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can investigate the issue.

I was able to fix it myself thanks for the quick response though. Brian

Glad to hear that Brian. IF you had any other issue, please let me know.

what kind of contact form do you use, and why the demo version gives error?

Profession’s default contact page is using our custom contact form which is using PHP mailer. You can see the error because we haven’t configure it. If you want to be able to change contact form, i suggest you to check Profession’s WordPress version here: http://themeforest.net/item/profession-one-page-cv-responsive-theme/5773519

Love your theme! :) finally: http://oren-zur-shavit.co.il/

Thank you mate, congratulations :)

Love your template. Great Theme. I noticed that when you open the menu ”+” and navigate through the links, then close the menu ”-” and open it again, the Sub Menu will be disabled. Try it yourself from your demo. Any suggestions to solve this issue?!

Thank you mate. I appreciate you reporting this, we have fixed this issue on WordPress version, we are going to apply the fixes on HTML version soon.

Great, I’ll be waiting for this fix. Thanks for your support.

You’re welcome. :)

i know the wordpress version of this theme has both vertical and horizontal scrolling options. Does the html version scroll vertical as well?

cause when i open the html version on a mobile device, it scrolls vertical. I’d like to have this theme vertical on all devices. Is that possible?

It’s not possible at the moment, but if we get enough requests on that, we will add the vertical scrolling on HTML version as well.