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Hi, thank you for this amazing template! I’m struggling with the mobile devices. It is responsive on the big screen but do not adapt to my iPhone. Can you please help me to solve this issue? Thank you :)

Hello mate, thank you very much :)
can you please send me your website URL via our profile page?

Hello, thanks for your fast reply. I’ve posted my issue on the PixFlow Support forum under “Issue on mobile device”. You can find my URL there :)

You’re welcome mate, we will answer you soon.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an easy to use, unique and very beautiful template. I was able to customize it and have it finished in less than 6 hours. It is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you very much for your awesome comment mate, we are very happy that you like our theme. :)

Hey there..i am very glad with your template but i got 2 problems:

first: the site is online but it seems not loading correctly instead hanging in an endless loop of the waiting dots loading bar (nothing happens)

second: how do i change up the tab bar text which appears?

sincerely yours

Hello mate, maybe something is not loading correctly on your website, please send us your website URL via our profile page so i can check it out.

Hello, my contact form does not work. It gives “thank you for the message” with no errors but no emails coming in. I have tried with different receipt emails.

Any suggestions?

Hello mate, Please send us your website URL using our profile page so i can check it out.

Hello – Awesome site template. I have uploaded my pages to my host and all looks good but I am having the same issue others are having that the contact page shows the error message ‘An error has occurred while sending message.’. I have my email address in the config.xml file but cannot send a message. I will appreciate very much advice on how to get this one issue working. Everything else is great and looks incredible. Just cant get the contact form to work. Thank you in advance

Hello mate, thank you. This is a solution that worked for 99% of users, update your server PHP to latest version and it will solve the issue.

Thank you for the quick reply. As a newbie to this sort of thing I am not sure how I do that? Is it a simple thing that I can do or do I need to talk to my provider? Thank you

You’re welcome mate, based on your server configuration it might be different. I suggest you to contact your provider for that.

hi, i purchased your template…everything works well except the contact form

i tried it with php 5.2 and php 5.3…the message is sent succesfully but i don`t get any email…tried it also with 2 emails

what might be the error?

cheers martin

Hello mate, did you check your spam folder? Will you please send us your website URL via http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow ?

Great looking theme—Im looking to purchase it and am wondering if the default areas could be used to display alternative content? For example if I don’t want to show a map of where I am located could I use that space in the horizontal slider to show other information?

Also how is the skills animation generated? Is it just a value ie if I put 82 it will animate to 82% of the info-graphic?


Thank you very much mate, you can’t change the default areas with customizing the back-end code, but if you change the back-end code it’s possible. Also you have to enter a skill and a number in theme setting related section to show it’s pie chart.

hi there

1) any news on vertical scrolling for the html template? i would love to have this :-)

2) is it possible to customize the width of the menu when it is expanded (e.g. such that the name remains visible).


Hey mate,
1) We don’t have any plan to add that feature to HTML version at the moment.
2) You may change the menu width, but it might cause some issue to show/hide functionality, please send us your website URL using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can investigate the issue.

Very excited about this theme. I can’t seem to get a toggle menu on the desktop just like the preview. Instead of the ”+” sign it says “Home.

Also, I’ve followed your instructions on how to change the background color, but it’s not working.

Thank you mate, please send us your website URL and WordPress login information using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.

Hi, I was about to purchase your theme but I found a problem. On clicking pulp fiction in the portfolio, there is no white background, therefore it looks broken. Also other portfolio items look broken.But, I remember I saw it a couple of months ago, It looked okay then. I am using latest chrome browser v 33

it’s working fine in mozilla…just checked Tx

Hello mate, did you update your profession to version 2.3.1 ?

We did not update HTML version mate, I apologize for my mistake, send me an email using our profile page, so i can help you.

i can’t see it updated on your demo @ http://demo.sacredpixel.com/html/profession/ ...And do tell me how to update..

Which update mate?

Hello !

I found a bug with Chrome on portfolio content. When you open a project, the white opacity background doesnt work. There are the same bug on the demo content. Maybe it’s come from me ? Can you tell me?

Thanks for your support and sorry for my bad english !

Hey mate, it’s a confirmed issue, go to “style.css”, go to line 2068 and change opacity:0 to opacity:0.1 and save.

Ok thanks dude ! And i have a bug with firefox with my website www.remytesta.com. i know it’s not really your work to support this but if you find a solution i will be very thankfull !

The horizontal slide doesn’t work andi don(t know why.

You’re welcome, it’s working fine for me. What exactly is the issue?

Hi, great template. Congratulations. Just a question?

Is it possible to put the arrows in the gallery outside the photographs?


Hey mate, thank you. Unfortunately it’s not possible. :)

Hi again,

Mi videos does not play. Can I send you the HTML code, please?

Thanks in advance

Hey mate, Sure, send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can investigate the issue.

Hi, again,

I am customizing your great HTML template. Is it possible to play self hosted video?

Hey mate, thank you very much. Since you are using the HTML version, you can easily customize it they way you want, for playing self hosted videos, check this jQuery plugin: http://mediaelementjs.com/


You’re welcome.

Hi: there is a problem,please take a look the attached picture thanks.. https://app.box.com/s/oj1m1e6o11fgvkpllni1

Hello, please go to “style.css”, go to line 2068 and change opacity:0 to opacity:0.1 and save.

Hi, I am planning to purchase this template, however I wanted to see how heavy this template is in PHP & do you have by any chance node.js version available of this template.

Hi, It’s a pretty normal template and we don’t have a node.js version of this theme. :)

some issues when the screen resolution is 1280×720. this resolution looks particularly bad with firefox 11. It wouldn’t be hard to fix but i don’t know where to start.

Since Firefox gets auto updates, that will not be a problem. Still you can send us a message via http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.

thank you for the support and great template! i managed to fix the problem easily enough. still, like i said, 1280×720 is a common resolution so you might want to make the proper changes on the main template. i don’t really use firefox anymore but when i tested using that browser it looked a little off.

one more question, is there a quick and easy way to set the portfolio section to load with a data-filter already selected? i’d like for the page to load with my top 6 pieces loaded and then let the user sort through my other works as they click on the filters. this would eliminate the need for a scrollbar on that section.

thanks again for the great template. i spent a lot of time looking through themeforest looking for just the right look. i knew this was what i was looking for the moment i saw it. :D

Thank you mate :)
There might be a way, but it’s a little complicated, you must run the isotope with a filter, read the documentation here: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/filtering.html

Hai! Great theme, just bought it. However, when I try to install it, I get an error message saying that the package is missing style.css stylesheet. What do I have to do to fix it? Urgent reply, please!

Just moved the items to the main folder, but now I get an error message that de index.php file is missing. Can’t find that file anywhere in your .zip file?

Hello mate, Thank you for purchasing Profession. You should unzip the downloaded package, then unzip “profession.zip” file and upload your “Profession” folder to “wp-content > themes”. You can also read the setup guide in documentations provided with profession in “Manual” folder.