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hi did last upgrade added unlimited or extend number of work experience fields? Im waiting for this feature update really long time ..

Hello there,

We didn’t add that feature, but we can increase the number of experience fields through customization :)

How is the way to update files/theme

i would like a refund. No concise documentation and i can create categories or pages or have them show on menu. Im dome with this them. I need a refund asap.

Please submit a ticket from https://help.massivedynamic.co/hc/en-us/requests/new and we will help you.

Hi. Looks slick, I’m thinking about buying it. Yet I’ve got couple questions. I would like to kindly ask you to give me detailed answered to all of them. Thanks in advance.

1. Can I manipulate colors? For instance, can I turn this theme into BW? 2. Can I remove PORTFOLIO block and/or create BLOG block instead?

Hi, thank you for your interest.

1) Yes you can do that through theme settings.

2) Yes that is possible using theme settings.

Hi, I really appreciate your hard work in making this amazing theme. It was running all good until I updated it to the new version. Would it be possible for you to assist me resolving the issue please? It now shows only blank page and blank menu.

Hi, thank you for using our theme. Please go to https://help.massivedynamic.co/hc/en-us/requests/new and submit a ticket. We will help you quickly.

Hi guys, first of all thanks for the great theme. Secondly, I submitted few urgent support tickets yesterday. Could you please give me your feedback on them?

Thanks & regards O.

Hi there, thank you. We have 2 users registered with your account, which one is yours?

The ticket numbers are: #4645 and #4644. Thannks

I’ll answer your ticket soon.

Can we put blog instead of portfolio?

If you mean to display blog posts in masonry layout, it’s not possible without customization.

I posted a support ticket at 8:23am on April 24th. Your support website says that those tickets are usually answered within 24 hours Monday through Friday. I received a response on Tuesday evening which was a one sentence response asking for my logon credentials. I clearly asked for documentation on how to fix a known issue with the missing about, portfolio and contact pages. It is now Friday morning and I have received no further response. I have paid for extended support for an issue with your template. Please respond.

Hi There
Sorry for that trouble you faced during your support time , we’ve answered your ticket so please be in touch with us there.


g5clive Purchased

Hi, I am having trouble installing the layer slider plugin. saying The plugin does not have a valid header. please help

Hi there
Please contact us on our help center and we will answer you as soon as possible

Demo Content Import isn’t working. Please help.

Hello! Just wondering, can you edit the dimness of the background when you open an image in the portfolio? Since it’s currently distracting a bit as it is in the preview, and the text is left kind of lost in a description, so I would like to see if that is editable or stuck like that.

Hi there

Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/requests/new , send some screen shot about your request and we will answer you there