Discussion on Profession - One Page CV Resume Theme

Discussion on Profession - One Page CV Resume Theme

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After I read recent comments I dont know if its actually safe to update WP to latest version because of jquery and php compatibility. So I would like to ask, is it safe to update WP to latest version? Will everything in theme still work without problem after update?

Hi there, It’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress. After updating, if you see any issues, We’ll be glad to help you.

Dead theme – no more updates.

Hi there, If you see any issues, please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net/ to help you soon.

My website has suddenly got broken www.walidkamel.com Please help

Hi there, Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net/portal/en/newticket to help you soon.

IS this theme compatable with elementor? and if not what is the alternative?

Hi there, Profession theme is template base and you don’t need any builder for creating the pages

hello my Graphic Designer is having so much issues with this template, he said its an old version and basically he can’t work with this template to use for my website, i want to get my money back please so we can get a different one

Hello , sorry to hear about your situation , please submit a ticket on https://help.pixflow.net so we can help you as soon as possible

I’m not satisfied with my purchase so I just need my money back, what part you don’t understand?

Refund has been approved.

Hey, you theme is not working anymore, the menu is not functional anymore, can you please check this issue? https://zibuyilejafta.com/

Hi there, Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net/ to help you soon.

Your theme was last updated 3 years ago and for the past 7 months you kept saying you will update but no update, when are you going to release the new updated theme? And please give me a straight answer…

Hello , thanks for your concerns , actually there will no update until any further notice but we will be glad to help you customer if they face any issue on their website

Can you advice why there hasn’t been an update for so many years?

Hello, actually due to the priority of other projects we have no plan to update this theme but our users are welcome in our help center if they face any problem using Profession.

My website is using your theme and it is being down now – please tell me the problem https://www.walidkamel.com/

hello please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net so we can help you there

I visited the url and there is nothing there, just Q and A , i need someone to help me in this issue – the website is not working.

hello , as we’ve checked you’ve already submitted a ticket in our help center , so please be in touch with us there.

Hey Pixflow, As you are already aware jquery is no longer supported in wordpress’s new update 5.6. Without jquery the scrolling menu feature on my site no longer works, causing the website to be useless. Do you plan on releasing an update and if so when? Thank you for your assistance.

Hello , thanks for your suggestion , if you have a WordPress 5.6 website with functionality issue please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net


When new update release? jquery needs to be updated in wordpress 5.5.

Thanks for contacting us , please submit a ticket on http://help.pixflow.net so we can help you there as soon as possible

jquery needs to be updated for wordpress 5.5.1 :(

Thanks for letting us know , surely it will be considered in our future updates


Theme has conflict with WordPress 5.5 & 5.5.1.Please update it.

Thanks for your suggestion , surely we will , meanwhile you can contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net

Good morning PixFlow.

Your template “Profession” has worked perfectly for me during this time until July 18th it started throwing PHP errors and currently it doesn’t load the page staying in the loading spinner.

I can access the administrator panel without problems.

I have tried to update the template but the same version that I have is downloaded, 2.9.4 and obviously it does not solve anything.

I would like to know if you plan to solve this problem or how can I do it from my side.

Thanks and regards.

I attach a line of the error, since they are all the same.

do_shortcode_tag(Array)\n#5 /hosting/www/ferrerestilisme.com/public/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(218): preg_replace_callback('/\\\\[(\\\\[?)(layers...', 'do_shortcode_ta...', '[layerslider id...')\n#6 /hosting/www/ferrerestilisme.com/public/wp-content/themes/profession/temp...'

Hello , if you contact us by visiting our help center we will be glad to help you about those issues

Hello. After WordPress 5.6 update, the main slider doesn’t work. How I can fix it? Thanks

Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net so we can see what’s going wrong

I keep recieving junk emails from my website and it have i think some maleware or virus cause it sometimes redirect people to porn websites, is there is any idea how can i stop this spams and keep my website clean?

Hello , Sorry to hear about that , please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net and share your website Wordpress and FTP credential so we can help you there

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME. Litterally nothing works. The theme is really really outdated I should have known better as the theme is not updated since somewhere in 2018. I still have many issues after the menu did not install properly. - mobile mode: the link in the menu does not work - IE mode: cannot scroll - Chrome and IE mode: CSS problem, too much zoomed in. Contact form cannot be sent as the button is not visible. Portfolio not aligned. - why is after updating the menu my site is not secured anymore? - Tried to change color of the theme does not work. - Tried to upload pictures/signature does not work neither - google maps does not work

Not to mention layerslider needs update/request key and is required to update separately. Plugins name needs to be adjusted.

Due to above please can I have a refund. I cannot use this in the current state. I would expect it should work perfectly one click demo. I have putted so much time and efforts to make it right.

Hope to hear from you.

Regards, Linh


Thanks for sharing your experience with us , we will contact you in our help center in next 24 hours and if we were not able to resolve all of above issues we will accept your refund request

is the demo link still working? When i imported the demo content, no menus or pages were loaded

Hello , yes it’s working fine , please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net so we can help you with demo installation

http://www.walidkamel.com/ can you help getting rid of this error (Undefined index: post_type in /)

Hi there,please read this article and follow the instructions.

Thanks this solved my problem

Thanks for letting us know :)


Despite your theme is really nice I found it full of bugs and with poor documentation

In addition, instead of replying to the customers’ questions directly here you ask to join a forum on your website that does not exhist anymore

The biggest issues are:

1) layered slider not working because theme not able to import from your files 2) building the menu to construct the homepage with custom part isn’t possible due to the blocking error returned by WP

When the next update is scheduled? When do you open up again the forum on your site? When do you make a better documentation?

Your theme is from 2013 with over 2000 sales, I guess it deserves a little bit of attention isn’t?

Regards Frank

Hello There

Thanks for your concerns , about the issue number 1 and 2 we need you to contact us on http://help.pixflow.net so we can help you there as soon as possible

About the update actually we can not promise any specific date but we can assure you we keep helping our customers with our product on our help center as much as they ask.

Hello how to Display Custom Part item in Intro Menu ? I make “hello” custom part and i put in the menu.. But the custom part not display in intro/main menu please

Please read https://sevenspark.com/how-to/how-to-add-a-custom-class-to-a-wordpress-menu-item and add “custompart” class to custom part menu item

please help in fixing the menu links it is not working after update www.walidkamel.com

Hello there , please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net so we can help you there as soon as possible.


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