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WOW!! Amazing, super clean, sharp and even as AWESOME on mobile view!$ Another #pixFlow Masterpiece!

Thank you very much dear sterlingwilliam, you’re the best :)

Wow! Amazing work! Awesome Design brother! I very like it :P

Thank you bro, glad you like it :)

Thank you.


Thank you :)


Compliments on this theme. Looks nice!

Is it possible to make the menu floatable (when scrolling down, the menu stays on top of the window)?

Thx, Bart

Thank you bartcor
Sorry its not possible , because of the design and the limit of grid system the menu is fixed now but if we receive enough request for that we will add this features to next updates.

thx mate! GLWS!

Thank you.

Unique touches here , congrats.

Wish you the best with sales.
Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot for your amazing encourage :)

Nice theme! Good luck with sales.

Thank you dear audex :)

Great theme, well done! I have a pre-purchase question: is it possible to add a custom page to the horizontal slider? For example, in my case I would like to remove the resume section and replace it with a section where I can show what my company has to offer.


Thank you Marcvos,yes in profession we can use only one custom part that you can place it wherever you want but please consider that the custom part could be either a slider or any content you want.

Thanks! Next to that, is it possible to change the order of the sections? For example: home – work- portfolio – contact?

Yes sure :)

for me the best theme ever made. looks perfect on desktop, tablet and smart phones!

great work!

Thank you Deseyr , Hope you enjoy the Profession :)

Outstanding work !

Thank you for your kind words.

WOW! Great Theme Definitely going to Purchase.

Can you tell me if its possible to add Testimonials Slide also is it possible to keep the blog in the slides rather than opening in a new window?


Thank you dear johnrainey :)
you can add a custom part and put testimonial shortcode in that slide.
no sorry because some of standard that blogs must have like sidebar and … , we cant put blog in main page.

Thank you dear metrothemes :)

Great design.

But when I install the theme and the demo content — what I see on the live site does not match the demo. I see the word BLOG in the upper left-hand corner — and there is a sidebar on the right.

I retraced my install steps.

What am I missing?



Is it possible to remove the percentage graphics in the skills section? I’d like to display just text.


Hi :)
If you don’t fill the “Skill Achievement” part, then only “Work Experience” part will be shown. at this moment it is not possible to show texts from top of the page but, it may be in our next updates if we receive more requests.

Thanks! So If I don’t fill it in would there be an empty space on top or would “Work experience” move to the top? Another question regarding the portfolio. How do you define the portfolio items? And what shortcodes can you use in the custom section? Thanks and great job!

You’re welcome. Yes if you remove pie charts, Work Experience will move to top.
For making portfolio items from admin dashboard you can go to “Portfolio” post type and create different types of portfolio item like audio, standard, video, quote and link.
Here is the list of shortcodes that profession offers you in addition to WordPress default shortcodes: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/profession/?page_id=98

Really neat design – congratulations on this one!

Thank you very much mate.

wow very nice theme :) but can toggle navigation work on mobile with so many items?

Thank you mate :)
Yes, it will work like any other drop down menu.

Thoughtful design & very pleasing to the eye.

Thank you very much dear KunalAnand :)

Nice Theme.

1. Are there Paragraphs and Breaks in the Text / Blog Post/Articles possible?

2. Can the menu be always expanded?

3. Full width Template available? (without sidebar)

Thank you.
1) I’m not sure if i understood your question well, but if you mean to break your text into different paragraphs, it is possible.
2) Yes, you can make the menu to be opened every time your visitors visit your website.
3) Yes you can either remove the sidebar from blog, or make a full width page like this: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/profession/?page_id=98

Ok, Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Hi, how can I add the slider as seen in demo in the custom part area?

Hi, you’re weclome.
1) create your slides in layer slider, layer slider will make a shortcode for your slide shows, copy those shortcode in custom part post type.
2) Create a contact form in contact form 7, you can see it has a shortcode, copy it’s shortcode in “appearance > theme settings > contact > Contact form 7 Shortcode”
3) Create your portfolio items using portfolio post type in admin dashboard and items will show up in portfolio section.

Thanks mate!

You’re welcome.

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