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A bug I would like to post here and see if you can help resolving it.

The skill achievemenet section Percentage Circles show abnormal behaviour on every refresh. I have set one of them to 65, for instance, and it goes all Yellow or all black.

What could be the reason?

Please send us your url through our profile page so we can find the problem.
thank you.

hi. it’s a great theme. but why the navigation bar in horizontal version didn’t follow down when I scroll down. Kinda hard to jump to other page.

Hi, guess you are talking about Vertical version. In vertical version we have added “to top button” which will take you to the menu, still your suggestion is appreciated.

vertical. sory. ya right. now that you mention about it, i newly notice the arrow. lol. but, when talking about vertical one page parallax, this is my first time to find one that the nav bar is not sticking to the page. :)

If we get more request on sticky navigation, we will add it to this theme. :)

the scroll doesn’t work on os x on the bought horizontal and vertical option.

We tested it on imac and sure that scroll works fine.please explain that in what version and what device do you have problem?

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you dear baser2 :)

Hello. I’ve purchased the theme and it is awesome. Congratulations. I have just one question: The skills section is shared with work experience. I would like to errase work experience and have in one window “skills”. How can I do that? You can see the result in: http://victorabarca.es

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards, Víctor.

Hello,thank you VictorAbarca.
Profession has pie chart shortcode, so you can off the resume and create a custom part between portfolio and contact section and fill it with pie chart shortcode,please be aware that pie chart shortcode has different style from pie chart in resume,test it :).
please feel free to ask any further question,also it is better to register in our support forum support.pixflow.net so we can help you as soon as we can :).


The Menu is not working for me (Home and Blog do not show up) and I don’t seem to have the same options as you showed in the youtube video. What am i missing?


Dear LEKDesigns

Please send us an email with your wordpress address and log in information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so our support team will setup your menu.


is possible to use this template for more than one subdaim under on main domain?

Thank you for answer.

Hello mate,
yes you can either install 2 wordpress on main and sub-domain (for example install one WordPress on main domain and install one WordPress on sub-domain and install Profession on both of them) or use WordPress Multi network, for more information google it.


thank you, I know that is possible to install two wordpress but if is under your rules to use one item for more subdomains. For example if I would like to use your template on 123.com and 321.com I have to buy two templates, right?

Thank you,

Hello, Yes based on Envato rules you should buy 2 themes for that. you can contact Envato support for more information.

Love the new theme! I already have it up and running!

Thank you very much mate. Good luck with Profession ;)

Great theme!

A few pre sale questions:

1. I take it that it’s possible to add outbound links in the navigation? (you have the ‘Purchase’ link as outbound in your demo)

2. Can you only have 1 ‘custom part’?

3. Can you add just a normal post or page in the ‘custom part’

4. Is it possible to add outbound hyperlinked text and images in the portfolio pop over?

5. Is it possible to add outbound hyperlinked images in the slider in the custom part?

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Thank you.
1) Yes it’s possible using WordPress menu just like what we did in demo page.
2) Yes, you have only 1 custom part.
3) Yes, custom part is like normal pages, but it shows up in main page.
4) Yes, you can add links and images to portfolio detail’s pop up.
5) Yes you can link your slider images to anywhere you like.

Just bought it. Great stuff so far.

1. Can you use the social shortcodes inside the about text paragraph on the main front page?

Thank you very much. Since if we put social icons and other contact information in about section, contact section would become useless, you can’t use shortcodes in about section.

HI. Great Job. can I use slider as home/front page? Also, can I have portfolio items with both videos and images?

Hello and thank you. Yes you can do that both, here is an example: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/profession/vertical/

And portfolio item including two videos and some images?

No, you can either upload a video for your portfolio item or several images.

Such a beautiful theme. Congratulations. Is it possible to add WooCommerce or any other type of eCommerce plugin?

Thank you and I hope you sell many copies.

Thank you very much dear tropicalwebsites, we haven’t tested Profession with woocommerce yet, but we will check it out if we have enough requests.

Hi, what font name is used in the signature in the demo content ?

Could you give me an answer ?

Hi, Sorry for long delay, I think it was a connection issue that you didn’t receive our reply, The signature font is custom made and it is not available as a font, but you can find lots of great “handwriting Style” font here: http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=603 and also here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/


3.7wp support?

We have tested Profession with WP 3.7 and it has no problem.

Hi, Good work on layout, but honestly I expected wordpress pages templates but I see that you have very limited theme options and I didn’t find it very useful if I want to create 100 pages with same layouts. It’s just few options e.g. skills list etc. Also, http://goo.gl/KWYU52 check my site on mobile. It’s not easy to navigate at all. Also the name logo do not match with the layout and has white background. I am expecting so many revisions. PS. I’m a coder – designer.


Hi, thank you very much. Honestly we didn’t expected anyone who wants to make 100 pages with a CV template. Still you can join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net and we will help you anywhere we can.

I have list of bugs, I will send it to you.

OK mate.

What font type is used in the demo concent for signature ?

Thanks for the reply. Could you tell me how to set as it is in the demo content section (this one after skill achievement – probably custom part section) or how to receive an identical form as the version mentioned above. Is it included in the demo file content? how to set the same background and “my work” “profession wordpress” “ther’s more” ect. Thanks for the reply.

You’re welcome. Please watch the “Slider in custom part” video here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E_YDRvzh5Nz-sYUh2JPpauOrOhwDIzi
Also if you want the slider exported file, please let me know.

In my layer slider – all sliders section I have only 6 sample sliders. Slider which is presented in the accompanying video that you put here unfortunately does not appear in my category (or i don’t understand how to set it up). Could you export this slider and send it to me ? i will modify it to my needs.

Sure mate, just send us an email through our profile page and we will send you the slides.

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up the slider, works fine, I just can’t seem to get the right dimensions.

Could you please either provide me with th slider export from you or tell me the width and height of the slider section?



Hello Gabe, it’s 980×500 pixel, but if you send us an email through our profile page i will give you the slider export.

Hi. Is it possible to have two resume pages, like one for work and another for courses? Thanks

Hello, you can’t have 2 resume sections, but you can either use pie chart shortcodes in another section called “custom part” or make an external page and put pie chart shortcodes inside it, then link it to you main page, here is an example: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/profession/?page_id=98

Ok. Thank you for the answer.

You’re welcome.

You should remove your support forum from your profile. It requires registration to even view the posts, and it doesn’t let me register without an Item Purchase Code, which isn’t listed in my account.

The issue I’m having is that videos won’t play at http://mari-anixter.com/, the error message I get in the console is:

can’t display video x in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘SAMEORIGIN’

Can you tell me how to fix this?

Yeah our support forum is for our customers, you should go to your download tab in themeforest, click on download button in front of profession and click on license, you will download a text file which includes the purchase code.
Try getting rid of the “https://” in your YouTube iframe tag. You could also take a look at your closing iframe tags. Iframe tags are not singleton tags and must end with a </iframe> and not a />.


what is the best procedure for updating the theme?


Hello mate, you should download the latest version from themeforest, unzip the downloaded package, unzip “profession.zip” and replace it with your current theme in “wp-content > themes” using FTP.