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Hello!! Great template i bought! But i was wondering how i could change the theme skin with another color than what you suggest in the bo ?? Thank you !!

First five menu items can be modified using “appearance > theme settings”, the reset can be added using “appearance > menus”.

Hey, I ve bought WPML but I don’t see how i can translate the theme settings part. For pages and stuff it’s OK but for “about”, skill, work etc …


WPML will not translate the theme settings mate, send us an email using our profile page and i will tell you how to change theme setting texts.

How can i change contact form 7 like your demo? cos, i want to side by side contact form but cumulatively added my form. :/

Hey mate, please read the “How to use contant form?” section in manual provided with Profession downloaded package from themeforest.

Thank’s dude.. I didn’t see that.

You’re welcome.

Very disappointed the way menu and footer works on mobile devices. I would like to use another template. Please refund my money.

Hi, on demo we don’t check 100% functionality and we don’t have access to admin. I would contact themeforest if you don’t resolve bugs in next version update. Thanks.

Hi, what are the bugs?

already sent to your email address.

this theme doesn’t scroll on my mobile HTC ONE X. So i suppose it doesn’t scroll on any mobile device. That makes this theme unsuitable. Is there a fix?

Profession is updated, scrolling issue is fixed.

Ok. It seems to work fine now ;o) Some additional questions before i buy this theme: 1/ is there an option available to show the menu navigation all the time? (no need for clicking the + button anymore) 2/ the scrolling + scrollbar is heavily customized (through javascript?). Can i remove that code so that standard scrolling + standard scroll bar will be activated?

Yep ;)
Yes, you can do that using control panel. The scroll bar using javascrip, but we can guide you with how to remove it.

Hi, Plz,I’d like to know, if this template can support right to left, also supports arabic language.


Hello, unfortunately profession does not support RTL by default, but we can customize it for you. Also since it uses Google font, you can use Arabic language without any problem.

i want the website will be multilingual Arabic and english can you tell me how much can be customize it?? Thanks

Profession supports WPML plugin, which means your website can be multilingual without any problem. Also for using arabic, i don’t think you will have any problem. Until the RTL issues are not reported, we can’t give you any price on customization.

Hi! I think this is a great looking theme! Unfortunately, similar to what leeroi said, I too am not able to scroll on my mobile device, a Samsung Galaxy 4S, using Chrome. I also can not scroll using Chrome on my computer, a MacBook.

When using the default “Internet” browser, it does scroll and looks great, but it will not load the horizontal layout option.

Profession is updated, scrolling issue is fixed.

Hi again! Thank you again for your reply. I’m still having a scrolling issue with the vertical in Chrome. Maybe it’s just me…

Hello mate, can you please explain the issue?

Hi great theme, can you let me know if it comes with demo content xml file? Thanks

Hello mate, thank you. Yes you can easily import demo content using our theme settings panel.

Hello! great theme, thank you! I have menu items as follows:

Custom part-About-Portfolio

Would it be possible to allways start with About? and then to scroll back to Custom part or forward to Portfolio?

Regards Andy

Dear Lucabrasi

Your request require some small customization so please contact us to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com for further information

Hi there just one last question for the horizontal layout of the the theme I was just wondering can you add a couple more text pages to the horizontal scrolling main page. Thanks Vanessa

Dear vannessa

For now profession support one custom part , but if you want add the second custom part we can do it with some customization

My Work Experience section isn’t collaborating.

As some of my titles were long, it’s bumping the second row (i.e. #2, #4, etc of the input form) off the page. I tried spacing them out so I only entered data into the odd number forms but it’s not working. Is there a way to make the Work Experience bar 1 row rather than 2 rows?


Dear isabellabrookes

Please contact us to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com with your wordpress log in information so we fix this issue for you

this theme doesn’t scroll on my mobile (xperia go) and tablet (google nexus). So i suppose it doesn’t scroll on any mobile device, except apple device. i’m trying to download the fix but can’t do it… Why?

ok… Thanks!

i’m happy at my new job… Beta tester… My boss not pressed me, and he’s very far from me, because he lives in Astrualia, and i live in Spain…

Congratulations, good, pretty and cheap job… But you must to improve a litte…

Thank you mate, good luck with your new job. We will definitely improve our projects based on people’s feedback.

I posted two topics on the support forum. I’ve yet to get a response. How long is the waiting process?

It’s usually less than 24 hours, but it might be a little longer on weekends, if you didn’t get an answer in next few hours, please contact us via our profile page.


In the 20+ animated social icons is Instagram and Pinterest included? Is it possible to ad education in the resume section?

Best, Daniel

Hello Daniel, Instagram is included, but it does not come with a Pinterst icon, we can help you replace Pinterest icon with one of current social icons. Also you can add your education in Work Experience section, but if you mean to add a separate section in resume section, that needs customization. :)

Hi, I just bought this great template and has started to install it. I have some questions: The slider, custom part, is not align with the top and left side, how can I change this? In your vertical demo you have some awesome text in your slides, how do I implement this? My blog site is not align with the menu it is a little bit to the right, how do I fix this?

Here is my site: http://www.stalback.net/


Best, Daniel

Hello Daniel, thank you for buying Profession.
Make sure your slider size is 940×610 pixel. In downloaded package, open Manual folder and import the layer slider export file to your layer slider slides,then add it to custom part. Do you mean the empty space on right side of your blog posts? If yes that’s for adding widgets.

Hi, does this theme provide an admin area to add custom CSS? Thanks.

Hello mate, yes you can ad your custom CSS using theme settings.

Hi, thank you for the theme it works well. But I want to put a button “vertical layout” like the demo theme. How do you do this?

Thanks a lot

Hi, thank you very much mate. You have to install 2 WordPress for your different layout websites. one for vertical layout and the other one for horizontal layout and link one of them to other one.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for answer. Nice work!

You’re welcome mate. Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to rearrange the page order from your demo? (So, for example, move the Slider page before About and Portfolio?)

You’re welcome. Yes you can change the font color using simple CSS, please send us an email using our profile page and i will ask our web designers about the font.

Cheers! Have purchased.

Thank you very much mate. :)


i was setting up the Layerslider and imported the examples, i only got 6 examples, the example i need was nr.7 (for horizontal design) but this is missing, can you export this example and send it to me?


sorry got it – it has been in the “manual” folder


Hello mate, glad you could find it yourself. :)

Hi, if I would like to change the headline and text for the comment field (blog) – In what file can I find this?

Hello mate, open “style.css” and you can find the styles related to blog from line 1627 to 1806.


Why is there such a large space between the end of the post and the comment box? The style for the text “Your message” is not the same as the rest, how can I change that?

Here you can see what I mean: http://www.stalback.net/pic/picture.jpg

Best, Daniel

Hello, please send us your website url and wordpress login information using our profile page.