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Hi. The scrolling does not work in vertical view properly. How to make the scrolling bar visible? Can you send us athe code and css?

I meant the horizontal view. Is there a possibily to show a scrolling bar?

Please let me know before purchase….

Hello mate, profession is using nice.scroll plugin, it’s possible to make the scroller visible, send us and email using our profile page for more info.

Hello and congratulations for this gourgeous theme.

Just some questions before buying:

- My portfolio items descriptions are quite long. ¿Is there any problem scrolling this long texts vertical way on horizontal display?,¿Can I place buttons to external links inside these texts? - I’m not too used with sliders. I suppose there are some included in the theme, as seen in demo. ¿Are they configurable? I mean, ¿there is any possibility of changing texts, colors, or so (we have a different corporate colour)? - Again about the slider: I need to place almost 10 logos. ¿Is it possible? and, ¿is it possible to give each of them an external link?

Thank you very much in advance and sorry because of all my questions ;-) Hoping helping somebody else in his election.

Hello mate, thank you very much :)
The answer to all of your question is Yes. All of them are possible, and if you put a large text in portfolio detail, it will get a scroll-er by default. Also the slider is included and very customizable.

I installed your theme this morning. For some reason, I cannot get any images on my site to load. Since this is my showcase as a professional photographer, that’s a bit of a problem.

Please advise. Standing by with a useless website: http://www.stevenstiefel.com

Youre welcome.

How do I get the custom part, the Layer Slide, to show up as part of the #Home page. I did one and it is displayed as a small clip like a blog post. Please take a look… http://www.stevenstiefel.com/custom-part/what-people-say/

Please watch the “Profession slider in custom part” video here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E_YDRvzh5Nz-sYUh2JPpauOrOhwDIzi

Hi, In next version is it possible to add some share buttons (facebook, twitter, Google+) to the blog page, at the end of each post??

Best, Daniel

Hi, In next version is it possible to add some share buttons (facebook, twitter, Google+) to the blog page, at the end of each post??

Best, Daniel

Hello Daniel, Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment, but there are several good social network sharing plugins for WordPress that you can use, just google them.

Hi, in your sample blog pages, the previous button is located on the right and next button is located on the left. I’m quite sure this is unintentional, but could this be changed? I have an old iTouch running iOS 5.1.1. Safari loads the vertical version fine, but when tilted horizontally, the dimensions become too big. Do slider effects change color along with main color?

Dear saping

The position of button can change easily , about the horizontal version we will check the to see if there is any issue , about the slider , the slider template are available with theme package and you can edit it and change the main color of it.

sounds great! got it!


The next and previous button at my blog page is not centered or one to the left and the other to the right. Both the buttons are to the right. How can I change that? Check out what I mean here: http://www.stalback.net/nya-sattet-att-lasa-tidningar/


Hello mate, go to “appearance > theme settings > advanced settings > settings > CSS” and copy the following style, then save:

Hi, Is it possible to use others colors theme skin ? or i have to use the only 8 colors ?


Please send us your website URL and WP login information using our profile page so i can help you with that.

Wonderful ! Thanks for your quick help!

You’re welcome mate.

Hello, i installed a theme yesterday, i import the demo content, but i can’t got anydemo content in rubric portfolio?


i resolved this issue thanks

Hello mate, glad you could take care of it, if you needed assistant, please let me know.


Is it possible to translate the theme. I am from Sweden and would like it to be in Swedish. I have tried this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ But I received this message: Error: The actual loaded translation content does not match the textdomain: profession Expect, that any text you translate will not occure as long as the textdomain is mismatching! This is a coding issue at the source files you try to translate, please contact the original Author and explain this mismatch.

As it said in tutorial you should save the new words in a sweeden po and mo file, the set your site on sweeden language using wp-config.php file.

Hi, Thanks. I have figured it out now but I have one more question:

In the English po-file I cannot find the phrases: “Read more”, “Post comment” and “says”. And I have translated the phrase “Leave a comment” but it is not translate when I have uploaded the now file.

Hello, you’re welcome. Open “comment.php” and go to line 44 and you can change “Says” to anything you like. For the rest of words please send us and email using our profile page.


How can I change my own avatar when it comes to comments for the blog? I want to have my own picture. For example here: http://www.stalback.net/kop-en-meningsfull-julklapp/


Hey mate, go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and upload an image for the email that you have registered your admin user with.


How can i translate the profession using the WPML?. When i translate the content of portfolio in arabic the CSS doesn’t work.


Hello, we will answer you soon.

Hello,Thanks for your answer, Plz how to translate the About content to other language? Thanks

Is it possible to create moren then one CV on a single WP site?

If you mean to introduce 2 different person in 1 wordpress website, it’s not possible. you need to install 2 wordpress for that.

Thanks. Yes, I want to create one website with 100 CV’s. Any plans to create such a solution?

Please send us an email and i will guide you.

pre purchase question: is it possible to make the menu visible at all times (horizontal scroll version)?

Yes, you can easily do that using theme settings.

Hello, It’s possible to translate the About content to other language?

http://creativegroupe.com/NewTheme/?lang=en Thanks

Please send us an email using our profile page and i will guide you.

Hello,i sent an email, i’m still waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hello mate, we will answer your soon.

Hey guys, i just purchased this template and its awesome ! I love this minimal and professional style :)

But i have a question: How can i set a slider as an “about” picture like in the vertical preview. Because i want to use more pictures.

You’re welcome mate, it’s 980×510 pixel. :)

okay. and for the horizontal layout style ?

You should use the same size.

May I know if it is possible to change the “map pointer” color? it seems like it is set to yellow. I am able to change all other colors.

Go to “assets > img” and open “marker.png” with a image editor like photoshop and change it’s color.

What if I am using wordpress, where can I replace “marker.png?”

You can also go to “assets > content > img > markers”, copy any of those marker and paste it to “assets > img” and rename it to “marker.png”.


Just installed the template, but it wont show the vertical theme and although we have imported the demo content, it is not appearing? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

We have some fixed menu items like about/home, portfolio, contact… when you create a menu and set it as primary menu, the menu you have created will be added to fixed menu items like portfolio.

Yes,but we are talking about sub menus on the fixed menu items like portfolio Example on About then under it a sub menu? We dont want to keep adding to the top bar as it will get too long.

If you want to add sub menu to fixed items, send us an email using our profile page and i will guide you with how to do that.

Hey! b4 i purchase this theme i have a question. can i add more than 1 custom part?

solved… I edited ‘article-custom_part.php’ but the problem that it static but using same CSS so its look the same.. but nvm still working.. hope you will update the theme soon and will add option for much more custom parts!

Hey mate, Glad to hear you’ve find a solution. We will add that option in our future updates.


How can I add contents to the custom part?


Dear alzayer

Please send your request to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com with ftp and wordpress information so we can do customization for you.

Done. Thank you

You’re welcome.