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Nice one. Very clean and stylish. Some more colour schemes would be cool.

Good luck with sales.

Thank you for your tips!!

Thank you!

Hi. I am having problems with this template. The contacts window does not appear in internet explorer 9, but does in other browsers. If I right click and open in a new tab it opens its but in a new tab. Any suggestions?

My email is Using layout 2 template with fixed menu.

If you need my url please just email me and il send you the link. Many thanks!

Paul :D

Hi, I didn’t’ encounter any problem with IE9 ….I send you now an email so you can provide your url. Ansonika

hi your theme is very useful but I’d like know before buy this theme, can I use my vimeo movies in portfolio? are they gonna play as a transparent window?


Yes…with a bit of js. here one of my items that use the button PLAY VIDEO


Hi Ansonika,

Thank you for a lovely theme!

My question is regarding video playing in new window – do you have to change any of the js or can you just put the link in and it will play in new window?

Also will this work for YouTube videos as well as vimeo videos?

Thank you!

Hi contact me …I’ll explain how to do.

Hi, very nice design!

Before I make this purchase, I would like to know if its possible to change the background…for example, the layout 2, can I change the image in the back area (what you see in the left and right side of the page)?

Thanks in advance for your info!

Hi…thank you. Yes…you can change the background of the theme.

Hi ! thank you for this great template.

I have a problem with the titles in blue (my last projects, professional profiles, work experience, etc.) : the accents does not appear. For example if I put the word ‘Compétences’ (Skill in french) does not show the acute accent. I have on my page the word ‘Comptences’. Can we fix it?

PS : Sorry for my English I hope you understand my problem !

Sorry I confused two consecutive report and reply !

I am French so my resume will be in French! The text is written in French. You can try to put an accent on titles in blue and you will see that the accent disappears when viewing the page on a browser. Try it, may be you better understand the problem.

I even tried to replace ‘é’ by translating html: ‘&eacute’ but it still does not work!

This is the first time happens to me! Perhaps we have to change the css?

Download this js file, and replace the old file inside the js folder

Tanks ! The accent are now apparent !

Ive unzipped the file into my themes folder but wp tells me the stylesheet is missing, how exactly do I install this theme.


I’m sorry but Professional & Clean HTML CV RESUM is not wordpress theme.

HI, What’s the difference between the 5 index files? Also, I was expecting the top portion of the page to look like the themeforest view. Can you send me that code? It says name, dob, etc… and has bars under each on.

Hi…what you’re expecting is on v_2_black_white folder, then layout_2.

Hello I just buy this theme, but, as i can see, it is NOT a Wordpress theme, arghhh, i just loose 6 $... Google links this site when you tape ‘Wordpress Theme’, what a shame…

i am sorry…probably ‘Wordpress Theme’ refer to Themeforest site….not depends by me

Hi very nice theme,

I am thinking about purchasing this, but I have just noticed that the theme does not render properly in the Safari 5.1.7 browser. I have checked the other browsers, which seems fine.

Please advise.

i’ve checked with safari 5.1.7 on my imac…it looks fine. are you sure? which page? please provide the link and more info about the issue

Yes, I’m sure…

I have checked on my MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. Here are the links to the screen shots: The problem appears on all of the demo versions.

thank you for the screenshot….very very strange, anyone report this bug on safari. on my imac and macbook pro it looks correctly . have you disabled js? please can you clear your browser cache and do another test? and remove the top frame bar? thank you


It’s previewing fine now!

I cleared the cache and removed the top frame, as advised. I must admit, I didn’t see the message on the top frame! :/

Thanks for your help! :D

Perfect!!! :)

Hi, I have lost the file Myriad_Web_Pro_400.font.js for accents problem in French and I can’t download the file here

Can you upload the file again ? Tanks.

Yes Chuck is very cool ! Tanks for the link but it doesn’t work. I have rename the downold file in Myriad_Web_Pro_400.font.js but the accent aren’t visible. The problem is only on the title h1 h2 h3 and h4. I hope you can resolve the problem. Thank you.

i’ve reproduce the cufon with latin extend support…it should works now

Fantastic ! Tkanks !

Hi Ansonika,

I have now bought the theme and edited the relevant pages! :)

As I know very little about coding, I just need to know how to link the social media icons to my pages.

Sorry, I see the code on line 40, but have no idea what to do.

Please advise


is a mapped image; at the bottom of the page there is : <map name="Map" id="Map"> <area shape="rect" coords="1,-1,19,15" href="#" alt="" /> <area shape="rect" coords="23,0,40,15" href="#" alt="" /> <area shape="rect" coords="44,0,67,16" href="#" alt="" /> </map>

put your links in the href

I like this template and found it logically implemented and therefore easy to change. I think it is well worth the money and I am happy with my purchase.

However, I’m not happy about one aspect of it: when the page loads the header text often loads misaligned (scrunched together vertically) and then corrects itself a second or two later. You can see this behavior using Live Preview and selecting one of the color schemes (I use Layout 2 white background). Is there a way to improve this behavior?

Thank you!

it depends by cufon font replacement. 1) try to move the script over in the head of the page 2) re generate the cufon myriad font to reduce the weight of the file…i’ve included all gliphis for multiple language suppot

Thank you yes it was the cufon font replacement. I fixed the problem by putting this in my CSS file:

.cufon-loading { visibility: hidden; }

I’ll also try your suggestion to reduce the file size and make things more efficient.

Just bought this theme and now I read it is not a wordpress theme :( It was linked as a wordpress theme. Is it possible to get a refund?

Hello, i am sorry it’s not possible. refund i think is possible only if you didn’t download the item or the item is broken or not working