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you may consider add a “To the TOP ” button at the end of this CV

and it would be great if you support multiple listing on the details_wrap section in case users have more than one phone numbers

actually, i need a button for english version of this CV. Since i can not found a suitable image for the header area, may be i will do it without image. but it would be great if you provide more images for header section, like what you did for download, print, etc…

see my CV here http://www.saobao.com

Overall, Great work, Thank you:)

I see you have already added a to the top button and what you have done with the resume looks great!

If you were looking for somewhere to get some icons for an english button i suggest using http://www.iconfinder.com/ (which, at the moment appears to be down)

Thanks for choosing my template!


I am having some issues with this theme could you have a look at my page and let me know if you can see something trivial? The email me and photo buttons don’t work properly (I think is a js problem but I’m not sure)

(sorry for my noobness :P) tkeliris.tk

Great work, I’m thinking of a few tweaks, I’ll add them further on!

This project alive? Your demo is 404 :(