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Awesome work, glws! ;)


Thanks Tristan :)

Clean work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks louiejie :)

Thanks tagDiv :)

is it possible to sell digital contetn with this template? ?an product be available for download after purchase? Thanks!

Hi there – thanks for getting in touch!

Yes! Digital downloads work really well with WooCommerce

Cool! thanks for answer

Cool theme :) Do you have an update for Woocommerce 2?

Hey there Abfab – thanks for your purchase! Once WooCommerce 2.0 is finally released I will be issuing an update here. I’ve been testing and updating my other themes on the WooCommerce 2.0 betas and RC release and there are only a few updates required – but I’m holding back any formal release until the final version is completed.


Is there a way to see the admin console?

Hey there ronmkraft – I’m hoping to post a screencast later today :)

hey , awesome theme guys!!! can i in admin turn on/off responsive without any code change ?

Thx for answer:)

Hey designorange,

Thanks for getting in touch! Proffet is responsive by default and so there is no option to switch it off at the moment. You would need to comment out the media queries or override them via custom.css


hi, im interested in buying your theme, but i have several questions first..

1 – can I manually change number of products per row? 2 – can I add one “condition” into checkout ? exmpl. ” If you want business invoice R1 (for tax submission) check this box”... i hope that you understand me :) 3. – do i need to change colors, spaces, and paddings in css file or it is possible in administrator panel 4. does it works normaly with wpml?

thats is all for now. thank you in advance:)

Hi there bishkup,

Thanks for getting in touch!

1.) Re: manually change no. of products per row – yes :) 2.) Re: additional checkout condition – yes – with a small hook as described here – 3.) The Theme Customizer/options lets you do all color changes without any css knowledge using color pickers. Fonts are also fully customizable via Google Fonts. Padding would require css knowledge alright – but you wouldn’t need to change the core css – just use the custom.css 4.) This theme works fine with WPML :)

Hope this helps,


Like this theme :)

Quick question: I don’t find the lightbox for pictures in demosite, and the awesome zoom effect doesn’t work under my IE9 (version 9.0.8112.16421), I have found this zoom effect in Chrome.

Hi there fotomaster,

thanks for getting in touch!

The default lightbox is just switched off at the moment as I’m using the freely available Cloud Zoom for WooCommerce plugin as an alternative to the lightbox. There is an optional paid alternative here which might work better:

I’ll be sure to checkout the IE9 issue myself aswell.



Thank you for answer!

There is include autoinstaller demosite?

Hey skizzo80,

Thanks for getting in touch! Shoot me an email to and I’ll send the xml to you asap.



Please Ed, when you can, can you reply at my last email of today? Thank you.

Hey there skizzo80,

Just responded to your mail now.



Hi. On my site all of the icons seem to be broken. The “Home” icon in the menu, the email icon and the phone icon in the call to action in the footer are also broken. Any ideas why those might not be working?

Hi moxyoron,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I have an update coming this evening to address this issue – pop me an email on and I’ll fast track it to you.



Hi there! Nice work! And I really want to buy your theme. Such as in the description, it is possible to sub-categories of products. But can the product list on the left have an extra level like this, only for women:

And is it also possible to give the active category item an active color on the left side product list? If this is possible than I buy it :)


Thanks for the purchase!

Just add the following to your custom.css – I’ve just assumed a simple bold for the current selected item – I think it works well :)

.product-categories .current-cat {
  font-weight: bold;

ul.product-categories .children {
  font-weight: normal;

Thanks for the email, now i found it :) I tried the code and it works! I also tried to add color to the active link in the same code but that is not working.. suggestion for that?

Also one other question about the main categorie a:hover color.. (which is red) How to change only that hover color? which class from this list is it?

Many thanks! Chantal

Hey Chantal,

- Both your requests are possible via custom.css – I’ll drop you an email in a few hours when I get a chance with more details :)



I need the demo xml file

Hi revdrdavidreid,

Thanks for your purchase! Shoot me an email to and I’ll send it to you asap.


I purchased this theme last evening and started working with it today. I ran in to a couple of minor issues and Ed responded very quickly and with real answers to the problems. Just gave 5 stars.

Great theme and great support.


Thanks for the kind comment David :)

Hey great theme thanks,

Can you check the conflict on my webpage with the accordion.

Thanks again Muz

Hey there Muz,

Thanks for getting in touch! There was a theme update approved last night which should fix your issues. Can you re-download and upload the theme and let me know if this solves your issue?



Works great Ed, and the awesome icons arrived as well.

excellent – great to hear that Abfab :)

This is a brilliant theme! And it works perfect!

Thanks kasp992a for the great feedback!

This is perfect theme! wonderful! Wow! :)

Thanks skizzo80 :)

Hi themesforge,

Firstly, brilliant theme!! The best out there!

I am waiting for the WooCommerce 2.0 update on Monday and then the update to this theme before i purchase….. just makes sense to do it that way for me but in the meantime i have a quick question – Can the products be taken off the home page? also, can the sidebar be edited? Is it just widgets?

Many Thanks in advance,


Hey there Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch! The update for WooCommerce 2.0 will be out ASAP after 2.0 is finalized next week. The products can be taken off the homepage – they are custom widgets which can be removed. In addition the sidebar is fully widgetized and can have whatever you want in it and is fully editable.

Hope this helps!


bought your theme! great work, however how do i remove this line from the footer : DOWNLOAD THIS THEME NOW AND GET YOUR SITE UP AND RUNNING IN MINUTES!

Thank you!

bought your theme! great work, however how do i remove this line from the footer : DOWNLOAD THIS THEME NOW AND GET YOUR SITE UP AND RUNNING IN MINUTES!

Thank you!

Hey doodlehead,

Thanks for getting in touch!

this is easily via changed via Theme Admin Options -> General Settings -> Enable Footer Promo? – and then Footer Promo Link/Footer Promo Text.

Hope this helps!