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Thanks for helping. I also have a funny question.. I was a little bit freestyling with the css. Made some changes to the layout. Now some margins look like this: -50px It’s not the best way I think. But it is the way how it should looks now :D also the submenu in toplinks is not working because now it’s out of it’s own div.. (but in the right position!)

Maybe I need to change something different.. the problem is I only want to change things in the regular screen mode. (not in mobile view) Used a media query in the custom.css and that works! This is my URL

Hopefully you van help me!

(tried to post a piece of code but it’s not in a nice code viewer so I email that piece to you)

Hey chantaldebeun,

thanks for getting in touch! Let me take a look at your email and I’ll respond then.



p.s. Your customizations are looking fantastic!

ROger that Lee
brilliant theme!! The best out there!/blockquote>

I purchased the previous theme Icarostore this one is similar with upgraded homepage options and control of the look. Works great on mobile and I’m getting a 94/100 google speed score after using caching plugin. From my few interactions I have to say, Ed is a solid guy- very helpful who happens to have that rare understanding of visual and functional design coupled with programming mojo. If you’re looking for the best woocommerce theme with excellent support I have 3 words: But…... it….... now :)

thanks for the kind comments ttem :)

Hi, Is there any way to add some welcome text to the home page, so instead of having the 4 widgetized area’s we can have the wording from the home “page” content displaying?

Hi there gcweb,

All done! Sorry for the delay – I’m going to include this with the WooCommerce 2.0 release which is coming tomorrow – you can see a preview of the welcome content here:

Let me know if this does the job for you and it will be in theme update shipping tomorrow.



COOL and you left the 4 featured boxes as well!! great work!!

yes :) just in case you need them :)

For default the effects of zoom image it’s different of your demo site. How can i set the same effects of your demo site (mouse zoom)? What is this plugin?

Your theme it’s awesome! Congratulations!


Hi there cajuze – thanks for your purchase! and the kind comments :)

The image plugin I’m using is called Cloud Zoom – you can get it here

Hope this helps :)


Hi, i cant understand how to translate the theme. I add translate to msgstr line, save, rewrite. what i must to do yet?

Hey there eartyom88 – thanks for getting in touch!

Here are 2 good guides about how to do translation: I recommend this plugin:

Best, Ed

I just purchased the theme and received an error when uploading via wordpress theme upload function ….

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi there,

thanks for your purchase!

If you unzip the file you downloaded you will find a folder inside called INSTALLME which has the theme within it – this is what you should upload. Also, there is a documentation folder which has the manual inside it which will guide you through the process of setting up the theme.



Hi. I’m trying to localize Proffet and installed the Codestyling localization plugin. However, the plugin says that there’s something wrong with Proffet and won’t work:

Malfunction at current Theme detected! Name: Proffet WordPress WooCommerce Theme | Author: Ed Bloom Below listed scripts has been automatically stripped because of injection: /wp-content/themes/proffet/js/jquery.tfshowcaseotop.js Malfunction at dubious external scripts detected ! Reason: unknown external script has been enqueued or hardly attached. | Polluter: unknown (probably by Theme or Plugin) Below listed external scripts have been traced, verified and automatically stripped because of injection: [hook:admin_head#2] – /wp-content/plugins/codestyling-localization/js/prototype.js [hook:admin_head#3] – /wp-content/plugins/codestyling-localization/js/wp-scriptaculous.js [hook:admin_head#4] – /wp-content/plugins/codestyling-localization/js/effects.js

Hey there!

Just sent you a follow up email.



Ok, I got the Woocommerce localization to work, but Proffet still won’t play ball. I’ve edited proffetlang.po, chose the right language (fi) and also saved it as proffetlang-fi.po. And of course had the .mos generated. What am I doing wrong here?

Hey ninjapiraatti,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve not seen that issue – let me take some time to try to recreate your problem and I’ll be in touch.


hi all … where, in which .php file rename /transcription/ “more info” and “sale!” that appears on the front page of trade on product photos.

Thanks for the advice in advance

Hi there dpfdtn,

thanks for getting in touch!

these are the files you are looking for:





yes! thank you

when i view my page on my iphone the text over the featured photos (the largest ones on the home page) disappears… any fix available for this since it does not make sense when viewing the page? Is it because the descriptions are too long?

Hey kstewart0976,

That is by design but can be changed. Pop me an email to and I’ll send you details.



Can I have the Demo XML file?

Hey there Fuseo_webendesign,

thanks for getting in touch!

Sure thing! pop me an email to



EDIT: Nevermind, user error. Seems the update deactivated the plugin, WooCommerce problem, not theme

Having a huge problem with the latest update to WooCommerce and this theme…. it’s doesn’t work. Get a PHP error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_cart_url() on a non-object in /home/knowgift/public_html/wp-content/themes/proffet/woocommerce/config.php on line 38


Need to get this fixed ASAP please.

Hey bmarshall0511,

glad you got your immediate issue sorted. I’ve already submitted an update to the theme to the themeforest approval queue which has some enhancements and updates for WooCommerce 2.0 – this should be approved in the next few hours once the review team get to it. If you send me an email to I’ll also send you on a copy of the update.



Really nice theme! I’m interested in your theme for a client and I have a pre-sale question. I notice when you look at a product category (I’m resizing my browser), the sidebar appears before before the products. Is this because it’s a left sidebar? Or is it designed this way? If I use a right sb, will the products display first?

Thanks, Scott

Hi there Finn,

thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, on the product category page the sidebar reflows first at present because it’s a left sidebar. On the product details page you’ll see the product renders first as the sidebar is on the right.

If the sidebar is rendered on the right on the category page the catalogue does indeed load first :)

Hope this helps,



I just updated to the last version of Woo Commerce.

Your theme is not well integrated to its last version.

Please fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting me know.



Hi there,

Just checked your site again – I see you managed to regenerate your thumbnails – all ok now?


Almost. I dit it and it worked. But now since the last update from last night, the thumbnails pictures are getting back bigger. Please have a look. Thanks. Romain

The issue you are experiencing is a common one and presented very well on your homepage. The raw source images of all the products in your recent products carousel are too small e.g.

Because of this they don’t then get resized by WooCommerce/WordPress.

Whereas all the images in your featured products widget are much bigger and then get resized into the different thumbs that WordPress needs for the carousel heights to be equal.

I recommend all images are a minimum of 500*500px and you won’t have any issues.



theme looks nice :-) pre sale question. Can I change currency to Norwegian Kroner easily ? Hope for quick answer

Hey there, Thanks for getting in touch! Yes Norwegian kroner are supported :) Best, Ed

Hi Themesforge,

Just wondered when the update to this theme (so it is compatible with WooCommerce 2.0) will be available? On the right of these comments it says that it is compatible up to v1.6.5.1

Many Thanks,


Hey Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch!

An updated was published on Monday and the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.0

Themeforest have not yet added 2.0 as an option for theme authors to select – I have requested this on Monday :)



Brilliant! Purchased :)

thanks Lee!

Hi, I purchased the theme the other week and I’ve been modding it. I’ve got two problems tho. The first being I can’t get the the product gallery images to appear under my product as shown here…

And secondly the related products images below are really small on some of the pages (like in the link above) compared to pages like here:

Any ideas, I would be much grateful, thanks

Hi there,

thanks for getting in touch! Nice work!

1.) Re: product gallery images – I don’t see any product gallery images attached to this product:

have you uploaded more than 1 product image per the instructions here:

2.) Re: size of related products – something in your custom css must be overriding the core css – the related product should span the full width of the main body like here:

You might need to reverse some of your changes to pinpoint which change has caused the issue.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ed,

Thanks for getting back to me, I took off the product gallery images now, so don’t worry about that.

I will look into my second problem.

I have noticed something else, regarding your theme on Windows Internet Explorer 8 and versions below… on the shop page, the ‘add to cart’ or ‘select options’ buttons are always shown in front of the product images, instead of being shown on hover, as shown in the screenshot below…



Hi there Kieran,

That is by design on IE8 – it doesn’t support some of the more modern css transitions.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ed,

A couple of quick questions…....

1. Is there a way to remove the price that displays to the right of the product description?

2. On the Proffet demo when you have a product with options – the page loads with the lowest option selected and not ‘choose an option’ therefore displaying a price. How can i enable this? (hope that makes sense!)

3. Do you have a support forum?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lee,

1.) Re: price removal – a quick html edit is required.


remove line 30:

<?php echo $product->get_price_html(); ?>

2.) Re: lowest option selected – I’m pretty sure this is the default WooCommerce behaviour – so if you want to change that you would need to override this logic with a custom hook. The WooCommerce support forums would be a good place to ask about this:

3.) At the moment I run all support in the comments here :)



How can I fix my slider problem?

Hi there,

it looks like your image path is incorrect.

If you fix your images the slider should be fine.

Hope this helps,


Such an awesome looking theme. I’m sorry you’re not using some kind of lightbox for product photos. I would strongly consider purchasing if you did…

Hey rwilk thanks for the kind comments :) There is a lightbox option with the theme aswell :) which is part of the WooCommerce core. I also integrate the very popular cloud zoom gallery plugin which is what you currently see – but the default is the lightbox.