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alice, check your html dom, should be the footer nav list element. so search in css for xour appropriate tag classes/ids and set e.g. #footer-nav li { display: inline; }

that floats the list elements of the very bottom footer

@ thewrath1, thanks for your comment! I appreciate your help! However, Ed gave me this solution: I didn’t assigned a menu in the Footer Navigation, it was fixed as soon I selected my meny. :) I completely overlooked this before! XD

Hey Alice – glad you got sorted :)


When we add a product to cart and when afterward we wish to delete(eliminate) him(it) and well he(it) does not come out, when to make?


Hi there!

Sounds like your hosting requirements might not meet the min requirements for WooCommerce – see here

This isn’t a theme issue :)


Hi Ed, Just bought this theme WOW!! its really just want I wanted!! One little issue I have is I don’t seem to have any luck getting the 4 full size images to show on the Homepage middle widget area 1-4 .. I’ve setup the TF – Feature Content widgets in each slot 1- 4 and ticked feature image however all thats showing through is a thumbnail image not the large ones as per your demo..

Any idea?

Thanks ian

Hi there,

thanks for the lovely comments :)

It’s probably related to the size of the raw images you uploaded. Are the raw images at least 500*500px?



Thanks Ed, spot on as usual..

If anyone is looking to buy this theme, you won’t be disappointed with its flexibility – functionality plus the support Ed provides really is top rate….

thanks so much :)


You said to me that my needs for accommodation(hosting) could not satisfy the requirements min for woocommerce however I utilse PHP 5.4 and My SQL 5.1.. I am lost and you really have to help me to solve this problem it is urgent.

Thank you very much

Hi toniio11,

Sorry to hear you are still having issues.

There is a simple test you can do to determine if this is a theme or a hosting issue.

- when you switch to the Twenty Twelve theme – does the cart work?

If not, please email me you full server access details ( and I’ll take a look. Best,


Does anyone has the demo xml content for this proffet theme?

Hey there,

think this is a duplicate of your other message :)


Hello, i recently bought the proffet theme, does anyone has the xml file, i’m new to wordpress is having a few challenges with the overall installation of this theme….

Hi there,

thanks for your purchase!

drop me an email to and I’ll send on the xml right away :)


I’m not sure if this is a wordpress, woocommerce or a theme issue. But when I try to upload a new product, I’m getting an error message >

The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/content/38/7446438/html/salvation/wp-content/uploads/2013/04.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

This is a WordPress issue – sounds like your directory permissions are not correct.

This thread might help.


Does anyone has the demo xml content for the proffet theme?

Hi there,

Thanks for the getting in touch! drop me an email to and I’ll send it on asap :)


hi ed

slowly slowly my shop gets to the final phase.

a) still waiting for the fix that normal media gallery in posts accept the column setting (short reminder as you want to include that in the next release ;))

b) the showcases image format looks beautiful with the theme, but it cuts images especially portrait ones. is the a way to include a lightbox with a middle click on the showcase slider?

c) support here at TF is horrible. not that you are now doing a great job on your part, more the form. I cannot really search this post section, it is impossible to see if you already have awnsered similar requests, replying and user-help-user is not possible, as it diesnÄt nest correctly the display. horrible :( a forum would be much better!

rgds, thewrath1

Hey thewrath1,

a.) My apologies – I’ve been delayed shipping this due to some other issues which popped up which I’m now just about clear of – thanks for your patience and I’ll be in touch asap on it

b.) At the moment the showcase has a hard crop to create unified showcase images – I generally dislike Showcases with lightboxes myself which is why there currently isn’t this option. I will add it to my list but it could take a bit of time to implement.

c.) i know :) I have a support forum planned to launch in early May when my next theme launches :)


Hi, great looking theme :)

I just have a few quick questions on the home page before I buy it.

1. Can you upload your own slider images or are they created from posts or pages?

2. Can we decide which four featured pages go on the home page and can these be posts as well as pages?

3. Could we add another row of four featured posts, giving us eight instead of the four?

Thanks, Paul

Hey Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch!

1.) Slider images are created via a custom post type for Slides 2.) You can decide but at the moment they have to be pages 3.) Yes :)

Hope this helps,



rgding 2)

you could create 4 or in your case 8 “dummy pages” and uses these in the widget. pointing then can be done by permantent redirects plugin and you can point to wherever you want to. thats the way I use it. so I naver have to touch the widget again and alter just 4/8 dummy pages or respectively their redirects ;)

check this

rgds, thewrath1


that is a super clever and simple solution for @paulstainthorpe – excellent :)


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your help the last time. Still have the same problem with the translation. Used poedit but in the language files there is a translation for “YOUR CART CONTENTS” and “No products in cart” for the mini cart hover on the homepage. But it is not showing up.. also changed it everywhere I found it in the translation codes. I changed also the Englisch words to the Dutch ones. But still it’s in there.. Don’t know how to fix!

My website:

One other small problem, the buttons don’t work with the shortcode in my site. Used the code from the Proffet theme website:

[button link="" size="small" target="_blank"]Small Button[/button]

Only the link shows up, no button, no icon!

Thank you :)

Thank you! Didn’t know that.. So far I can see everything is translated to dutch, but some aren’t displayed in the frontend..

Ans this is the link for the question about the buttons

- Example for the buttons page:

This is a great theme!!!

thanks for the kind comments :)

Are you using a child theme?


re: your buttons issue – this was fixed in a theme release at the start of April



@themesforge – Thanks for the reply :)

@thewrath1 – Much appreciated, thank-you. We really needed those to point to posts and not pages and this plugin seems to work great. Thanks! :)

Hi, Is your Theme WPML ready ?


hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch! I respond to your email approx 24 hours ago – but you must not have got it?

In any case I just tested the theme with the latest version of WPML and everything is working fine :)



can you enable PayPal Express Checkout?

Yes – see my next message :)

integrate the paypal expess checkout at shopping cart please so customer can checkout directly wiout fill out the form.

Hi there,

Yes you would need to buy and install this yourself. I’ve not used this extension but I’m pretty sure the install process is very simple and well documented and should be supported by Woothemes and the extension developer. Feel free to get in touch with Woothemes if you have queries about the install and setup process.



Yea, I’ve seen many themes does not have this addons. I don’t know why they do not use it. in my mind, it is very friendly to customers. it is a little obstacle to me to install it. I want to buy a theme include my favorite addons use directly. thanks anyway. I’ll consider it for a little longer before buy this theme.

Yes I agree :) It’s commonly done as a premium feature because I think a lot of people are willing to pay for it I think!


Hi Ed,

I am trying to use html in category descriptions but it is stripping it out.

I have found this article which sounds like it will work:

Could you tell me please where i will find the relavent file (either functions.php or theme-functions.php) and also advise on where you would insert the snippet of code?

Really appreciate your ongoing support. Am going live today so will post a link when the site is up :)


Hi Lee,

you should add this to /proffet/functions.php – probably right down the end of the file.

Best of luck with the go live!


Hi! Quick question. I have been using your theme for my website. I am uploading the thumbnail images as squares and then when they show the thumbnails on the website they are not squares. The height and width are not equal. It was equal when I first started the theme but it must have changed when I added new categories. I went into my settings>media and and set my thumbnails to 150×150 but it shows as 150×135. It must be something wrong… Can you tell me where to go and fix that in my dashboard?

See these two thumbnail sizes. They are different but and I can’t fix it. I uploaded square images yet the latest products I add cut it off and the earlier products I added are the square I want. 1. 2.

I got it to work! Thank you for showing me that plugin! I had activated it but not continued regenerating in my tools! Thanks!

Hey there,

Glad you got it sorted :)


Hi! When i go to a product page and look at the related product there are diffrent picture sizes. Here are they big:

Here are they small:

Why happend that?

Thanks! :)

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I think you’re running an older version of the theme and this was a bug that was fixed in an earlier update.

If you re-download and update this issue should be fixed :)



I updated the plugin and its the same. it wont work?

Hi jonas,

did you update the theme or the plugin?