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Great template! I love it.

Question for you.

Is there a way to on page load to have a postlet collapsed automatically? I have a bunch of postlets on a page and I need a way to auto collapse them if I don’t have any data in the postlet. So I need a way to add to the div to tell it to load closed or open.


Hi there, great template! Any IE 9 support on the horizon?

I seriously thought this was a WordPress admin skin/theme. I just realized moments after purchase that it is not. :(

Can I get a refund please!

Hello, Nice template ! I have a problem setting the main menu style via javascript.

i would like to apply the “current” class to one of the links and it doesn’t work. Way to reproduce:

I load the “dashboard_green.html” file using FireFox, and using Firebug console i try: $(”#four a”).toggleClass(“current”) I see the style applied to the DOM , but no change in how it looks :( Can you help?

thanks !

Great theme! Just one question… I need to be able to force-show the “More Links” menu without having to click on the “More” buttons… How can I do this?

The design is nice but the code behind it is messy and old. As an example you still use jquery 1.3.2 when they already released 1.7.1 which has a lot of improvements. Thought I could use the code you provide and not spend a few hours writing it but… no… Worst 20$ spent in my life.

I’m currently updating my template to the latest version of jQuery and adding features like responsive layout and such.

I’m sorry you’ve spent $20 on this for an outdated code. You will be able to download the new version without any payment.


How do I implement the liquid layout?

When you will relase the new update

- never mind, figured this out myself -

nice theme btw :)

i have some problem with the css in all browsers is that fixed in 1.2?

what about responsive layout