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Ivor Envato Team

Great admin theme I like the visitors statistics section, good job :D

This by far is the best admin template offered in TF. Great job, as a web developer I can see that this is a very good, up to date, web 2.0, jQuery useful back-end.


Thank you for your feedback! I hope this will generate more sales than my other admin skin (Sleek Admin).


WOW !!! This is beautiful!!!

I have no clue how anyone takes a theme like this and actually creates a cms out of it….... but PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you or anyone else has already done this… I would be willing to pay for a working CMS like this.

Great job!!!!

It’s very beautiful looking, clean and easy to use! Now, where did I put my credit card? ;)

very nice mate!

One of the beautiful admin themes here on TF. Great job!

I would love this intergrated into my SocialEngine site!


PS – Anyone who can intergrate templates into social engine, let me know, I will PAY !

Great job! :)

I absolutely love this theme, I am designing an admin area soon, and I will be buying this, and takeing some of its features, great work.

It looks really nice! I am seriously considering buying this template (i allready bought a other one last week :( ). Can you tell me how much work it would be to let the layout remember the positions of the screen elements. I guess this would be achieved through cookies?

Keep up the great job!

nice ! good luck ;)

I’m sorry for my late response, but I’m actually in Kefalonia, Greece on a holiday.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I can do any modifications you want, but please send an e-mail / message with exactly what you need and I’ll give you a quote for it.


awesome work!

will be my next purchase.

extremely good

STUNNING and perfect for an application I have written (And hate the design!) although would prefer a different colour scheme, so hurry up :)


Nice site, however the drag and drop of the sections is not there yet. If i drag all of the right sections to the left then try to drag one back it does not allow this. I have had sections while dragging then dropping disappears. What is the mechanism to retrieve the saved order of the resorted sections? The accordion you have to press the up arrow twice in IE8 to function. I cannot locate the Email Icon to test the modal function.


Amazing good job ! Keep it up :)

— Mehdi Freelance webdesigner

Love the admin, but I need several changes to the design.

I sent you an email about another possible project as well – the redesign of our GuruShare site.

Let me know ASAP when you can contact me regarding the admin changes and get me a quote for the redesign.