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Hello webgurus,

When will you release the alternatives color schemes for this template? Nice work anyway.

HI, I am newbie here. have som ask: Can I use this admin for any site I have developed? or is it expecifically for some CMS site?


Hello everyone!

I just got back from my holiday and I’m starting to answer to all questions right now!

rcroeder: the portlets are just an example. You can take it to the next level if you want to save the positions and to make it more complex. The e-mail icon is located on the top right black bar before the following links: Change Theme | Logout

Slepi: I will release the color schemes this week.

zrhans: This is a HTML template which you can implement and use with any kind of CMS or software.

Thank you for all your purchases and ratings!

Ok, WG, I will finish my project and as soon as I get it better I will try the Profi Amin.


Hello guys!

The colors are now finished and I’ve added some improvements to the PSDs and CSS too.

Thanks for your feedbacks and purchases!


How do we get new version? Just download again?

Yes. Just download again.

great admin, congratulations, you must have put a ton of work into this, but it’s clearly worth it :)


I’m not a UI developer. I’ve been told that my web design skills are on par with a blind person with no hands. I’m a much better back-end code developer and I normally focus on web services and such.

I purchased this template a couple weeks back in hopes that I could use it to improve the presentation of one of my projects. After working with it for a couple weeks, I’m happy to say that this is nothing short of a grand slam! The code is written well and the layout was done in such a way that even a design idiot like myself can easily work with the template. Using this template has taken my project to a new level.

I greatly appreciate the work that went into this! I strongly encourage everyone to grab a copy of this.

Thanks for the great work, WebGurus!


I am right up there with cudneys.. I can write some code that can make even my own head swim but when it comes to design, I can’t make a box.

I love this template. The colors are very easy on the eyes.. and the entire design isn’t cluttered. People like “pretty colors” as much as I hate to say it.. You know as a coder we think functionality.. we make things work and really don’t care how it looks.

Unfortunately to the end user they could care less. They want it to look nice, be easy to navigate and don’t really care what happens on the back end.

Short story long, keep up the good work. You designers are life savers for us text monkeys.

Thank you syndix!

I think this is the second most fantastic feedback I’ve ever recieved!

You made my day worth the while!


hi there, great design. quick question though before i purchase – is there an anyway to modify the colour theme to orange?


Hey canadiangal!

Yes there is. It includes PSD files with sliced and named element so it is easy to change colors. If you can’t handle modifications in photoshop I can do it for you.


it’s nice, but it has no submit (buttons) CSS , all buttons are normal links !! how can it be used in forms without JS?

how did you make the dashed boxes appear when you drag a portlet away? trying to find that in your code. great template. i bought.

nevermind, I found it: .ui-sortable-placeholder { border: 1px dashed #999 !important; visibility: visible !important; height: 100px !important; background: #EBEBEB;} .ui-sortable-placeholder * { visibility: hidden; }


Can I use this for Wordpress Admin? is it compatible with 2.8.2? If it works I will buy it right away.

It is not for WordPress. It is a HTML template.

Is it safe to assume that can I use this on the back-end of a php site too? That’s probably a dumb question but I haven’t built a CMS before…

You can use on anything you want, but read the licenses before buying.

Thank you!

Great template. I am integrating the template with a Rails based CMS that uses JQuery and a lot of AJAX . I am running into a problem when I load the portlets via Ajax call.

When I load the “portlets” via AJAX call (Jquery.load() function), the Jquery code associated with the portlet is not executed and I don’t get the portlet header and the drag-drop functionality.

To be more precise, when I load the portlet via JQuery AJAX call, I do not see following HTML code being generated:

Tasks Latest Comments

This is supposed to be automatically generated by Jquery code. But I can’t figure out how to force Jquery to execute the code associated with the Portlet so that it can render properly.


Otherwise I love the template.


Here is the HTML code fragment that JQuery is supposed to generate for the portlet:

Tasks Latest Comments

Helllo prakash!

Please send me an e-mail with the content you want to load or the details of the issue and I can help you out!

Thank you for your purchase!