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I just want to say that this template is wonderful and everything is VERY well documented !

Event the .pdf file given is helpful for every one who want to customize it. Icons packs are included – very helpful, we do not need to download it somewhere in the Internet and take the risk to not find it.

The PSD file is REALLY customizable, not like those templates who says it but you have to contact the designer 10 times to get what you want.

Additionally, each images have the perfect size, to allow to extend buttons and all customized stuff, what we can’t do with a lot of templates…

Finally : The HTML / CSS code is indented and beautifully coded, very easy to customize it, THANKS !

Thank you!

working on my next release so watch out for my profile :)

Hi webgurus, I bought this template. Very well Template. Thanks ;)

Umm, will you please please please make this a Wordpress Admin theme? I will buy it right away and I’m sure lots of others will as well! It’s beautiful!

can u fix moving object/parts to be remembered with cookey or something …

nice job! love it!

Hello guta,

That would not be a FIX , it would be an addon. soon…

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

What do you mean?!

nice theme, bought and using it already with all the jquery goodies. Can you add fluid layout at some point? could them shove more widgets on the dashboard…

My Fluid layout for this template is ready. I will post it soon and make an announcement so you can download the bought archive again.

Thank you for your purchase!

On the dashboard page when clicking the edit Icon it links to a page called edit_modal.html —This doesn’t exist, is it supposed to be included?

I cannot find the link you’re talking about. But anyways it should open some kind of modal. I think I’ve included that link only to show your what it should do.

What icon pack do you use?

Very nice design BTW

Hello, this is great template system !

i just have one question (already asked, but not answered i think). how do you use the css submit (A link) to submit a POST ? sorry if my question sound dumb, i’m a php dev, not that familiar with CSS


You can accomplish this by giving the a tag an onclick javascript command which submits the form. Or you can just use it with a button like < button type = ‘submit’ class = ’ the class ‘>THIS IS A TEXT < / button >.


Also I was playing around with the design in Firebug and I noticed that in the Log In page, if you change the length of the text of the submit link, the background looks weird. (For example, if instead of “Authentification” you want it to say “Enter”)

Will you fix this in the future?

I will fix this and I will post some updates soon.

I’ve just updated the theme archive!

The new addition to this theme is LIQUID layout!

You can re-download the archive and try it out!

Thank you for all your purchases!

Hi, I just bought the template and like it very much. There is only a little problem, which is the page doesn’t render well at the right hand corner and at the bottom in IE6 , when I switch to wide mode. Could you help to fix it? Thanks.

I will look into this and keep you posted.

probably the most amazin theme I have seen yet!

Thank you for your kind words and for your purchase!

Firstly this is a great layout and easily customizable.

Secondly I’ve noticed that you can’t select text in a portlet for copying and pasting.

Do you have a fix/workaround?

I think this selection issue is only appearing in IE. I will get into this issue. Thank you for your purchase!

For your info, the selection issue also appears in Firefox and Chrome as well.

To enable selection on the portlets, you just have to comment out one line in the effects.js file.


I made this for the Graphs to work well, but you can disable it easily.

Thank you!

Hi webgurus,

I can’t access the online demo. I’d like to see it before purchasing.

Thank you!

I’ve checked the online demo and works. Maybe it was a problem at my hosting provider.

Thank you!

Perfect theme! Congratulations! I have one question… is it possible to load the portlets minimized?

Thanks for awesome theme!

Thank you for your purchase danielmar!

I will look into the javascripts and tell you if I can do that.


Hello. I wanted to know if the control panel is already connected to a template site. thanks

What an awesome template :) thanks for your efforts. This is the first time I’ve ever bought ‘software’ and not disappointed. Since I’m fairly unfamiliar with jquery/ajax I’m finding it a bit tricky, but now motivated to improve!

Just a quick question, if I wanted to use the jquery datepicker on an field, what would I need to do?

Hello Amien,

Sorry for my late response. I was away from my hometown.

To use the datepicker on a field you should consult the jquery UI documentation, because this is what I used for the widgets. It is easy as a pie. http://www.jqueryui.com/

Thank you for your purchase.

I am also looking for the code that would make it possible to load the portlets minimized… please advise.

I can make a custom code for you but it will cost you some $.

If you don’t want to pay for it, you can read the jQuery UI documentation at : http://www.jqueryui.com and figure it out.

Thank you!