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Curious, would this work well with Dreamweaver CS4 as well?

It is simple HTML file and CSS . It will work with DW CS4 !

Content Editing and Tables page

1. Edit Content (editor) , some tool (A+,A-) do not appear in IE8 browsers

2. How to Fix Problem ?

I just found out, if you use this with a https environment, you need to change the URL of the google api from this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

to this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

http—> https

Otherwise the jquery scripts are not loaded within IE Browser!

Very nice theme btw, works perfect for my backend ^^

Hello Hanniball!

Thanks for purchasing my item.

Can we all have a sneakpeak of how you implemented Profi Admin?

It would be great for everyone to see. Maybe some screenshots or even a sandbox environment.


Hi there,

sure no prob. I used it for a system where users can register their emergency cards for their car connected with their numberplate. So the fire department can check via smartphone via online connection typing in you number plate where are your airbags, electronics and best place for cutting roof of and stuff.

Also in the backend there is more stuff like events for your next car check (incl. sms reminder), emergency health management data and lots more.

On the screens you can see the german version, but it will be translated in about 10 – 15 languages within this year.

Here are the screens:




Hey, I’ve purchased your template, very good quality, big deal and very nice effects.

I just can’t find how to re-gerenate the modal box ? I’ve check all the JS files and haven’t seen anything related to modal boxes except the jQuery ui.dialog core file.

I’m currently simply using a class=’mail’ to open the modal box but I need to put like 5 different modal box on the same page so I was wondering if you could link somewhere or the script or maybe explain us how it’s supposed to work to add different boxes.


Hello kakawett!

All the javascript triggers and custom codes are defined in the “effects.js” file.

There is the example of the modal window trigger on .mail class, which you can replicate to create more modal triggers.

Basically you can do the following:

1. Put a hidden div in the content of the page with the content you want to display in the modal box, then create a trigger on a link to open the modalbox with the ID or Class of the hidden element. 2. You can load content via ajax.

For further documentation you can just read the jquery UI documentation’s “dialog” section.


Thanks for your purchase!


i bought this template a few weeks ago and i am now working on it. I noticed a problem when trying to put 2 or more input fields directly side by side. now its creating automaticly a line break and the input fields appear below and not on the side as i want it.

can you please help with this issue?

thanks a lot!

hello lusitano!

This is just a css issue. I’ve set all the input fields to be floated LEFT and to stay one per line. This can be done by modifying the css selector for the input fields.

Thanks for your purchase!

I have no clue how to work the JavaScript Data Format what ever thingy ma bobber graph

its some stupid code that has no date format. change one number it goes to 1900s

You can set up the Flot graphs in any possible way. What I’ve included in the template is just an example.

Please read the documentation of Flot so you can see how you can customize your charts.


Thank you for your interest in my theme!

Will this work with jQuery UI Themeforest themes? Here is a list hosted at Google: http://www.stemkoski.com/jquery-ui-1-7-2-themes-list-at-google-code/


Yes it will work.

Just try it :)

Love this theme! Question though..what would be the best CSS to use if I want to “float” the top nav button/icons to the center?

Hello drm!

Thanks for your purchase.

I think the CSS solution for what you are asking would be to make the container div #menu non-floated, give it a height (I think 120px), give it a width, and then position it on the center with margin:0px auto;

A full example would be like this:

#menu { float: none !important; margin: 0px auto; width:940px; height:120px; }

This only makes sense if you use the wide/liquid layout and you have a wider resolution than 1024×768.

Hope this helped!


Think I might have found a little bug with some of the CSS .

Within the content area you set the first item to be a wide portlet the border rendering disappears.

Simply remove the first two columns from the sample page and you’ll see what I mean.

A fix for this would be great!!

Hey Wizbyt!

Thanks for the purchase.

The quick fix for this is to open up effects.js and comment out line 17 and line 40.

These lines were written to make sure the .column div exists before trying to do something on it with jQuery. This was a hack for IE6 , which popped up errors and stopped the scripts from running when one function did not execute because of the lack of the target div.

Hope it helped.

Can We get the updated fluid version when we bought the previous one ?

I download the file again but I can’t tell if it’s the fluid version because in the PDF no fluid paragraph explanation is set.

Thanks !

You have an HTML file included in the package you download which has the name of “dashboard_wide.html”. That’s the Liquid version of the file. You will notice that in the head of that HTML one css file is modified.



I bought PA yesterday and started to break it in functional PHP pieces as I will be integrating a PHP project with it (you know header.php, footer, content.php and functions.php that contains a class to make portlets, modals, menu sub menu and all those fancy features you added to this nice theme).

However, it seemed that I ate a < /div> somewhere and for the life of me I cannot find it :(

I wonder if you can see the resulting HTML (right now it’s just your same code) and see if you can spot the elusive tag. The URL is http://s.cribe.me/

EDIT : Sorry… I didn’t tell you where’s the problem. As you can see, the Employee Pay Sheet has no side margins. That’s the result of my meal.

Thanks in advance, Will

Hi, I don´t know if someone has noticed the following issue. When you move all the portlets to one column, then you can’t move any portlet to the the empty column again. I want to have the following behavior

http://jqueryui.com/demos/sortable/portlets.html so you can have your portlets rearanged in any manner

I’ve been struggling for a while but I gave up..

BTW , I love this template. Thanks.

I am having the same problem that aitorlape is having….once you move all items to another column you cannot move any back to the original column.

Is there any fix for this or update we can download? My employers will not let me use this in a production environment until this issue is resolved…and may look like I might have to buy a different template.

I did buy this, Do I Get Updates for it free ?

@designbuyer Yes you do.

Hi, Can I update ProfiAdmin to use Jquery 1.4.4?

Hey felipeim!

Yes you can, but you have to update jQuery UI and FLOT too.

Where is the instruction to install the theme. Im new!


This is not a Wordpress Theme.

You can find instruction about its implementation in the documentation file included in the package.


I’m interested in your admin panel theme. Since I’m not a programmer, I need to ask you a few questions:

1- is this to be used standalone for a html/css site?

2- does it “perform” any functions, like uploading mp3 files or pics that will then be “published” on a specific page in a specific way? (blog-style).

Thank you!