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Please help me setup contact us form.

Open mail/config.php file and setup all settings, if u are using SMTP mail server then also fil settings for SMTP, but in generally you can use all server mail functions, so just setup recipient and sender options. Data from contact forms will send to recipient email. If you have more quetions we happy to answer

Hello! If You satisfied by our product, please, rate us and write comment. Big thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

Thanks for adding the php code for making the forms work. We would like to use a different language for that, though, so we are wondering what the theme is supposed to do when the form is submitted. Is a thank-you message of some sort supposed to be shown? We will have our own script run upon form submission and generate whatever response is expected. Thanks.

Hi. There is you can change “success message” on “thank you message” in main.js file. This is preview “where exactly”: http://joxi.ru/E2pMQVGsBXyojA

Hello! If You satisfied by our product, please, rate us and write comment. Big thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

how to change the google address map?

How can i change google map in profi index file?

The map code is like below <svg x=”0px” y=”0px” viewBox=”0 0 67.1 88.7” enable-background=”new 0 0 67.1 88.7”> <path class=”pin-color” d=”M59.1,55.3c4.7-6.1,8-13.4,8-21.8C67.1,15,52.1,0,33.6,0C15,0,0,15,0,33.6c0,8.3,3.3,15.7,8,21.8 c9.4,12.1,25.5,33.4,25.5,33.4S50.1,66.9,59.1,55.3z”/> <circle fill=”#FFFFFF” cx=”33.6” cy=”33.6” r=”17.8”/> </svg>

I do not know where i should add url code from google.

Hi, the map initialization is located in main.js file. http://joxi.ru/5mdGe0Xsvnbxdr http://joxi.ru/82QWvDGi1bLlvr

To use your custom map code change main.js script

Good job. We want to use your template for our new website.

Hi, It looks like that the pricing table does not work correctly. I cannot mark first column of the first row as checked and the other two as unchecked (all are checked…) and then when I add new rows with only 2nd and 3rd column checked I see all columns as checked. The same happens when I add new row with only the 3rd column checked.

Is there some solution to this problem?



Hi, could you please explain in details or send screenshot, cause I cant fully understand your problem, thank you.

One more question, you have no label as buyer, so where did you get our theme?

Hi, I got the theme from Envato Market, you can see it here: http://s31.postimg.org/dfjo5rocb/purchase.jpg and my problem is that when I don´t want some features of product to be available for certain column it still shows as available. E.g. these settings http://s31.postimg.org/7ghyw2ol7/pricing1.jpg are displayed like this http://s31.postimg.org/7shsrsykb/pricing2.jpg

Hi, oh you are writing comment in HTML Version of our theme, could you please write comment one more time in Wordpress Theme(maybe someone will have same question), thank you.


I’m trying to get a second level dropdown menu on the template but not working.

I have looked through the documentation and still got nothing productive there.

Do you have a solution to this.

Hi, menus s core WordPress feature so you could not find this information in theme docs. All navigation levels setting located in Appearence -> Menus http://joxi.ru/Y2LXg7RfnZBqV2

But I don’t have the wordpress version of the template

здраствуйте! Извиняюсь что пишу здесь…Я читал вашу статью на Хабре,очень помогла,и вот я получил эпрув. но не много запутался заполнением формы о налогах…Не могли бы вы помочь ? если я предоставляю данные ИНН то что меняется,будет ли инвато брать меньше налог по сравнению с случаем если я не предоставлю им ИНН? Заранее спасибо

Здравствуйте! Спасибо! Напишите, пожалуйста, свою почту или напишите нам на support@iondigi.com

Hi nice theme, just one question, I just download the files but couldn’t find the index-block.html or Frame home as you put it in the preview, could you tell me where to find it? or can you send it to me please? thanks.

Hi, Please send your email to support@iondigi.com



Any chance I can get a refund? I made a mistake in thinking this was a Joomla theme. My bad.

BR, Johan Nordanfors

HI, Your HTML theme owl carousel why don’t auto play, please tell me how i can solved it? Thanks


pskorut Purchased

Hi, I was wondering how to change the slider speed to slow it down. By the time my page loads it is on the 2nd slide and doesn’t look as good. Thanks