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If i add a video to the top part of the website where the pictures scroll through, will it automatically slide past while the video is still showing?

Hi, Nubix223! Am I right that you going to use only one video in slider area to show up your pictures? It is automatically slide while user interaction is absent. But… you can set-up in the template preferences a huge timeout, so it will be fixed on the video slide for a long time.

Can I use it under WP? Why you are not making WP plugin from them..:/

Hi frat88! ProfitHunt is a standalone HTML Landing Page. It can be manually edited and uploaded via FTP to any website. At this point we have no plans to do WP plugin from it. Thank you for your interest and your suggestions!

I am having an issue with the subscription element. When I add an email address, and click on “Subscribe” I just get the “progressive animation”. I do not get a confirmation.

I notice that the same result occurs in the “Live Demo”

Is there a “fix” to make the Subscription process work?

Hi, thank you for notice! “Live Demo” subscription didn’t work since the password in our demo google.spreadsheet changed (wich used to collect subscription data).

You copy doesn’t work probably by another reason. Please, contact us via contact form ( ) and send us your site URL to have a look.

Wordpress version?

Hi snagget! No plan at the moment :)

Hi, the Feedback Form settings for EMAIL don’t work. I Had congig all but with’s Goole Docs it works, whith email no. Have you any suggestion?

<?php /* CONFIG */ $_SETTINGS[‘store_method’]=’email’; // ‘email’ to send data on email or ‘gdocs’ to store data in Google.Docs

// Email Settings $_SETTINGS‘email’=’’; // Email to receive data $_SETTINGS‘email’=’’; // “from: email” field in message $_SETTINGS‘email’=’Primo Sui Motori’; // “from: name” field in message $_SETTINGS‘email’=’Richiesta Informazioni da Primo sui Motori’; // message subject

Excuse me?


This is a great template – thank you for the work you’ve put in.

There are a couple of issues I am having with the code: - Top logo does not show in mobile browser or IE8 - Bottom Image Cycle does not show images in mobile browser or IE8

Site of reference:

Thank you for your assistance.


have you already solved the problem? Currently I don’t have such an issues in my IE8 elumator: logo – , images – . Also Android browser shows website well.


Is it possible to capture the IP address when the form is filled in?


you can achieve it this way: open file functions/contact-form.php, after the line 36
$html.='<table border="1" cellpaddi...
add new line

I bought a domain, can i set this landing page as my homepage? how ? do i have to install wordpress or something ? and can you help me modify such as “an excellent way to conver traffic into sales” sothing like this . because i saw they all image?

thank you , i am going to buy it ..


you don’t need to install wordpress. It’s a plain HTML one-page template. So you need to upload it into your webhosting and edit the index.html page with any text/html editor.

All texts and headings which you see on the page can be edited via text/html editor, the heading which you mentioned is not an image.


This template is awesome! Do you still have no plan of creating a WP version?



thank you, but still no plan.

Hello mopc76

Would you make this template mobile compatible soon as an update?


- Stan

Hi Stan,

at the moment we don’t have such plans.


I wish to add a contact form with Captcha and few basic details on RHS IOC the screen in the top section.

Can I do it without getting much into coding?.

Thanks, Chirag

Hi Chirag,

this template is a plane HTML one page template. If you want to make some modifications you need some HTML/CSS skills, so it’s your decision, are you familiar with coding enough to be able to do it or not.

hi i purchased this theme and hosted, it works fine, but the chinese characters are not displaying in the h1, h2 tag. what should i do please see the same, you will get an idea thanks sasidar


answered you via email.

One of my favorite video/1pagers! Any word on a WP version?

Thanks! Long Island Web Design