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Hey Alex, I managed to remove the footer but I’m left with a large blank space which I want to get rid of (not the copyright info).

I already searched for this problem & tried your solution in this comment section but I think it’s old code snippets I tried to replace, anyway it didn’t work. Solutions?? :)

I’m opening a ticket and I’ve put in my item purchase code where it’s asked me to and selected ‘progressive template’. Now it’s saying The license number is incorrect. What should I do?

As we can see, there is no ‘PURCHASED’ label in your profile here too. You can find this label in other profiles of our customers in previous comments. Please contact us via e-mail:

Please check your e-mail.

Hello, I’m using version 1.0.7 and have a problem with a conact form in one page mode, it tries to send the form to /php/form.php file which does not exist. Please let me know how to fix it.

Hello, Web-experiment.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.
We’ll do our best for solving it for you.

Hi I really like this theme and I want to buy it. I have a pre sale question for you. Does this theme have social share button? I’m going to create a blog, so social share button is very important to my blog.

Hello, luckytiger21.
Seems, that you’re looking for WordPress theme.
Current item is a HTML template, but not a WordPress theme.
This information should be useful for you.


avidxv3 Purchased

Hi, My Font Awesome Icons are not being displayed on mobile in any mobile browsers. I am using template v3.0.2. They are displayed on all browsers on desktop, just having an issue seeing them on mobile. Thanks!

Hello, avidxv3.
Please create a ticket on our support site and specify us link to your site there. We’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.


lenoras Purchased

Your support site is not working. It’s not allowing me to register or login to create a ticket. Please advise. I’m having multiple issues with the template including links not working on mobile devices, but working fine on a desktop and the accordion not opening on a mobile device – all seem to be related to linking issues.

Hello, lenoras.
Out support site is currently working correctly. Please try to create a ticket.
Otherwise, please contact us via e-mail:


lenoras Purchased

The support won’t let me login after I set up a username and password. I will email you instead.

On list items second line there is no indent, text wraps around bullit point please advise. Thanks

Hello, mcbeaner32.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.
Screenshots will be appreciated.


adamck Purchased

Will you be updating Livicons at all? its not been updated for 2 years and theres tons of new fancy features.

Hello, adamck.
Progressive contains latest version of LivIcons
LivIcons Evolution is another project of the same developer and he doesn’t work on LivIcons anymore.
Sorry, but we have no plans to use LivIcons Evolution in our template.

Hi – this looks like a great template. Can I see your support docs before I buy ? I just need to see how the code is structured.

Hello, lisol2.
Documentation for Progressive template could be found here.
As for code structure… You can take a look at it in developer tools of your browser.


lenoras Purchased

What shopping cart would work best with this template?

Hello, lenoras.
Sorry, but we can’t help you with this. We have added ‘Cart’ element for further integration into CMS.

I think I found a good theme and registered it as my favorite theme. Ask about the blog section before purchasing. If you are building a website with this theme, Do I need to create and manage administrator accounts? I would like to use this theme to put a blog page after building a website. How can I post a blog post?

Hello, shold.
Seems, that you’re looking for WordPress theme. HTML template will not satisfy your needs.
This information should be useful for you:
Difference between WordPress theme and HTML template

You have a blog on your html theme. How do you post a blog like that?

Dear shold,
Blog elements were added for further integration into CMS.
As we said above, HTML template will not satisfy your needs.

For the hot buttons under the main marquee in the mobile only, you have to hold the button for it to open the hyperlink. how do you remove that and just make the button clickable? i am experiencing the same issue on hyperlinks throughout the website Some people arent familiar with assisstive touch, and are pushing the buttons and saying its not going anywhere.

Hello, emis0106.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us detailed information about this issue.
Link to your site, where we’ll be able to take a look at this issue will be much appreciated.

awesome work !!! :)

Thank you ;-)

Design is awesome and great support.

Thanks Bharat P

Thank you for feedback.
Opinion of our customers is very important for us. Have a nice day. ;-)

Does it have any problem from amazon web server because we didn’t download this template for many diffrent location can you solve this issue.

Hello, fsbteknoloji.
Sorry, but your question is not quite clear for us.
Have you downloaded template from Themeforest marketplace? What kind of issue should be solved?

Are you guys thinking of making a Semantic UI version of this theme?

Hello, MolloM.
Sorry, but we have no plans to make a Semantic UI version.


Merdinik Purchased

I am using “Product without Flip effect” section of Shop Element and come across some strange issue.

When I remove html comment (<!—.product —>) this section doesn’t seem to be correct (3 box on First line instead of 4 box).

Jirach (a themeforest member) has already asked the same question over 1 year ago.

This problem continues even on your site. ( Just remove html comment (<!- .product->) and see it!

Could you help about this?

Thank you

Dear, Merdinik.
Please create a ticket on our support site and i will do my best for solving this issue for you.


Merdinik Purchased

No, I don’t need anymoore. I solved with your help (No space). Thank you again.

Have a nice day. ;-)

Are there RTL version?

Hello, elishana1.
Sorry, but Progressive doesn’t have RTL support.