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KiroNet Purchased

Noticed one bug. On mobile devices(product view) users can’t scroll by touching an image(it sort of triggers unwanted zoom) = increased bounce rate on mobile devices. Was tracking users by smartlook web app.

I think it’s better to remove zoom on mobile devices(not sure about tablets), because it works really bad. Why:

-impossible to scroll -if you clicked on image and it zoomed in, it’s impossible to zoom out back(only by refresh). If there is a way, than there is no possible way that regular visitor will find out how to do that if I can’t.

Example: https://www.smartlook.com/play/shared/fc7c50aeb2431d443fe9ed042533b86d407aa4dc


KiroNet Purchased

Just about zooming out – second tap is not always working(maybe if you have high speed internet)

My fix for scrolling is: Removing all preventDeafult()’s in ‘touchmove’ event-bindings in jquery.elevateZoom-3.0.8.min.js(library is not maintained – last change 5 year ago)

Hi, KiroNet.
We have tested zooming out issue on several phones and can’t reproduce it. Image zooms out once you’ll release a finger out of the screen.
As for scrolling… We have left a space for content on the Product page out of the image. So, you’re able to scroll the page using this space without removing zoom for mobile devices.

which file does the replace-2x class live in? I’m trying to use the gallery (4 column) but the image doesn’t enlarge.

I have already specified information about class=”replace-2x” above. Please read it carefully.
As i can see, you didn’t add image files for displaying on Retina displays. Adding them with solve this issue. Otherwise, please remove class=”replace-2x”.

thanks. I misunderstood it. I’ve removed the class=”replace2x” and it’s working fine now.

Feel free to contact me if required.
Have a nice day.



stemalo Purchased

HI, I do not use Google maps, but at the starting process of my site it’s loading. Of course I don’t want to have this because it slows down my site. But can’t find in which file it’s called. I’m talking about gstatic.com.

Hello, stemalo,
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue for you.

I have a question regarding the layout of the homepage (Simple (boxed)).

In the template (all) the tiles on the homepage can only be reviewed by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Is it possible to increase the amount of tiles to, lets say, 12 (3 rows of 4 tiles) downwards?


Hi, thank you for the quick reply. No I mean on the homepage, like this one: https://ibb.co/gqnzYH

You are asking about the carousel. Sorry, but it’s not possible to use it this way.

Thank you for the information

Is it possible to have 2 markers on a google map?