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simple and clean , but color are vibrant..light colors suit the theme… – 2cents

Very nice. A different approach and an inteligent use of the grid.

Very good.

Your best work!!! WOW !!! I am following you because of this theme… keep it coming with this approach and style!!!

Great theme! will there be a Wordpress version at all?

... yes, very good work. Bookmarked!

... I’d probably go with a slightly brighter text on your black background—an easy, global CSS adjustment, right?? ... though, the dark text makes the graphics and the rest of the highlighted areas “POP”.

Hot damn!
I absolutely love this theme. The vibrant colors look great with the dark background. I’d have to say that this is one of my favorite portfolio layouts on ThemeForest. Great job.

Bookmarked :)

Do you plan to release a light version?

Nice ! Please a Wordpress version ! :)

waooow… damnn i love this…

with workin blog – as a wordpress theme this would blow my mind.. something planned ?

would def. buy ;D

cheers n great from germany

I love this theme. The only thing that would make it more killer is a .psd =]

Ok I recently bought this theme and I really have to say I love it after playing around with it for the past week.. It is labeled really well and for an intermediate web designer like myself I have figured out the basics of how CSS and JS all work together.. However my only vice is that this site is really buggy in IE6 and IE7 .. I havent checked IE8 but yeah its a mess none the less in IE…

here take a look..


So I am on here in hopes to get some advice on my site as it is very important to me that it works on all the major browsers. I’d even be willing to pay someone a few hundred bucks to get these few things working right in IE6 :

  • The Jquery Slidemenu with the drop down sub menu not hiding behind the thumbnail boxs on the home page
  • The pekachoose gallery working in my industrial design section when you click on a thumbnail the colorbox comes up blank in IE6 /7
  • The hover on some pages doesnt work at all for example in the blog on the right thumbnail and the contact form doest hover either
  • next when clicking on a thumbnail in my motion graphics section IE crashes
  • All i can say is what the F is wrong with IE.. its the worst browser on earth.. i never used to hate it until i realized how bad it really is.

Ok I solved one issue for the Jquery Multi level CSS #2 Slide Menu. The sub menu doesnt hide anymore now in IE7 if you put a z index code like this in the jqueryslidemenu.js

.jqueryslidemenu{ font-size: 20px; margin-left:42px; margin-top:0px; position: relative; z-index: 1000; }

The last two lines are the nnew added code I found in the forums on dynamic drive (the authors of the menu) hower that fix now seperates the sub menu list.. but it works at least on the home page

the rest of my pages the sub menu is still flickering and the colorbox crashes IE6 and IE7 when I try to open a vimeo or youtube video along with my jquery pekachoose gallery coming up blank in colorbox when opend in IE..

I sent an email to the authors of the colorbox to hopefully get a solution..

hope this helps inform some people that although this site is bad ass looking it needs some help on a few things..

HAHAAHA I found the flickering solution half way… now it only flickers when the mouse rolls over the seperated parts of the submenus.. its weird though cuz my home page it doesnt flicker.. i am going to look into why that is later, but here is the code to fix that.. its called “zoom:1” its the last line added

/*Top level list items*/ .jqueryslidemenu ul li{ position: relative; display: inline; float: left; zoom:1; }

lol dont know why this works but it stops the crazy ass flickering and slows it down i guess.. hope that code helps people out..

i wonder what zoom 2 will do lol..

woah zoom 2 is crazy dont do it.. it gets all grandma calculator on you. watch out.. still looking for the separation fix of the submenu in IE6 /7

So you are not supporting [with fixes] this theme anymore timseward. I was thinking about getting it but only if you are around for support

Times—why are you not showing up as “purchased”

hence why I have not responded yet. I asked him to verify so I would support.

Great template, bookmarked and ready to buy, but:

does the contact form work?

Ok nevermind, now I’ve seen the comments in the code. Well explained.

Great design. Any chance you can share the PSD for this?