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Hola, no puedo realizar la instalación… Ayuda!

Hi, Please tell me what problem you are having in installation. Could you please ask your question in English?

No puedo hacer la intalación

How do I get the mailchimp integration to work?

I have added my mailchimp details in the main.js but it does not work.

Hi, Sorry for being late. Please check this repository https://github.com/iamMonzurul/jQuery-AJAX-MailChimp to make it work.

We are already including this in our next update.

Hey there. I need help with two things: 1) how do I change the images in the background? I tried but nothing happens. 2) Where do I get the emails every time someone registers? How can I set this up?


Hi, Thanks for your purchase.

1. You can change the backgrounds in theme.css file. 2. Right now we don’t have any registration functionality. Everything is pure HTML.


Thanks! I will integrate with MailChimp then. I can´t seem to make the files public. I tried everything. Uploading thru FTP and something in the configuration of the files does not allow to access the public URL. I read the thread and I am not the only one having this problem. Could you please fix this bug? Thank you

You can get subscriber’s with MailChimp though. Take a look at here https://github.com/iamMonzurul/jQuery-AJAX-MailChimp to understand how it works.

Hi Codemaster,

I’m making a website using your prolan template and I have a question about tab button control of “How It Work’s” section especially loaded on mobile devices. I have to tap each icon twice to see next tab contents. One tap only shows title value inside the “a” tag. On the other hand, if outputs this on PC, only mouse hover make the title tooltip appears and one click can load next tab content.

Is there any JS code to make the behavior of tab click on the mobile be the same as PC one?

Thank you. Toshi My purchase code is 9d423f62-323c-4320-a545-dfe4492b355f

Hi, First of all thanks for purchasing our item. Please remove the purchase code from your post.

About your issue we have fixed this in our latest version. Please let us know which version your are using and if possible please send us the live URL so we could check and get back to you.

In case you didn’t notice, we have a dedicated support forum here http://support.fifothemes.com/


Thanks a lot for your quick response:) Putting the latest version has fixed the problem. Cheers!

You are welcome. Glad it worked for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Thank you!

On the main page it says that there are over 300 icons. Where in the downloaded file can i find them?

On the main page it says that there are over 300 icons. Where in the downloaded file can i find them?

hello, how do i suppose to use this after i downloaded it? there’s no where to install from the zip folder! does this works on windows? do i need to do the editing online? or editing through office word? please support thanks!

Hi there! Thanks for purchasing our template. First of all this is a HTML template not wordpress theme. That means there is no installation from zip file. If you know how to play with HTML/CSS, then it will be easier for you to edit the files. All you need is a visual HTML editor like DreamWeaver, ATOM editor or Sublime Text Editor. Please let me know if you need any more thelp.