Discussion on Prolead Landing Page

Discussion on Prolead Landing Page

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is it possible to remove the black before the image in the 4 option? i would like to see the image brighter…

sorry i write for a different theme….

Ok! Thanks.

I just would like to thank Tansh for going the extra mile in supporting this theme.

Thanks AJ!

Trying to send you mail. Not able due to ‘Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently’ . Some hosting issue may be.

thank you

no not as Wordpress…


Extract the downloaded zip file. Find all variations in folder named “HTML and CSS ”.

index file for each variation, is in its folder. Choose the variation you like.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Tansh

i don’t know how to install it….where is index file or help to follow ?

Hello Zakkmeister,

Do you want to install it as a wordpress template?

It is not a wordpress, just plain HTML / CSS template.

Thanks, Tansh


Do you have one that has a slider in the middle instead of a video player?

thanks, A

Hello A,

No middle slider in present upload.

I will send you a template with middle slider. Drop me a mail through profile page once purchased.



Where do I change the Twitter feed info?


Hello Patrick,

Twitter info can be changed in “custom.js”, right at the bottom.


Can I use this theme with wordpress or another CSM ? I’m new to all this


Replied to your mail. Please check inbox.



I’m also getting the error – “There was in error sending youe e-mail” pop up window on submitting data to contact form – I went through the help files several times and made all customizations. All files are on a live web server.

Any other thoughts? Thanks.


Send me your link, so I can have a look.

hi there,

that’s a nice work.

how can center the container ? I’m using 1st & 2nd columns


If you have not changed dimensions of columns, then just change the width of ’#wrapper’ to 681px (includes width of column_1, column_2 and divider).

#wrapper {
    width: 681px;

Div already have ‘margin: 0 auto’ property. It will come to center.



How to change background colour? Or background image?

And why i paid $13 not $11 for this template? ;)

You can change background color / image in “style.css” (in body).

body {
    background: url(../images/body_bg.jpg) 50% 0 repeat #f4f0ed;

As far as $13, you may not have deposited minimum amount first (refer prepaid credits on envato).


Hi great template! How would I go about changing the css to have one sidebar oppose to 2. I’m looking at variation3_bg2

Hello christina,

Remove #column_1 (if you need sidebar to right) or #column_3 (if you need sidebar to left) and ”.divider” as per your requirement.

Adjust the dimension and padding of #column_2, to make total of 960px.

Mail me if any more queries regarding template.


Neat ! Keep up the good work

Hello amzee,

Thanks for appreciation.

Keep getting – “There was in error sending youe e-mail” pop up window on submitting data to contact form. Did everything that’s stated in help files. What can be wrong?


Have you uploaded your web page (along with all necessary files?) on server? Contact form do not work offline.

Upload page, it will work fine.

Still, if you get any errors, please contact me.



Also, how do you adjust the count down time? Can’t seem to find the code to adjust.


It is in custom.js. And how to adjust time is given in help file.


How do you modify the contact form to email you directly?

I’ve inputed my email address where is says formaction. Is this correct?

Hello jswing,

In form action give path of php file, your email id should be given in php file.

(path of php file should also be given in validation jquery, it is described in help file).

Mail me through profile page if you can not make contact form to work.


Works perfectly, thanks alot for the quick help! I appreciate that.

Is it possible to use videos with the lightboxes in the lower right corner? So that you can embed a Youtube video in the popup?

Hello argosmedia,

Yeah, it is possible to use fancybox for videos (why fancybox…because we already have fancybox attached for image gallery).

Mail me through profile page, I will send additional js required for videos along with help file.


Please check mail.


can this be used on facebook by any chance?

It is a web template. When used on facebook, it will appear with scroll as it is not customized for facebook.


can you provide some instruction on how to get the “join our mailing list” to work with mailchimp or aweber


As per my knowledge, it needs to copy some values from the form that we create in MailChimp, and replace it in the html code of template. Personally I’ve not used MailChimp, so unable to provide much info.

Please feel free to contact if any queries regarding this template.



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