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Looks great. Good luck, friend ! ;)

Hello, Just wanted to know what you would charge for editing the template? Please get back with me as soon as possible.


No one on our team has AIM. are we able to contact you through email?

Still waiting on a response!

contact “info – at – surgd dot com”

I just bought this theme. It’s great, but I’m having two problems occur.

a) trying to view my site ( using this theme ) via safari on an iPhone causes the browser to crash.

b) when scrolling back to the top the top the image in the ‘hero’ class doesn’t render properly or load at all.

Please assist.

On point a) I realized that it had to do with my phone.

Sorry for the delay, Holiday bustle… As for (b) what device/browser/version is this occurring on?

Hi, nice theme! Whar font is used in the logo?

Zekton Rg


Hello, i purchased this beautifull theme. I’m non able to istall it on my wordpress site. When i trying to install it with the zip file downloaded i’m having this error message :

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Pls help me.

Thanks. Alberto

This is not a Wordpress Theme, HTML only sorry.

Hello guys, I’ve installed PROLINE template on and adapted it to my client.

If you see it in a PC; it’s OK, and works fine. But if you check it on tablet or smartphones, you will see that images on <section class=”fix-1”, <section class=”fix-2”, <section class=”fix-3”, <section class=”fix-4” are badly displayed. It’s like it has a zoom and picture is awful. It’s not like it should be…

Can you let me know which CSS to modify/adapt to FIX this? As I didin’t modify any of that part of CSS and I need to finish it for my client…

Please let me know asap.


Hello… ?

That is part of the parallax. You can just disable the plugin.

Hello, I just bought the proline theme. Works very well on desktop browsers.

On mobile & pad browsers., the browsers crash! :(

Any solution for this? Please advise.

regards, Ravi

Just FYI, your live preview link shows a hostgator placeholder page.