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Awesome theme! So clean!

nice work…

Thanks all… really appreciate the kind words.

I’m so happy to finally see this theme up here! I feel like a new father. ;)

May I see video on portfolio page? There is an administrative panel included?

May I use cufon or google for typography?

May I display tag to post?

Thanks in advance for your replay

Video is not available out of the box, however with some modification it can be done.

You may use any font you wish but you’ll need to add the changes yourself which is rather easy. Feel free to post on the support forum for some help.

Tags to post should be fine.


Hi! Quick question. I am looking for a theme that has multiple portfolio pages, the one I have now I do not believe does. For example in the main nav I want to have student portfolio, photography, “the real world” (work stuff), then under each of these I want different sub categories…under student portfolio I want branding, poster design etc then under photography I want nature, portrait etc and so on and so on. Is this possible with this theme?

Thank you!

Unfortunately it doesn’t right now, however we may add this functionality in the near future.

Great one! :)

Congrats for the first one too ;)

Nice theme! I just don’t understand why things like toggles and tabs wouldn’t be included. They are just so useful and many people don’t know how to add them themselves. Same with video support and cufon or google fonts.

Would also be nice to see things like: pricing tables, service page icons, tour, newsletter sign up, and some other shortcodes.

Not knocking the theme, just wish it had more options to play with. Good luck with sales :)

Nice concept and beautiful realization!

I really like this theme:

Can the background image be changed?

Can the portfolio be displayed under the slider on home page as an alternative layout?

Where are the social network icons?


The background can be changed with a small CSS edit which we can help you with over at the support forum.

You can set the portfolio as a homepage but what you have described will take another small edit which we can also assist you with.

There are no social icons, however you can use a plugin for this kind of functionality.



I have just purchased this theme which looks fantastic but I have run into a few issues.

First of all, I am unable to register at your support forum as it said: “User registration is currently not allowed.”.

- The portfolio filter stopped working after adding a new portfolio type.

- I’d like to use custom portfolio thumbnails for the styling and branding of my site but it appears I need to use a fullsize image as the featured image as they are getting pulled in by the single portfolio page, correct? Is there a way to change this?

- There appears to be a 10px border right underneath the footer which I’d like to remove but I’m using Firebug and I can’t see where that is coming from. Any ideas?

If you need more information, please contact me via my profile page.

Thanks and goodluck with your theme!

Hi Paul, thanks for purchasing!

The forum should be working now, sorry about that. You can now register and receive your password through email.

Post your question there and we’ll do our best to help. Remember to post a link to your site if possible.



The theme looks great, I have just a few questions before I purchase:

1) Is the theme translatable?

2) How does the slider in single portfolio work? do I just add images to the post and they appear in the slider?

3) Does the theme uses custom post types for the portfolio or regular posts?

4)can I cancel the ajax in the portfolio so that a click on a portfolio item will lead to a new page?


1. Yes, it comes with .mo and .po files.

2. That is correct, any attached images to that post will display in the slider.

3. It uses a custom post type for the portfolio.

4. Yes, this is a theme option.


I just purchased the theme. I downloaded it and it is not letting me install it or activate it on my wordpress! Please help!!!!! -A

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

You probably uploaded the wrong folder. You can post any problems that occur over at the forum, here:


Hey nice theme :) but i have a problem with columns in pages… I can’t set a normal 2 columns :/

I have all content in one left column :/

Check it :/

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

If you sign up to the forum, we’ll be able to help over there:



Nice theme…does your homepage slider have a setting to transition automatically?



Yes it does. You can set it in the theme options.


great overall theme ;)

Cheers Chris, your support is much appreciated!

we buy this one but it only works with word press and I dont use that can I have another vision of this is thet a xml or html version

That’s because it’s a Wordpress theme!

Unfortunately a HTML version is not available.

Hi… The theme looks great, but if have many many problems on IE7 … You wrote on Compatible Browsers IE7 … Can you fix the problems or help?

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

If you post on the support forum, we’ll do our best to help.


Hi, Prolio Looks like a nice theme..

I have a few questions:

is it possible to attach a url/link to the homepage 980×500 slider? this way you could link to a specific project or portfolio item?

Homepage: Latest projects: Can you make a direct link to a portfolio item, within the portfolio page?..

Portfolio: Can you ad a url link in the discription field, css coloured?

Kitchen sink Is there an update planned to extend the functionalilties such as: toggles Tabs/pricing tables, etc..?

Thanx for your answers..



Hi there,

With a bit of modification you could add a link to your slides, we could help you with this in the support forum.

The portfolio area on the homepage will always link to the portfolio post it self, currently it is not possible to open it up on the portfolio page.

Yes, you can add whatever you like in the description area on the portfolio.

Yes we do have plans to release some shortcodes.