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Hello DesignerThemes,

Any plan for an html version?

Thank in advance!



Unfortunately there are no plans for a HTML version right now.



I have a few questions left

1: Can I add Google analytcs code ?

2: How is the SEO of your theme ?

Thanks for your efforts!



1. Yes

2. The code follows all the necessary standards. If you want to boost your SEO , you can use an SEO plugin.



i have a couple of questions to aski you before purchasing this theme: so far i was not able to see any shortcodes for toggles and or tabs.

are these shortcodes available or not? if not, are there any plans to provide them?

wiill there be a mobile version of the theme?

looking forward to your reply. thanks in advance, lamine

Hi Lamine,

1. These are the style shortcodes included in the current version of this theme… (one for a contact form as well)

We are actually developing a shortcode generator to include in our Engine framework that comes with all of our themes. The shortcode generator will included all of the ones you mentioned and a lot more. When it’’s ready (soon) we’ll push out an update to this theme.

2. We have plans to update this theme to be responsive for easy viewing on any mobile or web browser.

- Joe


when will you offer those features then?

The shortcode generator is in the works now so we should be updating this theme within the next week or so.

Updating this theme to be responsive is on our todo list but we haven’t started work on it yet.

ah… and i forgot to ask if it is possible that images in the featured image slider move automatically?

Yes, you can enable autoplay and set the speed.

I’ve purchased your theme as one of the best to display portfolio. I’d like to put into your consideration two possible functionalities:

- enabling to cycle through projects without the need to close project, finding next one, showing details etc. It would be a great function with arrows and possible small thumbs – previous next project, this could take into account filtering cycling through all project or just chosen category. (this is somewhat implemented in delight template)

- when closing project details site could navigate to it on the grid, If there are let’s say 50 project, would be a great scroll saver improving greatly usability and browsing

Good lack with sales, I look forward to responsive development you are about to launch.



Hey Peter,

Firstly, thank you for purchasing Prolio!

Also, these recommendations are great and make a lot of sense. They’ve been added to our todo list for the next update.


Hello – Is there to disable thumbnails on a portfolio page? It seems after I create a portfolio, upload my images and then view, each image uploaded is also thumbnail in addition to the slideshow above. Your example portfolio pages don’t have the thumbnails below the main portfolio image(s) – does this make sense?

For example on your site: The example on my site:



I don’t think I understand your question…and your example is showing a 404.

Please post your question with more info in our support forums and we’ll help you work it out.


Hi Guys,

Just bought the theme and I was wondering if an unlimited number of portfolios is achievable on one instance of WordPress with the current version?

Great work on this. The portfolio is really slick.

Thanks for the purchase!

You can have as many portfolio posts as you wish under one portfolio. Having multiple portfolios is currently not possible without some development.


Goddamn it, i love this theme! I am looking forward to the update. When will you make it fully responsive?


i how do i place a another background image (png/ jpg)?

Hi Lamine, thanks for purchasing.

If you ask over at the support forum we’ll be able to offer our help.


Hi Guys,

After working on this template and managing portfolio another two things resulting in web usability came to my mind:

1. portfolio paging – I ve over 200 elements and scrolling up and down when viewing project details could make it easier to navigate also loading is improved. I mentioned earlier about navigating through projects without leaving detail page when viewport engaged. Together it improves navigation.

2. Widget displaying latest portfolio /portfolio category on pages. 3/4th of the code is ready – you have it on main page. With this user is able to write about his competences and display relevant elements pulled from database.

What you think?


p.s. looking for responsive version

Thanks for the feedback Peter.

1. We’re adding pagination to the portfolio in the next version which will be released this week… along with many other additions and improvements.

2. We’ll definitely put this on our future updates list.


I have a question:

How to remove Featured Projects and News from the home page?

Thanks, Pawel

Hi Pawel,

We’d be happy to help you in our support forums with customizing the homepage as you’ve described.



Love the theme. Excellent work!

Any idea re: release date for the update you mentioned earlier?

Just curious.

Thanks! Marc

We have submitted the version 1.2 update to ThemeForest. Just awaiting approval.

If you would like, we can send you the new version via email. Send us an email from our Profile page so that we can verify purchase and we’ll send you a download link.


Hi, I’m writing to you because my companion have purchased this theme. I think his username is Pablo but if it’s necessary I will ask the correct username, just the fact is that he is on vacation and we really need to ask you for help because we have a problem by developing our website with your template. We have worked a lot with the theme and now we decided to offer the web multilingual. We have purchased the WPML plugin because we tought it was really complete but at this moment it doesn’t works correctly in this theme. The portfolio items doesn’t load when you change the language. I mean, the porfolio page appears but when you click one of the thumbnails to get into the project and watch the images or video, it doesn’t load. And we also don’t know how to translate the home’s witgets (that show the services). We are really worried about that and we hope you could help us, please.

Thank you very much.

Hi, finally we found the keys to get into themeforest with the username we bought your template. Well, I will try to explain again our problem. I’m writing to you because we have worked a lot with your theme, and really love it, but when we decided to offer our web multilingual we noticed that something was going wrong. We have purchased the WPML plugin because firstly we tought it was really complete but at this moment it doesn’t works correctly with prolio theme and we don’t know why. The portfolio items doesn’t load when you change the language. I mean, the porfolio page appears but when you click one of the thumbnails to get into the project and watch the images or video, it doesn’t load. And we also don’t know how to translate the home’s witgets (that show the services). If you need we can give you the url. We are really worried about that and we hope you could help us, please.

Thank you very much.

Hi Pablo, thanks for purchasing.

If yo head on over to the support forum, we’ll be able to help you.


Thanks for your response. Well, we revised your forum and we noticed that nobody has the same problem like us. So, we registered in your forum and we posted our problem again. And now we are just wainting for su response again. Because as we said, we are really worried about that, we don’t know how to follow developing our website till we can resolve this problem.

Thanks a lot.

Great theme, solid, clean design, WELL -ORGANIZED code (clear and concise, well commented), and AMAZING SUPPORT .

Thank you for this – it’s nice to see a professional quality theme. To quote lamine, “Goddamn it, i love this theme!”

Well said.

Thank’s a lot pdxtrixie!

Your support is greatly appreciated!



thanks for the theme…

Where i can find the sample_site_content.xml! There is no on arichive i downloaded

Pls help



Hi, great work on this theme – with regards making it responsive, do you have any dates you’d expect this to be completed? Thanks

Our next theme (which will be available very soon) is going to fully responsive. We’ve learned a lot building it and once it is complete we will look at updating Prolio to be responsive as well.


I have a question before I purchase this theme.

Is the home page easily customizable? Or is it widgetized? I don’t have a portfolio and don’t want to use that feature, and may want to put other things in place of the twitter feed.

Also, can you put more than three services in the services section of the homepage?

Thank you!


The services are made of widget areas and so is the bottom of the home page, where the twitter feed is so yes you can easily edit these areas.


Great theme! The only problem is, there is no contact-template in my .zip :( I looked everywhere.. and can’t create a contact form!

did I do something wrong?


The contact form is created with the our [contact-form] shortcode.

Just enter [contact-form] where you want to display the form or you can use click the custom editor button to insert into a post/page like this….