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I very much like the Prolio theme. Before purchasing it I have a question:

Is it possible to create two sorts of portfolio pages (one ‘portfolio’ and one ‘examples’ page) which use the same lay-out but on each page only show either portfolio items (in various categories) or examples (in various categories)?


This isn’t possible right now but we are working on an update to support multiple portfolios which will probably be available next week.


Thanks for your reply!

I have also noticed that the theme is not yet 100% responsive. Is that still on the TO DO list as well and when will that be fixed?


Yes, we are fixing the responsive bugs as we speak. They’ll be included in the update too.


FYI – It looks like the theme is throwing some errors right now.

Hi – Thanks for the heads-up. Should be fine now.


Can the color of the black background and text color be changed? Are there no social network icons? Can the portfolio area be placed under the slider? Thanks

The text link/highlight color can be set via a color picker in the theme options panel. The other changes are easily done with some minor CSS tweaks.

Also, portfolio area can be moved easily. We can show you how in the forum.

The slider doesn’t move on it’s own and no animation? Will social network icons be on update? Can that icons on left side of each area “Services”, “Latest Projects” be removed? Thanks.

Could you post this issue in the support forum with a link to your URL ? We’ll give you a hand over there.


I looking at the preview, I don’t know if it’s a problem that the slider doesn’t move on it’s own or if it’s designed that way…that’s why I was asking

Hi Cherndon,

The slider doesn’t autoplay in the demo as we have it turned off, however you can easily turn it on. There is an option for it.

About the icons – you do not need to include an icon if you don’t want to.


Hi, Great theme!

I was wondering how I would go about adding some copy to the home page like a welcome introduction? currently I see you have the 3 different areas to add copy to Our Services/Latest Projects/News & Updates now I want to do away with the Latest Projects/News & Updates which I can see I could comment out in the code but I have added some copy to the Home page and would like to show this below the Our Services section… how do I go about doing this?

Look forward to your reply…


Hi gcweb, thank you for purchasing!

Please head over to our support forum here and we’ll help you out.

Hello, congrats with the wonderful theme! I have a question before purchasing it. Will it be possible to make the feature slider on the homepage full width, and also stretching out to the top as well (no upper margin)? So the logo and nav are both in the pic? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your interest.

This isn’t possible out of the box but with a bit of modification it would be possible.



Is the theme written in HTML5 / CSS3 ?


First of all, this is one of the nicest looking themes on Themeforest… I’m blown away. I can’t wait to buy it and tweak it to fit my design. I do have a few concerns: – Images in the blog section don’t seem to scale for mobile devices – I’m hoping this is just a bug that will be fixed soon. – Is there a way for the portfolio page to use the fluid/responsive isotope grid system where a super-wide image could span two columns? I’d love to see a more masonry-type look rather than just a 3 column grid with isotope filtering. If I’m not explaining myself well, take a look at the isotope example: – you can see there are elements that span more than one column.

Anyways, I love this theme and will buy it right after I hear back (hopefully with good news about those two things)!

Hi there,

The blog image is a bug and can be fixed with a one line CSS change. We have added it to the update list however.

For the portfolio masonry effect, it will take some modification on your end to accomplish as there isn’t actually an option to do this out of the box.


Sorry, forgot one more question – is there a way to implement another level to the responsive design. I see it is currently max’d out at 980px, but I was wondering if there could be a 1280px width in the future for 1600/1920px screens. Might also be cool to expand and collapse the width depending on the page (portfolio you might want 1280px while the rest of the pages should tighten back to 980px)


If you’re familiar with CSS , it shouldn’t be a problem but it will take quite some modification to accomplish.


After searching through the comments and support threads. I am still having an issue with my portfolio page. When I upload/insert my images into the content section it appears on the top slider and within the text. I just want the image to be in the top slider.

Thanks for the help

You only need to upload the image, NOT insert it. Just remove the image from your content area if you have inserted it.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to post in the forums.

Dear DesignerThemes. I was wondering, if you could give me a hint in where to change the allowed number of portfolio-items i the (featured-projects) rows. As out of the box, the framework seemingly only allows three portfolio items in one row, but when working with resolutions above 980px it sure would be nice to expand the portfolio row of featured-projects to, lets say, four shown portfolio-items instead of three. Can you help me out?

Thanks for purchasing one of our themes!

We like to answer all customer support questions in our support forum so that others can benefit from them as well. If you’d like to start a new thread over there, one of us will take a look at your issue.

Is it possible for the “responsiveness” to be turned off so it doesn’t happen on mobile devices and just shows the regular site?

There isn’t an option but you can remove all the mobile styling from style.css. It’s labeled at the bottom near the media queries.

If you have any other support related questions please post them in our support forum so others can benefit from them as well.


thanks for the fast reply—if it’s in CSS then I’ll go from there. Thanks!

Hi, I like this theme. But I would like to use a portfolio page as home page. I guess that is possible, or? Is it possible to have four colums instead of three there? Thanks!


Portfolio as the home page isn’t a problem! It will take some modification to get four columns but that’s something we can help you with in the forum.



In Chris Coyier’s Blog CSS -Tricks under his deals page it said I would get a free version of his book “Digging into Wordpress” if I purchased the Pro version of any theme. After clicking the link I found this theme I’m interested in. I was referred here. Does that mean I have to get the extended Licence to get the Book? When getting the regular Licence it doesn’t say anything about this deal.


Hello, since we moved our themes over to ThemeForest that deal no longer applies because we don’t sell Pro versions of our themes any longer. If you do end up buying one of pur themes, send me an email to and I’ll take care of you. ;) wink wink


Seems like the “Live Preview” is down..

Apologies, looks like our host is having a hiccup. Should be back up shortly.


We love the theme, but we’re unable to see the slideshow in Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Is this an issue that can be resolved?

Hi hdco,

You might want to make sure you’re using the latest version of the theme. Other than that, please head over to the support forum and we’ll do our best to help.


Love the theme. Thanks for creating a great product.

First of all : Lovely theme !

However, I want to change the color of the text which is displayed on every page. But I can’t seem to find the right css class?! And I do not mean the mouse over links which you can change within the theme option panel, I just mean the regular text.

Thanking you in advance!

Thanks for purchasing one of our themes!

We like to answer all customer support questions in our support forum so that others can benefit from them as well.

Hi…Absolutely LOVE this theme. Will launch my portfolio using this theme in the next day or so.

Wanted to know if the option to use more than one “portfolio” page was possible yet.

MoniqueMartens asked this question about a month ago and you had said you would be including this feature in an update within a week or so.

What’s the status on this?

Forgive me if I missed the update and it’s already available.


Thanks!... Yes, in the last update, v2.3 released on Feb. 22nd, we added the ability for unlimited portfolios.