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I think I figured it out. I’ll start a new thread in the support forum if I have any issues.

I am interested in purchasing this theme, but have a few questions with regards to the home page slider.

Can this be made clickable to a post? Can it cycle through automatically without pressing the arrows.


Yes, you can link a slide to a post/page. See the 4th slide in the demo…

Yes, you can set the slider to autoplay as well as speed and number of slides to show…

Cheers :)

How do you control the number of boxes showing on the Portfolio?

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

Please post support inquiries in our dedicated support forum. We’ll take good care of you over there. Cheers!

One of the finest WP themes that we have worked with. The guys at designer themes are not only good in developing sublime looking themes, their after sale support is great. Will certainly consider buying themes from them again.

Thanks for the props! You’ve unlocked the “Awesomeness” badge. ;)

hi there Would this theme work in a Wordpress multisite please?

Yes, all of our themes work with multisite. Actually, we use multisite for our demo sites. :)

Hi! Is it possible to reduce the height of the slider? If so, where will i find the CSS for that?

Many thanks!

Sure, we can help you out with that in the support forum. Thanks :)

Demo Page Showing Error

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function dt_get_page_selector() in /nfs/c06/h02/mnt/89173/domains/ on line 120”.

Pls update it. I am interested in this Theme. Like to check the demo for features.

We were making some changes. Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

posted a note in the support forum about a possible bug with wp 3.3.2 and prolio 2.4. All post content is lost after we create a menu and activate. please get back with us. thank you!

Hi DesignerThemes,

I see you helped someone else out with the slide linking by placing a link in the excerpt…is there a way I can make the slide link just from clicking on the slide? I’ve removed the excerpt from the slider code…

I appreciate your help and your time – thanks! Theresa

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

So that other users can benefit from our responses, we kindly ask that you post any support inquiries in our dedicated support forum ( All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.

Hi there, very interested in this theme… is it fully google web font capable? regards stephanie

We’ve decided not to build google fonts functionality into our themes but you can easily use a google font with a little custom css. We can show you how to do that in the forum… Cheers!

It will be work in mobile… resizing isn’t the best way to check responsiveness. Reload the page once you’ve resized. :)

Hi, where do you include the latest version of jquery – I can’t find it in any of the files. I need to load a specific version of jquery as the latest version is causing conflicts with some plugins i’m using. Thanks

Please post your question in our dedicated support forum:

Our developer will help you out there.


Bought this theme 6 months ago and today we still revisit the support forum for guides on certain theme customization. Very, very helpful!

Terrific theme + after sale support = priceless.

Awesome! Glad we can help. :)

I need some help with the prolio home page.

The documentation explains that in order to populate the home page area you go under appearance widgets.

Under appearance widgets there are only widgets for 2 out of the 3 columns.

There is Home Column 1, Home Column 2, Home Column 3. These are all for the top area with the dark grey back ground

There are 2 widgets for the bottom area with the white background. These are called Home bottom Center and Home bottom right.

My question is, where are the widgets for the middle row with the lighter grey background?

That middle section is pulls in your portfolio items. You can specify the number of items and title for that section via the Display tab in the theme options panel.

If you have any other support questions please post your question/topic in our dedicated support forum:

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.

Hi there,

Great theme. I’m considering it, but need to know if I can set up with a full screen image/photo as a background.


Yes, you can set this from the custom CSS section in the theme options panel.

I just updated my site to WP 3.5.1 and the Prolio Main menu no longer shows its pull down menus. Do I have to replace the entire menu from scratch?? Or, am I missing a theme update? I’m not a programmer, so easy easy would be great!

There was a new version of the jQuery script released and it broke some of our themes. We’ve fixed them and submitted the updates. You can re-download the latest copy from your ThemeForest account.


You can download the latest version from there or you can quickly fix it yourself. Just go to this file /engine/engine.php and remove the three lines shown here…

The feedback of the implemented ajax contact form does not fit to the design of this theme. there is nowhere a possibility or any instruction how to customize the contact form. As a buyer I’m disappointed about that, because this makes the theme not serious for me.

Please post your issue in our dedicated support forum and a developer will help you out.

The filters on my Portfolio page are no longer working. I have updated the plugins, any other ideas?


Hmm, sorry you’re having trouble. Please post your issue in our support forum with a link and our developer will look into it for you.

Hi there,

Maybe this is a really stupid question but I would like to buy the “Method, a Responsive WordPress Theme” that I got when I tried the live preview of your theme. But when I click on “buy item” I get back to “Prolio” Am doing something wrong? Or are they both the same?

Thanks in advance

Must be something wrong with the link. The method theme is available for sale on our website,

Thanks! Than I’m a happy new owner of Method :)

Hi There,

I left an question on ticket last week I have no reaction yet, but I have a few questions I have in the slider a white space underneath my image and the navigation bar, how can I fix that?

I don’t want to show the widgets but the top line of the widget area stays on every page how can I delete this?

The first tap at the portfolio page says overview how can I change that one?

those are the important ones..Can you please help me? So I can put the website online as soon as possible?

Thanks in advance

Please add you purchase code to your support ticket. Thanks