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Excellent Job.


thanks, glad you like it:)

Having some issues after playing with the theme for over a week. Let me lay them out in order.

1. AdminCP quick menu that is normally at the top of the website when you are logged into a admin account is missing, instead there is just a white area on the top of the web pages where that quick menu should be.

2. When posting articles or new posts, the html for spaces or paragraph breaks is not transferring. For example, if I add a couple of lines between paragraphs the html is compacting the paragraph form so it looks like a huge run on paragraph.

3. Is there a way to extend the size of the post width, right now images that are 1000px are getting cut off.

4. When making a font Bold it converts the color to White and it is not noticeable on the page with the white background. I have tried to manually change the color of those bold text but it defaults to white when published.

5. The Send button on the Contact page is missing, actually it isn’t visible because if you click in the area it should be, it will try to send, just can’t see it.

Besides these little issues, theme is pretty nice!

Didn’t work, any other ideas?

...worked, damn cache!

Disregard #2, new Wordpress update corrected this issue

hi, i already purchased your theme, i would like to ask is there any way to install the theme or data file to make it same as your demo ? so that will be easier to modify from that instead of setting up ?

use the sample data files in the /sampledata/ folder, in Tools > Import (the .xml one) and in the theme options panel > import / export, the .txt one

On the homepage, under “recent works”, listing all the categories this regardless if only one category is selected in the “Categories included in the recent work area”

Translated with Google Translate

send me a wordpress admin account + the dashboard url + the issue via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Hello, I’m looking to purchase does your theme support/or have

  • for the images widget, can I put that in other page layouts, if so how?
  • I did not find this, Can I show sliders on other pages
  • change slider width, background color
  • is the theme SEO optimized
  • tag cloud
  • user control/setting, for letting them choose the theme color (i.e. Let the user pick his color)
  • layout page for download, where its visible once he paid for the item
  • I want to rename the wp-content folder, will your theme stop working if I do this
  • Do you support to RTL

Also, what other (popular) plugins has it been tested with.

1) what images widget?
2) By default not, planned for the next release. But you can surely use any 3rd party plugin for this as there are many
3) With customization, yes
4) Yes, it’s SEO optimised.
5) Yes, you can see it in the demo, in the right area
6) Yes, but it won’t be stored(i.e. other users won’t be able to see the theme and the same user won’t see the changed theme if he returns on a later date)
7) Not by default, that’s not related to the theme but to a 3rd party plugin that should handle the downloads.
8 ) It should work fine
9) By default no, here’s a tutorial:

as regarding the plugins, I tested just wp pagenavi, but the theme was designed with all the wordpress standards in mind so it should work with most of the plugins

is this theme compatible with Woo Commerce? thanks great looking theme

It’s not an e-commerce theme, but if you use their shortcodes I think it should work fine.

Greetings, any way to have the Custom Background image not repeat itself > then when scrolling down it will go to a color? cheers

yes, please post your url

1 More question about the Slider, My actuall page looks like this:

And i want to make it fit but it wont at full width…

Having problems with making Full Width work with ought cutting out most the image..

post your url please

Hello! Proma Options – Colorization & Fonts – Enable custom colorization & font changes? = YES, means color panel on the left side of the homepage is off. Then I cannot see the selectable backgrounds from the top to the bottom. As example the selectable background “Grey lines texture” shows up on top from left to right, but not from the top to the bottom. Here is a screenshot:

If the color and background selector panel on the left side is on, it works.

Please help me. Thank you!

cristi at teothemes dot com

You got mail :-)

cool, I’ll answer you there

Hello, Very good, congratulations. You have some XML file of the demo version? It helped a lot to work from there.

thank you

Yes, it’s in the /sampledata/ folder

How we make this theme retina ready? Some elements, logo, etc… looks very ugly on retina displays? What I need to change in the code? I have my logo in different sizes Here is a site in german language which describes a solution:


How do I get the small picture on the side of the title on the four service areas on the homepage.?

Add the link to the image in the Icon custom field.

Perfect. Thanks

You’re welcome

How do I get the Image slider to work? How do I set it up?

You’ll need to install and configure the plugin included in the package, check the read me folder

I’m trying to get rid of the recent works on the bottom of the homepage. managed to get rid of my clients, but can’t seem to do it for recent works.

Any idea?


URL please

Hi, nice theme. I need my service page to have sub-categories in the page. Is this possible? Thanks This is a page with a right sidebar. And you have the categories listed there(the same thing happens with pages, you can stylize it in any way you want via style.css)

ok thanks. 2 last questions please: 1. Is there a client testimonials page? 2. Is it possible to make the background color different for each page?

1) Not by default, only the homepage 2

2) With some customization, yes, like in any other theme, wp adds its own unique classes to the body tag so you can stylize them individually

Don’t know if it was already told but in footer.php line 21 :

<?php if($proma[‘facebook’] != ’#’) { ?>

You have to change ‘facebook’ by ‘twitter’ if you want it to work normally.

yep, typo, thanks. But how did you see the code if you didn’t purchase it? :-p

My client bought it :)

Cool. Thanks again:)

Hello, I have the following problem check the attached image. error message on the slide.óveis-e-Oficina-Certificada.png So far only added the theme and upload the sample data .XML

thank you

Try going to the theme options panel and saving the data once

hello, how i can i switch my clients to a colored logo and change to black and white when hoovered over? thanks

It should do that automatically, use normal logos(colored) and it should work by default

Hi, really nice template. One question: how i can write my adress on the right side next to the contact form. Is it possible to see more Skills shortcode for the editor or write some more on my own? Thanxx and cheers

That’s just a text widget with custom html code

As for the skills shortcode, you can use it any number of times, it doesn’t matter.