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Hello My client buyed this theme (cool theme btw) and I have just one problem : how do I activate the formatting for the shortcodes, especially between one_half ?!

Thanks for your help !

the formatting is already enabled and should work. Some tags may not be accepted, you can modify the list with the allowed html tags in includes/shortcodes.php at the top

Thanks ! strong & em was missing for me . Thank you once again ! Hai Romania :)

Hello, something super basic … How to change the word “HOME” to “INICIO”?

it’s in teoPanel/custom-functions.php in the show_top_menu function

Tanks Man ?

Hello: i have problems with the post pages because in my web i don’t have the  Slide images, sub header title,  the right sidebar information and the recent works in the bottom.

you can see your theme proma example here:

And you can see my web:

Please help me.

Please post your request with the account used to purchase the theme

hello, my portfolio page does not look like the demo do i have to add my own widgets to make it work?

Hello. That’s a post, the one you posted above. You’ll need to create a page and use the Portfolio page template(1-2-3 or 4 columns) and select some categories from where to show posts(portfolio items – featured images from posts) in the PAge Template Settings

Thank you, I figured it out,

Hi, how can i make my portfolio area like in the demo, i cant find where to add sub header title and recent posts that scroll on the bottom. the right sidebar information an the recent works in the bottom like in the demo, mine does not look the same

What’s your URL and what’s the demo URL you’re trying to achieve?


Where can I find the sample data?

Found it! Closed!

when the menu collapse on computer browser, the submenu effect doesn’t work! Say, when cursor hovers, then the submenus quiver and collapse and you can’t really click on it!! I bought this theme 2 months ago when it just released. Now when I check it again, and found there is no update at all during the past months, let alone some new features update! (other theme I bought usually improve some new features from time to time) Overall, I feel frustrated and disappointed about the developer!! You should make fully testing before you sell it, man!

tested on Mac with Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

I checked it on all the browsers and it works fine. As for updates, you’re buying the theme as-is, not updates or any extra features you might need.

I have a same question on homepage as damatta, “On the homepage, under “recent works”, listing all the categories this regardless if only one category is selected in the “Categories included in the recent work area””

I will send you a wordpress admin account, please check it, thanks!

Cheer, thank you buddy.

You’re welcome. Please rate the theme in the downloads section of TF

Hi! how can i get rid of the home/ search bar in the middle of the home page? also, how do i change the background in the footer? thanks so much!

Add this to style.css:

.home .pagetitle {
display: none !important;

for the footer bg, add this to style.css:

.footer-widgets {
background-image: url("link to the new bg image") !important;

great! If i want to remove the bar from all of my other pages how do I do that? I tried replacing “home” with the page title but that didn’t work

use just

.pagetitle {
display: none !important;

Thanks for your help thus far! How can i remove the latest blog post/ Testimonials from the homepage?

Try adding to style.css:

.home .cont_pad {
display: none;

yes, but it also took away the 3 circles :(

Send me a wordpress admin account + your request via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it


How I apply the “clear” in last column? Usually the code use a different class to show last column. For example:

one-half last=”y”

Doesn’t matter, you can use any e-mail you want and then send it to the contact form on my profile

Ok. I send for you. Thanks.

Ok, will answer you there.


i purchased ur theme i need some help from you which are as follows. 1. i want to service area like in ( home page 2 template ) and recent work area like in ( home page 1 template ) how can i do this? 2. i want to make post with slider option how can i make it? 3. i want to remove client area how can i do this even CLIENT option is not shown on dashboard? 4. how can i setup the theme with demo material?


Abdur Rafay

1) Unfortunately it’s not possible to combine the two of them without some customization, sorry.

2) Just create a new slider, get the shortcode for that slider and put that shortcode in any post content

3) Send me your request and a wordpress admin account + your url via the contact form on my profile

4) Import the .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress

Thanks dear i will try with these instructions i hop that it will will help me out


Abdur Rafay

You’re welcome

I just purchased this theme, but i cant install it! I am hosted at Dreamhost where I installed wordpress 3.5.1. When I try to install the theme, I get the following message:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Whats the problem??

Answered via e-mail, install it via FTP

Hi! How can I manage circles in alternative home page?

I’ve lost my homepage2, and Page Template Settings empty. Please tell me how to re-enable the homepage2?

I deal with it, thanks!


Other question. When I use [one_half], the “bold” or “strong” doesn´t work. How I can fix this?


in includes/shortcodes.php at the top there are some allowed html tags for the shortcodes, you can add strong and bold to the list of allowed html tags there

Please, send me the code and I´ll add.

answered below

Can you provide more detailed instructions on working with the shortcodes? Bulleted lists, tabs, tuggle, icons, buttons, etc.

Check the documentation included with the theme package

Hello: Please help: I dont have the tab in the left menu of wp admin for edit the Clients section. How i can activate it?

You don’t have the buyer badge

Yes. its because the User hollySnails bought the theme for me. i appreciate if you wants help me. but if you cant i will talk to her for the question again from her user.

Thanks for your time.

Tell her to send a message through the contact form with the issue and a wordpress admin account + her url and I’ll fix it. :)

i have a problem with proms because in my wp admin not appear the tab in the left menu to edit the clients section. I install the demo and all works perfect. But only this section doesn’t work.

Please help: I dont have the tab in the left menu of wp admin for edit the Clients section. How i can activate it?

fixed via e-mail

How do I change the menu font? thanks!

Post your url please

Add this to style.css:

.sf-menu > li > a {
font-family: your-font-family !important;