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I’m trying to recreate the layout you have on the demo theme for the portfolio single page and I’m not having much luck. I don’t know if I’m just overlooking something simple or it’s a more complex issue. Please help me.

Hello. You can import the sample .xml file from the /sampledata/ folder in Tools > Import > WordPress and see how I created it. :)


what’s the last version of this theme ?

Thank you

yes, in style.css at the top

Thank you : i have to upgrade

Hi, I bought another theme, e.g. Proma, and have this error:

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/udonazxy/public_html/wp-content/themes/Proma/teoPanel/custom-functions.php on line 79

My URL is

Hello. Go to the Proma options panel and save the options once.


I installed the theme, and I’m setting it … But I’m with some doubts, one of them is the reason of my Portfolio items are not aligned in the homepage, another question is that I added a few customers, and how is random, sometimes the logo of a customer is greater than the other and the images are in two rows. And another question is the area of ??the homepage SERVICES, I wish I could write there, out instead of syncing with pages.



For each portfolio item you have the option to choose its size, use uniform sizes and not like the ones you have now(if you want big ones, use 2 big ones to fill one row, not just one)

And about the logos, they look fine to me

For the services, unfortunately it’s not possible to write them manually, but you can create 3 pages only for them and not use those anywhere else

Hello! I can not find “Related projects” options in Proma options.

On the portfolio single page, the related projects is displaying all categories from Posts.

I choose right categories for “Recent work” and “Portfolio categories” if they are someway related with “Related projects”

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation and didn’t have an internet connection most of the time.

You can send me the problem and a WordPress admin account + your URL via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it

Hello, I can not find where I determine which category the ‘Related Projects’ will pull. For example, this is the link of one of the projects ( but he takes matters blog too, then I would determine which category it will catch.

Hello. Please send me your problem, your URL and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

You do not work twitter icon and display records from Twitter-fix awake?

Hello. The twitter API 1.0 was retired and now the 1.1 version requires an application created by each user individually which makes it almost impossible to use for marketplace themes, in the next update it will be removed, I’d suggest using a plugin and registering your own application on twitter.

If you have not noticed you are not working are two different plug-you answered one by one. Second required to report such problems in advance

Sorry but I can’t understand your message

Hi, how can I add an image to the 4 content area like in your demo? Thanks.

and also, how can I change the default homepage to homepage 2? Thank you

Hello. Which 4 content areas are you reffering to? Can you post the url of the page here?

For the other homepage, create a page with the Homepage 2 page template and choose it as a static homepage in Settings > reading

I’m sorry but I am new to wordpress. I have purchased your theme and can’t find where to put the slider on the home page. I can find the slider in the dashboard like the image on your forest theme page shows. Can you help me? Thanks

Hello. Please post your requests using the account you used to purchase the theme.

I made a mistake in the thema Proma at => General Settings on the 3rd option “Super admin username You can show the theme options only for a user admin with this option! CAUTION WITH THIS! . ” By mistake I put the userneme more and now I do not see the menu and the Options Option Proma thema’s gone I know that for this protection is that the option is to display the Options only to the User Administrator, I would like to know how do I get back to show the Options on the theme “Proma Option”

Thank you

Hello. Go to functions.php and find

if($proma['superadmin'] == '' || $current_user->user_login == $proma['superadmin']) 

replace it with

//if($proma['superadmin'] == '' || $current_user->user_login == $proma['superadmin'])

thank you

you’re welcome

Hi, I am having problems with my template. I cant see how to include and edit the pages you have in demo i.e About us, Services, Contact etc.

Also, i see in your documentation that you mentioned a revolution slider menu but, looking at my admin, i don’t have revolution slider.

I would like to remove “Recent work” from the homepage.


Hi, personally i don’t know how to do that, would you be so kind as to help me with that? I can give you my wp details.

ok, i found how to import the sample data. thanks

I’m sorry but I am new to wordpress. I have purchased your theme and can’t find where to put the slider on the home page. I can find the slider in the dashboard like the image on your forest theme page shows. Can you help me?

I cant find where to load the slider. I would really like to make the site look like the demo home page.

Also how do I get rid of the color chart on the home page?

Thank you.

I did. But I still didn’t see the plugin.

Never mind I got it. Now I am getting a Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes)

That’s a problem with your web host, you’ll need to talk to them to allow your account more memory

Okay I have I think one last question. How do I get the slider on the home page? I want my home page to look like the demo with the slider on it.

Thank you

Install the Revolution slider plugin, configure it or import the sample file from the sampledata folder and then put the id of the slider in the Proma options panel

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Okay I lied about that being my last question. Is there a way I can Change the name of the recent work section to something else?

Hello! Yes, you can change it in home.php

Thank you. I do have one last thing. How do I get the color chart off of the website. Thank you again for your help.

Hi. Add this to style.css:

#stlChanger {
display: none;

I am trying to create a child theme so I can modify the footer color and page title bar color & size. I looked up and followed the directions from different sources, which all said the same thing but the child style.css would not inherit the Proma style.css.

I posted a question about creating a child theme this morning but have gotten no response. And I really need an answer to this asap or I need to ask for a refund. I’ve done research, tried changing things around but the child theme will still not inherit the Proma main theme’s CSS. I REALLY need this answered asap. I do not want to make major changes to the direct CSS and then have it wiped out when an update comes along. It looks like it inherits some aspects of the Proma theme but not the major formatting.

This is the child theme CSS.

Theme Name: Proma-child
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for Proma
Author URI:
Template: Proma
Version: 1.2

@import url(”../Proma/style.css”);

Hello. During weekends I don’t usually provide support. For the child theme, try importing these css files too from the parent theme

@import "../Proma/css/reset.css";
@import "../Proma/css/skeleton.css";
@import "../Proma/css/superfish.css";
@import "../Proma/css/flexslider.css";

Trying this again since there is clearly no refund or any other way for support. I can’t figure out why this theme doesn’t work with a child theme when most others do. I really need to get this work done and make customizations without an update wiping them all out. Please respond. I’m not keen on the idea of completely wasting $40 and there are many features of this theme I like but I must be able to change the footer color and title bar color in a child theme.

Hello. Please calm down, this is a support board, not live chat. And I do not offer support during weekends and / or live support. We’re not robots. I answered your question in the previous message.

It worked! Thank you so much for responding. I completely understand the weekend thing. I got a job late Friday that had to be done by Monday so I was desperate for answers and was having several technical difficulties with many things over the weekend. Thank you again for your reply.

You’re welcome!

I was trying to install your demo slider to see how you constructed the slides. The “slider_options.txt” file (copied into the “import from file” box in Proma Options) does not seem to accomplish anything. I have the other pieces installed: proma.wordpress.2012-12-17.xml and proma_options_17-12-2012.txt installed.

Create a slider yourself and after that, click on it, you should see this

Yep, that’s where the import link is.

Do you need further assistance?


I have an issue with the shadow on the pagetitle. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I need the pagetitle to be a blue color and a bit smaller. I changed it to just the color, I then changed the original image to a color and placed it in the child image folder so it would read it. I changed all the settings back to the original but it was always just a grey bar and not the shadow that is on the demo.

.pagetitle {
background:url(images/bg_tagline.png) repeat-x;
.pagetitle h1 {
text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
margin:17px 25px;

so do you need further assistance?

I don’t think so unless there’s a better way :) I figured out that the .png file was larger than what I was making the pagetitle size so I modified the .png. But before I was using just a color and not pointing to a file so I wasn’t sure how to fix that. I just did a gradient to white on the .png.

I’m also having issues with figuring out the contact page you created in the demo. I’ve looked through all the comments, saw where you said its a widget but is this a page widget plugin that I need to add? I’ve tried the contact side bar widget but it didn’t do anything. I’ve looked through the help file but its only about the map. I’ve looked for other supporting documents but couldn’t find the needed information. I really like your contact page layout and I’m trying to recreate it but I must be totally missing something. Also, the pagetitle shows up as a subheader but I have no way to remove it.

Hello. Please send your problems and a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it

I sent you the message information through email on your profile page.

Ok, will check it there