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Beautiful template! :-)

Thanks :)


is it possible to set the “images in phone” (mockup) to autoplay animation (like in “Reviews”)?



It will be possible in next update :)


Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks :)

Menu on mobile view is broken :(

Very strange. Thank you for your feedback, we’ll fix it. Before we have published it, everything worked well.

No problem, nice work btw

Do you have plans to include android phones image instead iphone?

if it necessary we will do it in next update :)

what makes something necessary or not? :)

Do you have plans to include computers/laptops/notebooks also?

if it necessary we will do it in next update :)

what makes something necessary or not? :)

I think if we will get 4 more requests :)

Congrats!! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thanks :)

this is lovely, Ron i have question. What is the php file for? can the php file not be used.

I want purely html css and js, dont want to have php where i intend to place as its with a modules html block

Php is used only to send the form, if you don’t need it, you can safely delete the scripts. The contact form won’t carry out any actions. In order to make it send messages to your email, we need the implementation of the sending messages mechanism on the server.

Hi Purchased this lovely theme

Menu is broken completely for responsive/mobile

The animations shown it demo does not occur at all on downloaded source files.

placing a logo in logo area causes the gradient overlay to become block colours so you cant see the image underneath unless you keep the app icon with the P still there.

also as someone mentioned above, laptop display demos, and samsung phone displays would be great additions

please can you respond as soon as possible to the issues.

I see now someone mentioned the menu issue 10 days ago?

I emailed this address twice 8rowling8@gmail.com from my hotmail account

Very strange. Could you send me message via this form? http://dl1.joxi.net/drive/2016/08/24/0005/1091/332867/67/678b56d932.png

done matey :D

Hiya Matey, is there a section to show whats been updated in the updates, the document refers to 1.0

Plus for future updates, it be great to see what has been fixed etc, either updates breakdown on this themeforest page, or documented


Awesome matey, absolutely love the theme, well done. Any plans for a Laptop view and also client counters

From day to day, doing an update which will include all versions (iOs, Android, Descktop)

Thanks for your attention to our theme. We’ve just updated the theme and the laptop view is available now. Unfortunately, we didn’t implement the client counters. Usually, users use third party widgets to have such counters. You can easily find the counter that better fits you and the counter provider should give you JS code to add it to the site. Than you can put this code to the HTML page and that’s it. If you still have questions, feel free to contacts us.

Laptop view and android is not available? The switch options is not available anymore.. :( I`m about to buy it

Hi, you can switch versions here http://joxi.ru/52a1oGNcGLxLY2

Are u planing to make a version with both mobile and desktop together?

Hello, all versions are included in the archive

Got it, but what I meant was a version with both mobile and web together in one website/design. For products that had two modules (mobile and web)

I see. Unfortunately i not planned such improvements.

very good template, but on the Screenshots not appear cell frame, I had compared the code with what you have and online is not equal.


In the code that I downloaded, does not contain DIV where I can change the image, since the code that has in its online site is different.

Oh, I see. Thanks for letting us know. We will fix it during the next update that will come soon.


Great theme but could you please describe how to replace the logo with an image of the icon I use in the app store please? I’m a noob with html and css. Thank you.

Hi Happydj, Thank you for your feedback and sorry for delay. We’ve just noticed that we uploaded by mistaken the wrong version of the theme updates and seems like you use not correct code. We are really sorry about it. You can download the updated code now.

Regarding your problem, please, open html file that you use. For example, index.android.html. You need to find this block of code (approximately ~42-45 line of code):

<!- Set your logo here -> site logo

In this block in the tag you should change the src attribute with your image URL. As result, your block will look like this:

<!- Set your logo here ->

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best wishes, Ron

or try this code

<!-- Set your logo here --> <a id="logo" class="navbar-brand small" href="#"> <img src="YOUR IMAGE URL" alt="site logo" /> </a>



Heya matey, noticed on some mobile devices, there appears to be a white bar going vertically down, all the way to bottom on the right hand side of page, the content doesnt seem to snap into position and if you swipe left or right the whole webpage moves

Hi Dmissing,

Could you tell us which device do you use and how the bug can be reproduced? We will try to fix it asap. Also if you can send us some screenshots, it would be great.


I have a problem with the slide… the dot-buttons works only if you are not completely in the section, can you please help me to solve this issue ? Thank you, great product !!

Hi kiko_977,

Thanks for you message. Could you provide us with the details please? If you send us some link or screenshots, it would be great. Thanks!

Sure ! The address is : http://www.visitfaroeislands360.com/index.desktop.html if you need screenshots just give me an email. Thank you so much !

Awesome, thanks! Now could you please explain your problem? I was trying to play with the slider, but I’m not sure that I got you correct and as a result I don’t know how can I help. Please, tell me how I can to reproduce the bug and what is the expected behavior. Thanks!

Why in mobile device screenshots section is not OK ? Please check below image:


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