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nice start welcome to Themeforest !

Thanks a lot .

Welcome to TF dostum! Good luck with sales!

Thanks Dostum :)

Welcome to the Forest :)

Thanks Bedros

Welcome to the Forest , Nice Work !GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

very nice :)

good luck with sales

Well, I’m one of the first buyers :) Nice job!

Sidenote; can you include a LinkedIn-icon in the icons.png?

I mean, It’s a Vcard and then you often direct to your Linkedin-page.


Thanks for purchase, We will add more icons in next update, ASAP . :)

We sent an update with 5 new icons included linkedin, you can download new version when update accepted.

nice work it is very very good for the personal site I sure to buy this style good luck bro

Thanks, movafagh bashid :)

For some reason I can only get mail from .edu addresses using the contact form. How can I change this? I have checked the submit.php and class.phpmailer.php files.

Fixed. It was an issue with the web host.