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Hi, I am french, this theme is beautiful, great work ! I hope that you will make it responsive ! Thanks for your answer.

Hi, thank you! Theme currently is fully functional on mobile devices. Tablets even do not require to zoom in in landscape for reading. But we will consider this for update, if there will be a demand.


Awesome theme….The only thing missing is guess is mega menu…can we have mega menu included in this theme…

Thank you! With a little bit of customization or using a plugin there should be no problem to add one :)


This is the fastest WP theme I have ever seen. It’s fantastic, bold and beautiful! Good luck with sales…. this thing rocks man!

Thanks, mate! :)

Yes i would be interested in a fully responsive version.

Responsive is out :)

Would definitely be interested in a responsive version for sure!

Responsive is out :)

Hi. Theme looks great. Have a pre sales question. Can the slider be customised to play vimeo?

Hi, you can insert any html into the slides, also vimeo. But slider was not really intented for videos, you will have to set long slide time to be able to play it.


Any chance for a boxed layout. My client may want backgrounds per page and I have the plugin to do it.

Also the bluish grey title background for video header page- can I change color to fit client needs more.

You can always modify the theme if you want. If you do some customization then why not.


What about the box layout? Also does the theme come with screencast or tuts on how to set up seamlessly. thank you

You will need to make modifications for boxed layout, by default it is like in preview. Yes, there are user manuals and demo content with dummy images.


awesome. Can’t wait to work with it. Is modifying it for 960 box layout pretty doable?

Not too hard, adding
width:960px; ; margin:0 auto;
to elements, should do most of the things.


And I have a custom background per page plugin. I understand you have no control over that, but fixing it to 960 will allow me to assign the background selector an image?

If it is asigned to body then it it should be fine.


Sweet slider. Do you have a video on it works? I’m really curious to take a look at how the backend administration of slides functions 8-)

Thanks :) Have not done sceencasts for it yet, but you can take a look at some screenshots:




Ok this theme got my attention.
But do you have a screenshot on the Admin Panel?

Beside that can we easily change the main background/header/footer?
I mean via Admin Panel and not editing the css file.
If we can edit the background means we can design our own ‘boxed layout’

And please can you make it responsive in future update.

PS: This theme loads very fast compare to other theme, what host or plugin do you use or the theme its because of the theme?


Will upload some screenshots to description page soon, but you can see other theme: Panel is quite similar, but with some other options, but just to get the idea :)

Basically yes, if you upload 960px wide backgrounds and set position to center.

Well, mostly the theme, but we use bluehost and w3 total cache for preview.


Awesome! Great work!

Glad you like it! Cheers

I love the jCarousel Slider shortcode demo.
Can you add an image lightbox when user click on it?

I also saw a shortcode for twitter update…Cool
Can you add a shortcode for Facebook like and share or maybe Like to see content?

The rest.. this theme looks very very very promising!


See the last example , it link to the file :

You can add facebook as a plugin or just code into a text widget easily there are lots of them.


Ok thanks MNKY ,

I saw the lightbox in the carousel page.
It loads really fast too…great job!

Awesome slider. But, can you provide screens how can it be set up? Is there some kind of interface to add motion objects? How to set its position on screen? Show me please, before I purchase.


Here are some screens of slider panel:



Setting slider is covered in user manual with examples.


I also vote for responsive :)

Thanks for considering that for your next update. john

Responsive is out :)

Hi Mate! This theme rocks. Nice work.

This is a truly awesome theme. Make it responsive and you’ll be minted! Your other portfolio 5 star ratings should stand you in good stead!

I have to buy this!

Pleeeeassssse update to responsive! There is sure to be demand! Mobile is here now!

Great work…can’t wait to dig into this one! xx


We will look for it, will have to think how to keep all the functionality. But as mentioned before, it is already fully functional on mobile devices :)