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Great work! Most advanced drupal theme i ever seen for real estate. Congratulation. Wish you a good luck with sales :)

Thanks mate ;)

Best theme ever! Congratulation! :bigwink:

Thank you ;)

Very nice theme. Good luck dude!!


Great theme!

Seems agent login doesn’t work :-(

Hi, thanks, sorry i fixed the login :)

Very nice theme. I have a question…. Do you think that your theme could be modified, somewhat easily?, so that instead of presenting properties, it could be used as a business directory?

Really depends on your requirments.

I can edit files, change views, and modify css, but I do not know how to write php code. Some themes are so deeply coded they can not be used for any other purpose then what the author intended. I am looking for a theme that could be used by a local business chamber, with a map for business locations such as this theme has, or your other theme, Realia. If you have another theme that I can modify for this use, please let me know.

I dont think you will have to write php from what you described. We dont have more themes for this purpose :)

Hi, great looking theme. 1) Will you be updating with paid membership? If agent wants to add a listing they will have to pay X amount either monthly or per post?

2) curious why you developed a Drupal theme in addition to the Wordpress real estate themes you have? Are there certain advantages to using Drupal over Wordpress?


great! What about the paid memberships / paid listings?

Depends on a requests. However i believe Commerce solution is capable of providing ‘eshop’ with ‘roles’ as a subject of selling, so i believe it is possible. However implementing such large solution for a theme seems overwhelming for users who dont want it. However if there will be more requests we will probably implement it.


Also there is a second option of doing some very simple – buy – confirmation solution for this theme. Then it however wont be as flexible as Commerce. We need to think this trough :)

Absolute fantastic Drupal theme..!! Congratulations!

Makes me want to revamp an existing holiday rental website… However, I’d have to implement a commerce solution (at least for PayPal), as well as integrate a few more “directory options” (e.g. pricing options, duration of listing, etc)...

Should these extra features come straight from the theme developer, even better…! ;-)

Well we have also WP version, you can take a look maybe its closer to your needs, although there are not so big differences. :) Currently no payment system is integrated. But if you are familiar and experienced with Drupal, all these requirments can be accomplished by contributed modules :)

Yea, I know this can be accomplished with contributed modules. Just stating my interest in a commerce solution (see previous customer request)! It will save me the work.. ;-)

I’m also aware of your WP version. Yet, my honest opinion is, that I much prefer “geotheme” over it. When it comes to Drupal though, I think this is a whole new ball game with the flexibility of views, content types, fields, etc..

Wish you all the best with sales!

Oh yes, everything you see on page is done trough views :) Even maps with extended control options and settings.

thank you Cheers :)


Very nice theme! just when unzipping some files state unvalid. I redownloaded and same thing happened again.

Please advise.

I tried once more with winrar and winzip to extract, both achieve the same problem, alot of unvalid files. I will try to extract once more later tonight with another tool and hope it helps, if not Ill send a mail to the email provided.

Thanks for the swift responce.

hm, i have checked it and the there seems to be some warning about some ‘files’ regarding flag icons. However it should affect the functionality so the site should be perfectly ok. Those are just assets, which were moved to independent module So you site should be perfectly fine :). Write me if there are some problems with actuall site. We will try to resolve this warnings also


yes there were warning messages, windows couldnt extract them because of some char or to long text. I finaly unzipped it and will install the template later on.

Thanks for the swift responce yesterday and the follow up today.

Looks great!

I thought you might like to know that I would also appreciate more commerce elements incorporated so users can subscribe or pay flat rates for adding entries or even viewing certain information on entries based on their role.


yes, however all depends on future development and popularity of theme, on one side we dont want to overwhelm the theme with functionality which is not required, or barely used by someone, slows the site down and raises hardware requirments. Thus we decided to implement key features and continue with development according to users ‘wishlist’ ;)


Same problem as JcdeWever described.

After the instalation I get a blank screen

Did you imported demo content ? Did you enabled error reporting ? Did you change settings.php file for appropriate db settings ? And also check ravi_9793 respones :)



I think I have done all that.

I also installed Realia and it worked fine but I get this blank page only for Propeta theme

Hello 128Mb might not be enough. – error reporting is not enabled, otherwise you wont get WSOD :) I will debug this myself but i have somehow wrong login/password :)

@ElDourado, if you are getting a blank page, try increasing php_memory limit.

This can be done by editing php.ini file. If you are on a shared hosting, please refer here: https://drupal.org/node/207036

Hi, the database.sql does not seem to be right 8or the same as in the demo example). Please reupload a new version of DB dump.

Also, the white screen is not a problem of php_memory limit but its because you exported the cache tables with it!

So please, fix the database.sql ASAP.

Its already weekend, the email us at info@byaviators.com and we will send you the dump



Database dump in current package is somehow corrupted. we are issuing update but it might take time as it is weekend already. Anyone downloading this theme can contact us at info@byaviators.com and we will sent the corrected dump back right away.

Thank your for understanding.

How to edit the links in the plus icon ribbon and Latest Properties in the menu?

The correct sentence is “My Properties” in the right side of the menu :)

Oh i have left this in template :( Its in properta/templates/page.tpl.php on line 64. However i am writing down a note for me, to include this in update, so it can be setup from admin.


Thanks. For a drupal beginner that can be hard to understand but it´s ok

Hello: I´m having some dificulties in:

a) finding how to change the Icons in the map view. I already changed the icons images and that seems to work ok on the search but nothing changed on the map view.

b) list overlay.. if I have two lists (let´s say one for countrys and another for cities one on top and other under I get a strange overlay.

c) On the atual main page if I select the icon of specific property category that does is not immediaty shown in the map view as you have on WP version.I´m not sure if it´s a bug but if can work like WP Propertia front page that will be great.

That´s all… and congratulations for your fantastic work. Well done :)

a) Try to clear out the cache – if you have actually replaced the images in theme img/markers folder, then it should be fine after cache clear.

b) Link please, i cant imagine how it looks like.

c) Its not a bug, its due to different system of how drupal views works. As i wanted to do this using views integration, its flickering a bit. There is probably a solution but it seems complicated and extensive. I will probably keep this for next update.

Hi there, nice theme, but it’s me or i don’t see any contact information in property listings ???

Right, there should be reference back to agent i guess. But if you have at least some experience in drupal. adding reference field to agent or contact will be 2 minutes task for you ;). Cheers

I just wanted to request, along with ElDourado… From a user interface perspective, it helps quite a bit to be able to to just click on the filter icons on the home page and have the map dynamically update without having to click on Filter now – like the WP version. If you don’t think you will get to this soon, could you possible direct me in the right direction to try to find a solution myself? If you do plan on updating this soon, that would be great! Thanks!

Oh, well it is possible – you just have to enable autosubmit on Views extened filters – basically its 1 minute thing. But i believe it will be annoying to reload the whole view display for one changed option : \

What about currency support of different countries

Currency is just a field suffix, so you can push there any value you want to :)

Nice theme, I don’t purchase, but I think I do if I got I project for geolocalitation.


Hi, thank you for your future interest ;)

Hi, can a front-end user post an ad if he wants to sell his porperty like in a Classified Ads website?

Hi, unfortunately no. He has to contact site admin. Cheers