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Hi! Do you do customization work? maybe change a little the appearance :)

Hello, we don’t do customizations at this point. Cheers

I have just bought your DRUPAL PROPERTA and can not install the demo version according to your instalation documentation and I get an error importing the database file. I tried to find a support but your suppport page is a forum and I can not get a support ticket even you do not have DRUPAL PROPERTA info there and only about wordpress themes. Please let me know how to contact you for support and it should be nice if you could update your support page to prevent people loosing their time. Best regards

I also send an email to your email at info@byaviators.com and still no reply… I am suprised … Can you let me know how long more shall I wait to get a support from you? or you prefer I request a money back from Paypal…I realy hate when people sale a theme and pretend to give a support but when customer buys and have a problem then no one to help…

I also send a request to support@envato.com as mentioned in the doc included with your files and they replied after 2 days!! that:

I’m very sorry, Tabbakh, but at support we only assist with general Marketplace issues; we are unable to provide technical support for individual files.

For item specific support, please refer to the item support tab below:


You’re also welcome to contact the author directly via the their profile. You must be logged in to your market place account for the contact box to appear on the right hand side of the authors profile.

On each individual item page we provide users with the ability to leave comments and feedback for the author. On this page you are able to ask the author questions regarding their file as well.

Please let us know if we can assist you further. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Bryan F. Envato Support Department

Hi, your email was answered. Your comment got somehow missed, we are sorry about that

Ok, Thank you, I received your smaller mysql file, I installed the demo version and : - I do not have the front page map - I do not have the single property map even I added my API V3 key - In contact page I do have the google map Yu can see these in my testing install site: http://www.pandaprint.be/Resto/ Would you please let me know why I do not have these two maps.. warm regards

Hello, already answered by email. Please do not duplicate your messages.

hi i can´t install demo version could you please provide me the correct database..waiting for your response thanks


The database is correct however there is one large table record and due to ‘maximum_packet_size’ of mysql default configuration on most hostings it wont get trough. So i have issued an update for this. And it should get approved in next couple of hours. if you need in asap, email us at info@byaviators.com.


Update has been approved. you can download latest version with correct db dump

My website: http://bhoomitra.com/

Can’t show the images on property listing page?

How I can add CONTACT agent or agency button every listing page??

I would like to show a contact button on every listing page. When I click on there appear contact page..

According to your profile on our forum, you have bought properta – wordpress, not drupal. So either fill in the code for right theme or post comment to the right item :)

Hi! Have a problem after install:

Notice: Undefined index: latitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 104 of /sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module). Notice: Undefined index: longitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 105 of sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module).

Login also not working:

“The requested URL /user/login was not found on this server.”

Please stop duplicating the issues, keep posting either to our forum or here

Please reply here or there and advise how to solve the problem, otherwise I will look for solutions somewhere in the internet on drupal forums.

Duplication of topics on various Internet resources (and better indexing in search engines) can help yours other customers to solve a similar problem. I thought you were just interested in it, or not?

? have also this problem

Notice: Undefined index: latitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 104 of /sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module). Notice: Undefined index: longitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 105 of sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module)

Please tell how to solve.

Hello, i have just issued an update which removes this noticies, it should be approved withing next 12 hours. Cheers

It’s been 5 days, and the issue is still not resolved. Please answer how to fix the error in the template?

Duplicate it, just in case:

Notice: Undefined index: latitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 104 of /sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module). Notice: Undefined index: longitude in template_preprocess_aviators_map_view() (line 105 of sites/all/modules/aviators/aviators_map/aviators_map.module)

Thank you.

How can i fix problem? I must reinstall drupal or i can just update?

Only aviators_gmap module was updated so you need to replace only the module which is located in sites/all/modules/aviators

Is it possible to adjust the map height on the homepage? Is it also possible to have the map fill the browser? (100% veritical and horizontal) Thanks!

Hello, you can set the height of the map in views settings, however i doubt that 100% will work, i believe it will need some specific height, but you can try it


Thanks! 100% does not seem to work…

I changed the types of real estate (deleted and renamed) and is now in the settings in “Views – Map (content)” error has occurred: “An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.” The map on the home page is no longer displayed.

Well yes, there is settings for view formatter. bounded to taxonomy terms, which you have deleted. so you have to edit the settings and put appropriate term in there.

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for the map update. Now it works. I need to change the icon in the site. For example: Property type icon above the map – (apartment, building area) and add mobile number icon, fax number icon and website icon for using in agengs and agencies. Thanks.

Hello, the marker has a class based on a property type term – its defined in views. so you can go in theme scss folder – helpers/map.scss and see how is this implemented

 &.form-item-edit-field-property-type-tid-39 { background-image: url('../img/property-types/single-home.png'); background-size: 38px 38px;
              @media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (-moz-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) {
                background-image: url('../img/property-types/villa@2x.png');

Or you can change the icons in the icons directory. Theme includes full pictopro pack which is located in aviators_pictopro module, along with some examples file. Then you just need to put appropriate icon class where you need.


I installed the demo version and, I do not have the front page map. Please can you help

Well can you open console in chrome and see what error are you getting ? – Its js console


I am getting the following error. GET http://localhost/gmap3_tools/output 404 (Not Found)

the path is completely wrong, what is your url – i thing you dont use virtualhost, using virtualhost is highly recommended because not all modules might support paths without it

See the documentation on http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts/examples.html

Can you please guide me on how to change the 2 search filter rectangular blocks on the home page from floating on top of the bottom portion of the map to not floating and below the map with a horizontal width=100%? Thanks!

Hope i understand this correctly.

Just add some css – in overrides.css or create a new file :) up to your

.filter-horizontal { margin-top: -10px !important; }


Hi, i need to delete “View Profile” button on sidebar in Agencies field. It opens the website again because i dont need it. Please tell how to delete it. Thx.


if you go to into theme directory properta/templates you will see node—sidebar-preview.tpl.php where is the button placed. you can simply delete it from there.


Hi guys, just for interest sake, do you think it could be achieved to integrate custom google map tiles on this theme? See e.g. www.gtamap.net or http://maps.marlam.in

Thanks hilrap

Hi hilrap. We don’t have any experience with custom google maps, so I can’t answer your question. But I think, everything is possible :)

Hi. Thank you very much! :)

Hello there! Is the slider on the main page?

Slider is not provided in this installation. However there are plenty of drupal modules which will provide you with good slider solutions


Same problem like “sali12” “I installed the demo version and, I do not have the front page map. Please can you help”

For me it’s not the issue “virtualhost”. I install in a sub-directory, not in root folder of webspace.

Just remove the slash in gmap3_tools.js line 287 ! before: $.getJSON(’/gmap3_tools/output’, function(map) { after: $.getJSON(‘gmap3_tools/output’, function(map) { and the frontpage map works. Sorry for my bad english, i am german.

Another Problem: Maps not showing in IE 8
(Important for winXP visitors)

IE 8 dosn’t like hanging commas.
I change in gmap3_tools.js on line 115:
content: ‘ ’,


content: ‘ ’,

And the map shown in IE 8
And sorry again for my bad english.

Ups … i can’t post code here !?

I try aganin:
change on line 115 from
’ + markerData.markerOptions.class + ‘


” + markerData.markerOptions.class + “

Thanks for update, we will push it in next update

Which module is best used for translation into several languages? Thanks.

In i18 seem to have duplicate node in translation. Is it possible to make a multilingual site without duplicating nodes?


nope. This is not possible in Drupal 7